Saturday, January 31, 2004

Karen, I was a copyeditor/proofreader in a former life, if you need anything like that.
Karen, do you have enough volunteers for Baltimore ?

You are landing at BWI ? ( That's a question ).

Anything to delegate about that ? Or are you driving with Donna ?

Anyone need picked up, and one need a place to stay ?

Friday, January 30, 2004

Dee asked how and why I need help....

Beside doing my business, there is the network updates online, and then there is the Slipcover Press which we try to put out quarterly. Vendors to try to sell ads to to pay for the publication which costs about $250 each time it is published.... Need someone to write vendor spotlight, pro spotlight....

We have a great team putting together the new survey for pricing the new Price list Summary that we are planning to have available in Baltimore April 15th....

So if you like to write, that type of help would be very helpful...

Lodging for the Slipcover Summit in Fort Collins....

Folks need to call and reserve their rooms for the event yesterday.

If you are planning on attending, please call in and reserve your room with a credit card for the Summit.

Questions please ask....

If you know someone who is planning on attending the Summit but they aren't on this forum please write them and let them know they need to call a reserve a room. As time gets closer if folks want to share, one can cancel the room.....

I cannot announce this on the CFH forum, so can someone else think of a way to announce this to slipcover people.


Well Kim it looks like the teachers want a polo shirt...

As for graphics how about a cartoon figure sitting on a chair with a pair of scissors in their hands.....

I was hoping for fun...

Slipcover Summit 2004..........

Polo shirts we cannot do silk screening on? Is that correct???
I like a shirt I can swim in, the cost is of less an issue, and the polo style fine. I like XXL .

Update on website. Realizing my inclusive list is geting pretty long ( need to weed ).

I am thinking it's worth the cost to do pages like " how to tuck in a custom made slipcover properly ".

Another, yardage chart with pictures as well as descriptions.

Opinions about slipcovers stated in as polite and objective a way as can be done ( will solicit essays from others like yourselves ) explaining ( in as many nice ways possible ) the differences between custom and surefit types. I will link anyone who contributes.

Page or pages about how to choose a slipcover fabric well.

I will add whatever is useable, to educate in general as well as sell my own. I can use the traffic even if you print material from my website. Make suggestions about teaching aids pages. It's cheapest to add them all now.
Snow birds love Arizona in the winter, and it is a great place to visit in Feb-April for a spring summit. The air fair is always great into Phoenix.

Polo Shirts, I think $25 to $30 is a great price. Especially with the new micro shirts.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Karen, why do you need help?
Did I tell you all the Slipcover Press is online at

I send so many emails out...

Shirts at the Summit.

We'd like to have wonderful purple shirts at the Summit.

What would you all be willing to pay for something like this???

Kim is organizing shirts.... So let us know what you think

There are all sorts of crappie websites. We can learn a lot by visiting them. It is good to visit and see what others have done.

It is also like slipcover videos.... good ones, not so good ones, and then why did you buy it???

Talking to Rowley about them possibly selling my videos.... Keep your fingers crossed... It is a good move for me.

was looking for the first time for web sites on the search engines. Came up with web sites that suck ( the name of the web site ) offering analysis on what works and what does not. One tidbit, no foreplay. Wham bam thank you ma'am ( I am quoting ). Said mission of said web site is to teach good web design by showing you bad web design. Dr html also sells a book ( of course ).
goes back to what your skill set is too, and where you need to be personally. I agree with don't tell them everything, but for me, I want to tell them enough so that they self disqualify if I cannot offer any product that suits their price idea.

Plus, I am deaf and I still stutter to a ceratin degree, and I just need to be somewhere other than the phone anyway. My outgoing message on the phone directs people to my email.

I know who I want to buy from me. Women with their own paychecks. I would even go so far as to say a women who earns her own money is a better catch than one who spends someone elses.

I want women who appreciate and know good sewing, and who consider it an art. Those who think it can and should be done in a foreign country can go find it there.

I have said I want women now twice.........................guys buy, just not that often. I should also insert that I prefer customers who do not seek out second third fourth opinions. An easy customer knows her own taste.

Now, with that group ( and I have seen this ) I may be stuck arguing the price of cloth, as they are independent enough to go to the store and check.

As Denise says, this is a comfort zone, and sometimes you have to go outside a comfort zone to grow.

I have seen I have a tendency to say things in a certain way, deliberate, succinct and maybe a tad negative. I did admire looking last night at 400 listings on the search engine, that there are some very vaguely worded slipcover websites out there. I admire the differenece, and maybe the risk I perceive they tok to do that. Did they ?
Good thoughts Dee

But the website does not have to be too big or have too much. Simple is good....

Folks need to talk to you. The website is a tool, a hook, they need to want to know more. Not get all the info from the website. There still needs to be a question or two.

If you are doing measuring, washable then it needs to be all up front and easy to order. Julie has done that well.

Please do not copy other peoples websites. Use them as guides.

Before and after pics are important.... but we are not Surefit slipcovers. We make custom items...


Re: Opinions about websites

I think it may depend on your potential clientele... A customer who knows what she wants and has realistic expectations of a slipcover might appreciate before-and-after photos of individual pieces (decent photos, not necessarily professional, but clear enough to show workmanship, detail, and overall drape). An example:

Another customer may need to "feel" what a slipcover can do; she might require professional photos of slipcovers in room settings (and some handholding). An example:

Just my opinion, based on (unprofessional) observation.
darn cold here. I haven't left the house in days. Ice dripping off the trees, on top eight inches snow.

Web site cost reasonable, if it turns out to be effective. You have to make it effective, steer people there. I asked Verizon to list my website in the phone book and they said they'd get back to me ( like nobody ever asked this before ? )

I do know that people check the phone book once they see me in the slipcovernetwork directory, maybe out of wish to see more evidence of permanance or history. Not that it's real hard evidence of that either, but it's a habit people tell me about.

Fished around the web last night, found more stuff I hadn't seen before. Lots of repeat things if you get to the 400th listing, only a few new things pop up, but you do see good efforts at making a website for an individual slipcover person get lost back there.

What's people's opinions about websites they hate or love and why ?

After I made up my outline I realized looking at others that mine is as usual very specific about facts. Other people's sites seemed more wistful, less informative. Where would you buy ? Anybody ?
I want warm....

Can we do the Summit in Florida next year????

What is warm by the way???


it's warm down here!

Where is everyone?

Did the electricity go out because it is too cold???

Hello Kim

are you out there??? What is going on with the shirts for the Summit???


Monday, January 26, 2004

I am going to go with Bill on this web site, simply because I cannot delegate the sewing I have at this time, this I can. It's not a new business, and the cost is only a small risk. I have money but not time, have to keep the canvas stirred in the washing machine.

I will try to do Front Page which I have and do the self help version for my next website or . I have lots of time to market the book I ain't written yet for the other website.

Realisticaly, one is business, one is PLAY!
I was just catching up on the forum and I would suggest They have great support and the domain fee is just $7.95 and my hosting fee with a merchant account is under $20 a month. I built my beginner website with ms front page but has a click and paste web builder that I'm going to try. I will let you know.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Ian is about halfway down:
Hi Karen, I do have some pictures I could add to picture trail.
I assume you mean the picturetrail account that is for the Professional Drapery Forum??
I did recently post a picture, but it was of my younger son, Ian, in kindergarten, inside a "sarcophagus" made from unit blocks. It was related to a "humor" thread. It is in the Misc. catagory.
I'll try to post the slip pictures later this week.

Christine Day
just signed on from my Dell outta the box.
We have a slipcover pro in Ca. who has just accepted invitation to the Slipcover Network blog. has been accepted by Pat Zamora.

When you get a chance Pat tell those on this forum a little bit about yourself and your business.

I BS'd my husband into the 800 dollar a year fee by explaining ( truthfully ) that I myself me and nobody else is the obstacle to me getting more money per customer canvas slipcover purchase.

If I had made just 16 dollars more per canvas cover I sold I'd have it paid for. And, if the covers are well illustrated I should be able to get 16$ more each many times over, since I go in and sell a job no one has previously considered.

If they saw the canvas laid out they might also say no to the canvas but tell me they'd come better prepared with COM which I do also.

My DH was very clear he didn't want me to do a greater number of covers in a year. I know I can get more per cover, and I know web customers are less apt to price shop if it's unique and custom.
I have found so many website done by Sure fit talking about slipcovers and all they are really doing is selling their own ready made covers....

We all need to work together so folks understand what is a ready made and a custom cover...


The if you want to post articles that you write, and change them on your website... you would need to have the webmaster let you make changes to a page monthly...

That is very important!

We also could have one of your articles up of the Slipcover Network page and link them to your business....

the primary website ( the first and maybe only, and heck, maybe even a figment of my imagination ) is . I also picked off and . Ideally the word slipcover would be in there but it is cumbersome to read.

One advantage of the washables is that I can stay in the neutrals and have purchased and washed goods that cannot be compared around for price. I have often found dirty or discontinued fabrics that washed up more beautiful than they were originally.
I like professional slipcovers, and then you can link to the Slipcover Network website to show off other pros.....

That would be wonderful...
that's an excellent list, thank you Karen. That was the first time a url highlighted itself for me, in years of writing them out,'s just oodd that it's the left leaning ones, not the right leaning ones. Maybe it won't even work.

I do want to change the articles as often as I can, the ones with work and new features.
It could be your computer browser, that is set to highlight a hyperlink automatically......

As for contact:
What will it cost to set up your site?
How many pages will you get?
How long will it take?
What type of information does the webmaster need from you?
Your logo, photos of before and after, information for washing slipcovers, etc.
What will the yearly fee be for you website to be on the webmaster's server?
Can you pay this monthly or do they want it up front?
After initial website is built what will changes cost to do.
If they answer hourly, submit changes and then have them tell you how many hours it will take, and have them agree to this firm.
Will they let you make changes, so then the website would have to be built so you can make changes...... (that is the key)
Domain name does this have to be done by webmaster, or can you do this on your own?

I think that is all.....

I did also get, and as well. Surprised me they were available. For " the book " ( a myth I perpetuate ), for opinions and " articles " about current slipcovers, and round robbin links to the directory if desired. Mostly for the promotion of the idea washable is possible, and that small business ( one person, boutique covers ) is one good way to choose a slipcover. One of these lifetimes, that is. Open to suggestions. I have nothing but 64 bucks invested here, so we can experiment.
discovered something by accident : if I type a url and type two left leaning slashes in front ( the key under backspace ) it highlights and hyperlinks the url. Is this a juno thing or true for everybody ? ever the idiot
Shirley - here are my brainstorm ideas- just writing what pops up in my mind.
What about would eliminate the sure-fit comparison. Or what about something like removeable upholstery with washable thrown in.
I can't believe it's a slipcover going off of the "I can't believe it's butter" commercial. Kindof too long- I will keep thinking of more.

Thanks for the help Dede. Was easier than I figured. Now if I could just connect up the new computer.
I went with "elegant and practical" since "washables" are a Sure Fit descriptor. Elegant is just of of range of believeability for Sure Fit. Got five of them, for the heck of it. Now for the hard part. Karen, what would you ask for on a contract ? We all need to know.
This is exciting considering a new website. Designers in Seattle don't even recommend washing. They are such chickens.....

I do like Washableslips....

When you go with Bill, Shirley, just make sure he knows what you want. Agree to a contract of some sort, so there are nooooo surprises.

Dede, can you email me your phone # ? I may want to talk to you while I do this ( I am an idiot ).

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Shirley, and are available.,,, and are taken.

Just some ideas.
shopping for a domain name ( well, not this moment ). Anyone have any gut feelings about words to avoid, any one know of any particularly good phrases to tell people about white washables ?

I am going to go ahead and use Bill, I see no reason not to use the person closest to our subject matter and most familiar to us.

Friday, January 23, 2004

I never worry about you Shirley...

I know you have a lot to share. We just have to condense it some.

Photos do help.

I am excited.... The Slipcover Press is now online for all to read.

Takes awhile to get it up, but it is there now.

We can put articles on the links page called feature of the month.


So happy to see that you are lurking.

Do you have any new slipcovers to add to the picture trail??

So much has happened over the years. Many many changes...

Hi everyone,
Just wanted you to know that I'm lurking around.
Also, just was having trouble viewing and thought maybe posting would help.

Christine Day
Salem, MA
Also, Karen, not to B S about my knowlege is limitless.
there are so many issues, and I do so much work, I can certainly take any number of pictures. Tell me what you want to illustrate. Issues, fabric choices, methods, details du jour sewing wise ?
that's so weird, I can never get my name to come up at ALL! Is it because of some built in " if you are asking from your own computer we don't need to tell you about YOU ? "

I have been thinking about articles, and why should Sew What have all we know. We need to publish somewhere too.

So why not have a space on the Slipcover Network website?

We can do photos, digital or I can scann what you have.

It will take me more time, that I do not get paid for, but it would be a service to all of us.

Of course in the long run maybe we can think of a way we both can be paid.


Bill is Pat's son, so that is important to know.... lol

Yes there are many things to know about websites. I facilitate 2, one I make changes on a regular basis, the other I have to request changes. You need to decided what you want up front, and when a webmaster is making changes it costs.

In the beginning however, there should be a set fee for so many pages to go up online, agreed in a contract.

1)The domain name is something you pay for anywhere from $16-$60 depending on who you get this from. Register it in your name, so it belongs to you.

2)Server, that is where the website is at. This can cost $25 to $60 a month. I like the idea of using the same server that my webmaster uses. Many webmasters run their own servers too, so their hours fee and server fee might be included in your monthly price.

3) Addition work done to your website, after the intital website is up online. $$ per hour is what they usually charge. If you can and want to make changes yourself, then it will cost you less. The website has to be set up so you can make changes.

I say go with someone that others have used in the past. Just using someone in your area can get you into trouble sometimes. I tried that too. Almost lost the Slipcover Network website a few times....yeek

Hope this helps


There is nothing that we can do about those who pay for hits. I know I personally can't afford that type of advertising.

Bill who is one of the webmasters I use, resubmits info about my site every 3 months or so. So after the ready made stuff, Slipcover America and the Slipcover Network info is listed.

I think you have to have a niche word that gets you the best listing. But I find folks will go through the garbage to get to what they want.

What about or or TheLadySlipcovers???

Watchout though, things can be taken in many manners.

Shirley, I think you're okay, garbage-wise; I just did a Google search with the words slipcover virginia, and you came up first: Slipcover Workroom McLean, Virginia 22101 703-883-3885

Another issue, of course, is your domain name: and are both taken.
my biggest concern is the garbage on the search engines. Sure Fit and retailers who aslo sell sure fit have clogged up the lists for the key words custom slipcover. Even if I managed to find a very specific wording that made it worth paying per click for the guaranteed top spots, if it were truely effective the garbarge mongers would use it and I'd be right where I started, or worse. The key words custom slipcovers ( I have been told by one person ) is fifteen cents a click. Given that people often don't realize it's custom and LOCAL to make them, by click budget could be wasted by who knows who. You could have an original flawlessly conceived site and have no one find it. Worse, it could be so good the rascals out there find some subverisve was to mess it up.
Yeah, I noticed this happens sometimes. But then you have so much to say.... LOL that you could have written too much?


wow, last night I published something that never poppped up on the board.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Hi, I'm giving you my sisters' current experience: I'm ommiting myself from this as I'm the "do it myself" person which I realize not everyone can, or has the time to do it this way.

Joy (my sister, owner of Pacific Crest Cottage in Gearhart, Oregon) has her site hosted by Affordable Web Designs ( ) and they are also building her site. There are many such places in every city. Just do a net search and you will have more choices than you know what to do with. The hosting site can be anywhere in the world.

Her url registration (the actual web address) costs' $120 per year, give or take a bit depending on your host provider. Joy is currently doing her own photos and giving them to the site designer on a flash card (the little media storage card in digital cameras). He is working on her site (right now) and charges $50 and up per hour, depending on what she is getting done. Right now she has just one page up as they are working on the rest.

Previously she had an incredible site, but her absconding business partner had registered the store web site in HER name (and not the business name) so when she left with no warning the web site went with her, even though the business had paid thousands-plus for the site hosting and design. Just a word of warning for everyone else! Make sure the site is "owned" by the business or by you personally, and no one else.

I am currently building my own site, and when ready will email it to my hosting provider who will then upload it onto the server. I can log in and make changes and updates to the pages whevever I want. As I will eventually be doing for Joy when we are out from under the massive amounts of orders we have going on. (Meaning it could be awhile...)

So, to summarize... yearly fees for hosting and whatever your page builder charges per hour.

Karen should comment on this about her experience working with Bill Reese, Pat's SON (not hubby, as I previously assumed)... he does a fantastic job.

Maybe we could hit Bill up for a web information class if we could get him to the Summit?

I'm copying this over to the Forum, also, as I stupidly thought, when Shirley said she had a "green" face, that she wasn't feeling well. What a day I've had...
Can we discuss frankly the costs and the problem involved in getting a website ? Anyone having started or finished the process, can you give me some pointers ? I don't mind the money, but I need to manage the stress in my life ( read : none please ! ). I am not equipped to to the self published kind, I need a human being to do it. Will swap services if that's a possibility. I have poked around ( for those of you who remember ) because of the black cloud like pending stress belief and the fact that I don't need more business, but I would like to stay with washables if I can. Suggestions ?

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

you didn't already ? I sent five subscriptions as gifts, to local fabric store fabrication managers. Not that they will ever send me work, not that employees are allowed to say anything about me, but I know in fact they do. They don't refer me, but they reassure customers I send there that my work is good, and they don't steal my customers. There's gotta be some belief that there's good in all proactive-actions, it's not measureable, and there's no guarantee.
Shirley: girl, you are fast! (I posted the hyperlink only seconds before you responded.) So, what you're saying is... I should probably renew my subscription, hmm?
Dede with the hyperlink you apparently don't need to give out your password.
I only put it over there because it's so big. The current post is just the synopsis and it's huge. It wasn't favoritism at all, just using someone else's space for logging in so much info ( of dubious value ). If you like I can repeat it here, say once I give the complete version over there, edit a nice synopsis of each and out the more brief version here. Also it can be printed from that forum. Can this be printed ? I can do both, you know how much I love to do it.

Comment on the Dec Sew What issue ? Was everyone already aware of steaming ? Of over loading the bottom third of a baffled muslin on a back cushion for lumbar support ? Everyone have seen prior what dacron 91 looks like ?

Upcoming is a parsons chair with full padded arms and a tight seat, which has a opened and hemmed front arm panel and deck ear to prevent ripping the seat at the intersection.

I am trying to keep the content pretty advanced, yet explain fully enough. Comment invited. It's not mutiny, it's effective use of a vehicle that we can become better known as the result, all of us. I will co write with anyone who chooses to devote a project to this. Pictures needed, of course.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004
I posted my photo on picturetrail at forumfriends ....share is the password.
I think it was Shirley who said she had an account.

Karen, did I read that you have a PictureTrail account? If so, could you please post the specific address? (unless, of course, it is not available for public viewing).
I don't go there to much any more. Will you post the methods list here, please....

You can copy from there and past to here, Shirley...

just posted the new methods outline list over THERE. Groan, there are now 13 of them. I live to be a nerd, what can I say. THat 50th birthday is a booger isn't it. I hear most complain they can't sleep. I need more sleep than ever, it's an obstacle. I'd rather be awake cleaning a closet.
This would be a great class and I now many will love it.

So we all have something to look forward to in 2005....

Can't sleep . Do you believe that?

Monday, January 19, 2004

better than that, I should have lots of swatches, sources, charts for water temp soap and drying temp related to the percent change in size. Swatches for the real change in color. ( for summit 2005 ) Sometimes it makes little difference, sometimes, you have a big nasty surprise. I am washing tussah this week, my favorite colored fabric. Most colors don't hold up after repeated washes, tussah is excellent. Wish I had inexpensive source. Anyone ?

Washing for next year. Yes... I am sure you would have a lot to say about washing....
Thanks Tessy...

I am so lucky to work with a wonderful designer and wonderful fabrics.
It was fun to do too.

Hi Karen

Just looked at your pictures in picturetrail. Beautiful slipcovers!!! I love the red french with fringe!!!

Very Beautiful !!!

Saturday, January 17, 2004

THAT is precisely the reason I give away so much time and information. I have worked alone for toooooooo long. I now have a Denise to smack me upside the head about learning the computer, a Judit to teach me long needed social skills ( arf ). Not to mention I have an Angie to restate in three simple words an idea that took me 57 to say.

Angie, I guessed wrong about the 100 or 110 degree angle on the blackbird ( s r 71 ). The two legs ( four when it's the complete mirror image ) that are the spring movement number ( we used three as example ) and the front panel width ( we used six ) join at ninety degrees. The result of the other two angles where the same size legs join is whatever it happens to turn out to be. If curious, take Angies class.

You see why Angies head is busting. Angie can turn my intuitive answers into sensing language much better than I can. Sign up for measuring, it wil be better this year.

I am doing the chalking out class, which unfortunately butts against Pat's equally important problem solving class. Chalking out is tight estimating of cut yardage yet to be ordered and which will include the wrap from the year long muslin report. They are all equaly important, so I guess you have to come to more than one summit.

Next years report will be washing ( june to june year ).

Friday, January 16, 2004

I am so glad to learn that your sister is working with you. It is great to learn this. How wonderful that you can do the sewing and not have to sell too. Way to go.

I do miss my assistant, that I had in St Lou. One woman show does get old.


Yes, my sister is now working for me. Her main job is selling, PR and she will assist me with sewing. I'm so glad not to have to do the selling. the week before I left we took in almost $6,000 worth of work. That's fabric and labor. I will teach her some easier pieces to fit.

Well we are going to see you in Fort Collins.... That is a good thing for sure.

Did you hire someone to work for you. You say you have another person to pay?


Hey everyone, I hope I'm doing this right. I'm finally on! Just got back from visiting Shirley for 4 days. Boy is my head bursting with info. Tonight need to review and redo my notes before all that info leak out through my ears.

Read about the Baltimore get together! I am jealous. Wish I could come back up, but need to get to sewing and selling. Now I have another person to pay! Gotta make that money.

Well it is free, picture trail that is.

I am working on getting the recent issue of the Slipcover Press online. The last issue is online. I have asked Rick what happened to the printing of the press this last time. Haven't heard yet....

So hang in there with me and I'll let you know when the press is online. I can only type so fast. lol


Denise told me picture trail cost money so I just went anyway thunkin' I'd pay and it was free to sign up. Not that there's pictures on it, but my site is .Pretty simple. Can the Slipcover Press be emailed ? It didn't print well. I just wanted to send Tedco one.
I know that Donna and I can drive back and forth too. But we have that big van....

Wow, what luck to be able to have a party and Baltimore too.

he just showed me his plane tickets he's gone two weeks, our event right in the middle. Unless he breaks his elbow or wrenches his neck again ( his last two trips were cancelled due to falling DOWN! ) we have the whole house. I can sleep more than just us. You may have to wait for a shower. I can only fit five in my car and one has to sit in the hatchback. I just emailed Judit to ask her also, so if you have a car and need a room, I might be able to accomodate, just email me
I posted a view new photos on picture trail today.

Wanted to share with you all. Some great stuff is happening with everyone.

Way to go......
By all means the more the merrier. Another slipcover party, I hope Alica will come tooooo

If he doesn't leave town, he will just be stuck with the lot of us.

Thanks for all that you do for all of us Shirley.

I will let you now more about what we need for the booth, when I find out the size of our space.


I don't know how to reach Tommy Dumphries, but he's another of Norman's nephews, ( Rusty's cousin ) local, very slipcover- productive, and taller than Rusty if that's possible. He's kind and pleasant and would be nice to see him. Unless someone knows the answer to this mystery I will try to get a note to him through mutual aquaintences. I am hoping my D H's trip is on the dates we need. Even if it's not, we can all share here ( Karen's entourage ).
Notice under Links on the blog
we now have direct linking to page and to the so we can post photos of our work.

We can have other links if anyone thinks they will be helpful.
I think I will put up Slipcover America for easy registration for the Slipcover Summit too.

Hope that's okay with everyone.



Yes we will be exhibiting there as before. I have been sending out emails and it is in the press, but I haven't got the press updated online. I guess folks are just so busy trying to make money and getting the end and the beginning of the year in line.

Prices have gone crazy for hotels in the city over $150 a room. So can we have a sleep over at your place Shirley??? Anyone else in the area that can house the Slipcover Network folks who need to stay someplace would be great.

You can find out more about the event that Window Fashions Magazine puts on by going to To take a class call Barb Loberg at (651) 293-1544 or ask for info to be mailed to you.

We need workers to man the booth on April 15, 16, 17. Set up is on Wednesday the 14th, that is also the day Alicia and I will be doing a class (which pays for our booth) the business of Slipcovers. Break down is on the 17th.

We need folks to help all days. So if you know anyone in the Baltimore area who can come and work that would be great. They can had out their business cards etc. We also are looking for vendors who would like to have themselves advertised in the booth. Oh yes, we need slipcovers to exhibit in the booth. We show off slipcovers, do cutting demos in the booth, have a photo wall (need photos) help.

Other questions, need to get the word out. Can someone post this on the other forum you all freguent???

More late

not much has been said about Baltimore......what do we know ? Do we need donations ? Displays ? Transportation ? Printing done ? Anyone not received a Window Fashions flyer ? Need to know where to stay ?
Rusty write me some times out of the blue online. But we did have Allen when we were in Las Vegas help one time, remember Shirley..... It is always fun to have a fella working our booth.
Tried getting Richard from the area, but he seems to always be busy that time of year.


Russel Bywaters, nephew of Norman Hall ( fixture of Wash D C slipcovers for 40 yrs ) , too tall to call him a tree, too nomad like to call him a slipcover fixture. Too young to call him one of the old guys, though he still works the old guy store system last I heard. Provoking him won't make him speak up. Prove me wrong, of course. In the suburbs of Atlanta. Last I checked the phone book, he had a home listing but not a business listing. White Hall ? North Hall ? Guessing the suburb name ( badly ). Karen has spoke to him more recently than I have. Our only guy to ever show up and demo at a Baltimore show ( to my knowlege ). Speaking of Baltimore, my D H has a trip planned same dates, I may have an empty house, and I live in an hours drive distance.
Who is Rusty?

Thursday, January 15, 2004

someone else can hunt down Rusty, he's hiding from me.
Dede of course! What a great idea!

crazy week..........we are back from Bethany. Angie just went home. My Dell just got here, and it's still in the box. I thought I'd have no work yet I got slammed with 20 plus pieces just this past week. Took ALL those deposits, now I have sufficient panic to start planning ( think Hare, not Tortoise ). Most ( eleven I have now ) are my own washed canvas, thank god I washed 250 yds when idle in the fall. It's sitting there ready to go. Idiot me has stuff growing cob webs since before xmas not yet done. NO more junk food, no more horsing around.
Where's Shirley...

Anyone seen Shirley on the other forum?

Our first registration has arrived..... from Jeannie in NC....
Yeppie..... we are an offical go.

So who need brochures? How many? Do you have a workroom association that might be interested?

D and Tessy which one of you is going to bring the friend? Are you each others friend for the discount, or are you going to find some else to bring?

Can't wait to meet you both....

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Hey Tessy! Wanna be my friend? :D :D :D
We want guys to attend. It is much more fun to get guys to attend. Someone should write J in Texas, or Ravi in BC, or Mongo in CA. Any takers. I now there are others out there.

If any guys DO come to the Summit, and order a shirt, I promise to have made for them a masculine version of our "Slipcover Diva" shirts!
*ahem* In the interest of fairness... any guys coming?

Yea we want something to remember this event.

Besides we will all learn from each other, it is great to have a fun shirt to remind you of all the great friendships that we have and will acquire.

Support in our industry is so important.

So glad to know all of your gals.

Good morning....
So glad to see you all.

Yea, it is best to take all that you can. Sign up for everything an. Oh I forgot to mention that anyone who signs up before May 22nd will have their name put into a drawing to attend the Summit classes for free.

And if you bring a friend, there is a discount.

Hi Dede

I am planning on filling the schedule. I am going to take advantage of this situation. Great teachers and great classes all in one place. I vote to cramm every minute. I am going to just soak it in, take good notes and sort it all out when I get home. I am really just hoping their skills will rub off on me. LOL

HI Kim

I vote yes for the t-shirts. Sounds like a great idea.

Hi! Karen, Claudia and I have been discussing instructor t-shirts for the Summit, and I suggested that attendees may be interested in purchasing them also. Comments from anyone? They would have to be pre-ordered, and would be available for pre-order at the time of registration on the web site. If this is something people might be interested in, we need to get moving on it right away so we can get the info onto the web site. Consider this an informal poll as we need feedback asap as to whether or not to continue with this idea. You can post your opinion here or email one of us!
I have added the state after my name too.

5 bookings this week????? WOW.

Kim how far are you from Portland? Have you ever considered doing the home show there???

Great Exposure! Home Shows. We passed out 1600 flyers in 3 days. I have booked 5 appointments this week. People are so excited to see what real slipcovers look like. So many people think a slipcover is a loose fitted sheet over their furniture, it is great to educate people about Custom Slipcovers. Claudia in Arizona

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Or "Dede in MA" or "Dede from Mass" (you get the idea)
Hey Kim - Check out the sig...
Attn: Past Summit Pros!

Is it a good idea to fill every possible slot with a class? Or is this a recipe for certain collapse?
I just added my state to the end of my last name... maybe everyone can do this so we can tell where people are from? Or is there some other way to get more info into the header?
I did it :-)
I finally got in the Blog. Hi everyone! Now I can talk slipcovers.

Monday, January 12, 2004

How do I post photos to the picture trail...
The Slipcover Summit is up and online. All are invited to attend the Summit in Fort Collins Colorad June 23-26 2004.

Check out the classes at Registration will be available online soon.

We hope to see you all there.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Yeah, the blog is growing slowly....

But soon we will have everyone here and you can talk about anything related to slipcovers here. Events, shows, things you'd like to see done and so much more.

I am do happy that Dede (elena) is with us.

Oops, originally the signature was "Elena" - bedtime...

Thank you, Shirley and Kim, for such a glamorous introduction - my head is quite swollen now and I shall be impossible to live with! And thank you, Karen, for helping me navigate through Blog Land! :)
One more time... (and now you know my legal name).
This is a test - am I here? I had trouble signing on; someone else in Blog Land is apparently named "Dede", and apostrophes are forbidden. *sigh*
Also the classes are finally up on the Slipcover America website for the Summit....

Please realize they needed to be brief for the sake of room and reproduction purposes.

so go to and click on the Summit... The location of the even will be at the University Inn and at Alicia's.

Soon I hope registration will be up online too.

Any questions ??


Saturday, January 10, 2004

I have just returned from Arizona where I worked a Home Show with Claudia with SewWhat. What a great experience. I hope she gets lots of leads from this event.

As for Dede she has been invited to the blog. Sorry, I just didn't have time to do it sooner.

Dede is not on here yet? Woops... she really must be, and soon! Her wit and wisdom about the complexities of life have kept me going over the last few months as I've faced more personal challenges than Job. Well ~ not more than Job ~ but for sure a lot!!!!

Shirley, don't silence the flow. Your hour of writing and sharing with us your insights has challenged me to rethink my methods time and again... while I don't always change at least the thoughts made me consider ways that I can alter or improve on my techiniques.

Working through the weekend to finish up slips, so must be off. I'm going to brave the elements and make it to the mall too although for that I should be committed.

Friday, January 09, 2004

Never over estimate my intellegence. Dede O'Hair ( who I hope gets an invitation soon ) pointed out to me this A M that anyone can read this. Now, why did that escape my radar ? Anyway, at my own risk, and I will risk, I am going to be myself. I do not profit from any teaching I do and I will talk about it untill someone sends my computer a fatal enough virus to silence me. That's a new job description for a hit man..............a virus expert. Virtual death. I will have some pictures to share, hopefully Denise can figure out how to post them.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Thanks Kim for putting up the picturetrail link... It would be great to have many of us posts things there for everyone to share...

I ran into my son Brian last night in Seattle while I was on my way to Arizona. His plane was deverted from St Lou, to Denver, to Seattle and then they took a bus to Portland....

Yes, getting out can be difficult, but once you get out you may not be able to get back. Ask me how I know.

Warmer here in Arizona...

Hi, Shirley! More freezing rain is now expected on top of the 8 inches of snow and freezing rain we've already had. I'm just glad I have lots of things to work on right now.

Go to the following link:

This is where the Forum has pics of all the things members have made and posted. Picture Trail itself is a site that is similar to Kodak where you can place and share pics on the net. I question whether or not it is a place we (I) want to continue using, or whether we Blogger members should come up with a new place. That decision might be taken out of our hands, though, for a variety of different reasons.
what the heck is picture trail, I have still never got an answer to that one. XPlain it like I am a three year old.
okay....I think I have been making it harder than it has to be. You apparently do not have to sign in and out of blogger. Sign in once you turn the computer on, and then just don't sign off, and you can go other places and come back. Also, post and use the back button and you will not have to pull down the address to the network to get back to the forum.

Second subject : the euphanism I am using over THERE where summit is verbotten is YKW,YKW. Literally "you know where, you know when". FT Collins can be abreviated to F C. References to the Network can be disguised as the word Siberia. If what I say over THERE gets erased anymore ( one thread was ) you can call me personna non grata.
Hey, just a quick thought (hopefully the power will stay on this time) about posting photos of our work. Continue to use PictureTrail? At some point will we have our own photo gallery site? I just finished four matching chairs that were amazing... and would love to show them off. Once I get the film developed I'll put them out for you all to see but it did make me think about where to put them...
I like the idea for jazzing up the directory. Icons would be great. I would need the link supplied to me, so it can be done.

I wondered whether Nike had swallowed you up whole. Must be demanding. What do you think of my ICON ideas for jazzing up the directory ? As long as you are surveying ( with Denise and Tessy ) the cross country prices, could you have time to slip in questions about what people want as far as perhaps increased directory detail? Survey ideas about making it feel more useful to them ?
I'M IN! WAA-HOO!!! After being able to just "read" what everyone else has written, Karen and I perservered and now I can post. Although right now I'm snowed and iced in, and working on another quick-turn-around slipcover so won't have time to lurk on the computer.

Shirley, I'm still trying to come up with a way to describe what I do. Every slipcover is unique in itself, and my business has gravitated toward the "unusual" and "artsy" direction seemingly through no effort of my own. Because of the galleries and shops that I've been able to put "spec" pieces in, clients have seen what I can produce so come into the builder/client relationship with a pre-existing trust of the outcome based on what they've already seen. Over the last couple of years the requested criteria of the custom client has been very minor... maybe things like requesting a specific size of welting, or wanting plumper fills than the original. Very rarely do I get any input on slipcover design as the client already knows I'm going to treat it like a blank canvas and go from there. I have had one disaster slipcover job that was a remake of something... and my gut told me "NO" from the start but my pocketbook convinced me otherwise. It was a reminder to always listen to the gut instinct... because it ended up costing me much more than money.
first time I used the invitation I DID sign up. It took me right to the forum page. Now, if I clicked on the invitation it won't do anything. Imagine if I hadn't signed up while open ?

Now, to get to sign in I click on the forum page ( which I can already read ) on the home page for the network. Pops up sign in, I do it, I folow directions to post. I sign out, pull down the addresses, click on slipcover network again, chose forum, and it takes me to my blog on the page ( may need to refresh ).
my own journey with this thing is I kept trying to use the invitation to get me back to the sign in screen I saw the first time I used the invitation. I did think to sign in the first time I opened it. I imagine if you fail to open it and sign up right away that might be a difficulty. I did try to get back to the forum page by clicking on the invitation link. The right way to get to the forum once you did that one time only is the forum link on the network home page. I get the sense anyone from any computer could look at the forum page, invitation would only enable posts. Go to the very bottom of forum blogs and click on blogger icon, and the sign in page pops up. Enter your chosen sign in name and password ( it was at least 6 digits ). THEN, I log out, I have to go back to my pulldown addresses and find slipcover network to click on again, go back to home, to forum, click and it brings up my forum page but not my own new post. I click refresh and it gives me my new post on top the list.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

folks are having trouble getting into the blog after visiting the first time. Can you tell me what is so confusing??


I am running a test to see why folks are so confused about getting in there.

Shirley can you tell me what the problem was??


Monday, January 05, 2004

well, if I had my fantasy, people would know my most imprtant specialties are : I FLY ! not without an airplane, but I go where the slipcovers are. Second, I will wash C O M prior to cutting. Third, I make covers from people's pictures and measurements from anywhere in the country. If I listed a fourth and fifth specialties it would be washable slips that zip apart, and a bleachable canvas slipcover.

I have met people who paint slipcovers, who do those lace up backs, and the list is probably endless. I didn't want it for just me.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Shirley these ideas are dynomite..

But it does take me time to make changes and there does need to be the supportr ferom others in compensation to do this.

Why don't we start with yours, Maureens, and my listing?

What would you like after your information. You do not have a website...


one suggestion, that seems to have little to create friction or unfairness is for us to have a detail line under the last line of our present directory listing. Colorful symbols would draw attention, and some sparkle to. The symbols would represent specialties and the symbols would be explained in a legend at the top of page or first page or more ofeten as needed.

The even handedness would come in the form as, there could be fifteen symbols available but you'd have to pick the five that mean the most to you. Everyone would have only the same maximum number of symbols. You'd have to be responsible for making them true for you, but that's not for anyone else to say, it's up to the person choosing to make it true.

Let's say some symbols could stand for : special turn around time available , or will work with your magazine clippings, or will work with you to choose your C O M, available to travel, will prewash C O M, that you offer a different rotating monthly special price, that you have special ideas to share. There could be millions of blurbs all only as beneficial as you make them true for you, and that you have identified those things as important for your own market.

To be fair to your local competitors who are also listed, you can choose to share what symbols you plan to pick or not before choosing, that would be private and reciprocal, or not.

To be fair to Karen, the real and total cost of those changes needs to be divided by the people who participate by a certain date with a cut off. In other words, the changes to the directory are to be made by X date, if you don't meet that deadline ( choosing, notifying, providing payment ) , you'd need to wait for the next mass change.

If you have a symbol important to you, and suggest it, anyone else may use it too. I am assuming the colors for the symbols are doable. If it proves to be true that all people all pick the same symbol, it may be useful ( visually perky ) to mix it up with the order symbols are presented in. The first to particpate are the most likely to get the symbols in the order they prefer, later signees may have to accept a different order for the sake of the appearance of variety.

We will all have a limit on the number of symbols, they should be equally staged ( same size, spacing, length of symbol line ). Karen may choose at a later time to create additional revenue by placing a premium value on participation in the symbol system after X period of time ( renewal to all ) . We the new symbol using listees take the risk ( cost ) the first time ( first year ? ) out to test whether or not it was cost effective made a difference for us individually. Karen then after that X period of time gets to price it as the market will bear and change the system as seems fair and to the benefit of the network concept as a whole.

It would be up to each person to suggest symbol meanings prior to the first change, and to be ready to measure for himself whether the extra cost was worth continuing. It's up to you to provide the specialty you claim to. There won't be any policing, just it will waste your money if you don't live up to it. I hope there is such a long list of specialites that each of us can easily claim that there are no hard feelings about your own symbol order or over used symbols.

The eye appeal has to enhance the directory as a whole, and suggest without words that we all have a big investment in our business image. As a whole, we should appear compliment each other well as we are SO diverse.

There should be reward for prompt interest ( to be in the original group when the first change is made ). Speak up soon, and the cost would be divided by a greater number of people. The symbol order is per choice for the initial group. Later groups can hold onto their money untill feedback is proviided by those who risk first. Symbol order may need to be shuffled as it appears to be too static to look at, per judgement of the person designing it. No favoritism, just shuffling symbols for visual excitement.

Listen to me !*&$#!!, doesn't sound much like a MERE suggestion does it ???????( waaaay to specific ). Just an idea, fix it and make it better. Nobody appointed me anything. I'll be glad to be janitor, like the guy with the moustache and broom at the end of each Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. You jusy knew he'd never go away.
in regards to the directory and redecorating for some new excitement ( and increased effectiveness ) : I have alot to say about it. I am going to do it over a number of posts as I clarify what I think I know to be fact and think about what I feel to be fair. Confused already ?

What I think I know to be fact: my phone books ads don't bring me many original calls. Original meaning they found me there first. I have a caller I D and I always ask where people find me. I pay 15 bucks a month on phone bill extra for red ink and for them listing my email address also. I KNOW for sure the slipcovernetwork directory sends me people who buy, people who don't quibble price, people who are ready to make a decision, also, people who seem more ready to accept advice. This is an impression, all of us are to busy to ferret out the exact numbers on which is more effective, phone book or network directory.

What I think is fair: I wouldn't want to ply my ideas and my time donated to Karen to have the directory work better only for myself. Heck, the phone book pits us slipcover people one against the other to make us pay more, it just makes me want to look somewhere else to invest my money. I have ideas, granted, that do cost some money in terms of time of the person who changes the website.

I will volunteer to make my suggestions to a committee if formed, or be that central bank of ideas for others to connect with. I know very little about the cost of a website or the costs of the time involved in making these changes, or if Karen will feel they are likely to be beneficial to everyone. They must benefit in an even handed manner.

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Always, always check the cushions before you leave a job. If cushions are different they all go with me. If they are just a little, I take one and write down the sizes of the others.
Yes, rushing a job does get us all in trouble.... REdos are not good.


Shirley, you had posted something the other day about making mistakes....
I's extremely irritated because I have to go back and re-do a cushion cover. Normally, I always, always, always take all the cushions with me, but in my rush to get this done before New Years, I just took one bottom cushion (out of 2) and of course, the cover doesn't fit well at the corners and is baggy. I do know better, but I am so annoyed with myself for causing extra work (and irritation for the client). I have to go pick it up today, make adjustments and drop off tonight. This will get "filed" away under more reasons not to rush a job!

Friday, January 02, 2004

I like this idea Shirley. How can we get these blurs from others???



been thinkin about how to kick the directory up another notch ( why not fantasize, somebody else would have to DO the actual work, tee hee ).

Couple things are a natural part of all good advertising, one is urgency and another something special available for a limited period of time. That would really require work on someone's part, so to get a little value out of ideas that work for longer periods of time without the need to change the site or cause Karen more heartache, anybody but me got suggestions ?

I'd like to see some jazz, just to add some sparkle, nothing flashing or irritating, just special. Likle maybe a personally written blurb ( by each business ) expresiing excitement or how they view the service they offer, maybe list specialties ? Months where sale prices are offered, ( maybe good and bad ). It would have to be even handed of course, and balanced overall. Maybe even make it effective enough in a demonstratable way to give Karen a little more revenue ( earned, of course ).
I am really looking forward in doing this show with Claudia. So you are having calls already for Slipcover? Amazing


Happy New Year!
Ways to launch your business in 2004!

Has anyone ever done a Home and Garden Show to promote your Slipcover business?

We are doing the Maricopa Home and Garden show this week in Phoenix. The most exciting thing is that the show doesn't start untill Friday, but clients are already calling for slipcovers, just from a vendor list that they found on a website. We have 80,000 people attend this show. I will be glad to let everyone know what the results are from this show.
Good luck to everyone in 2004
Happy New Year

To all of you..........................

Hope this year is the best ever for you and those that you love.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Shirley after you have posted you can click on the view blog in the lower box to see your post.

Does that help???
Shirley there are two sections when you post to this blog. If you click on the post below, the edit button it will put what is written in the edit post section. Then you can type above it, like I am doing right now.

Next after I am done typing I click post and publish.

okay, seems the edit icon on the full forum page isn't where to go to erase doubled posts ( which is now gone by the way ). I went back to blogger and found the appropriate icon next to create new post at the far's "manage post". One last question, it seems the blurb and the person to whom it's attributed isn't always in the same spot. Am I missing something ?
okay musta been too heavy on my mouse finger. I did try to edit once I saw post, clicked on the icon, was taken to page expired. Will see how many times this one pops up.
happy to be somewhere I can say I am a summit person, I am going to Fort Collins ! I am going to be slipcovernetwork devotee, I am happy to see the happenings of all who belong on the directory. Summit summit summit summit summit summit summit summit summit. That's a relief. Been busting a gut to use my favorite word. Speaking of which K> done with the write up ? Is it on the web page yet ?