Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Double on Fast.... whoopie I can't Wait...

Thanks Dede will get this info out to all in the Slipcover Press in August too.

Thanks to all who attended and taught. It was a fantastic effort.

already scheming to twist your brain ( and your shorts ) for next year! These classes are the thought processes of people who do not work in the same state, and who learned alone as well. We will and must continue to bridge the explanations, and there's no limit to how many ways it can be said. At least one of them will hit the mark.

I am tinkering with " double on fast " . A set limit on the number of pins I let you use, a limit on tools available ( think Survivor )and yes, you and a team mate cut a slipcover in the class period ( with me watching the clock ). Slipcover Survivor T shirts anyone ? No tape measures, no rulers no tables, just fabric, scissors, chalk and pins.

You can always learn to take more time and more tools to do it. What will surprise you is how few you can get by with. Of course, we would practice of fabric with no value.
Hope everyone has recovered from Summit 2004!

Regarding the question of full-spectrum lighting for the workroom: advises anyone interested in replacing old fluorescent tubes with full-spectrum tubes to check the old tube for a number ["on the end, probably starts with 'F'"].

You may call them directly with this information: 1-888-990-9933. I have found them to be extremely helpful and prompt, and recommend them highly.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Wanted to thank everyone who came, it was our most comfortable conference yet ( for me ). Given the material is so much the product of the individual mind explaining it, familiarity and comfort really help.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Just wanted to thank everyone and especially Karen for the great time and opportunity to meet all of you. I'm looking forward to attending the next slipcover summit in Florida, thanks Angie. We all have so much knowledge to offer each other. Claudia

Monday, June 07, 2004


Sent email to nike regarding the Summit........

Numbers could change,as more folks will sign up in the next couple of week.

Karen, send email to my work...
I haven't been able to get into the other email. Am ready for Summit and can't wait to get there. Just need to know numbers. Am arriving on the 23rd, evening. With cheesecake.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Many big hotels who do a lot of conferences have these types of equipment, but usually charge extra. We have a very tight budget and as far as we know right now, these are not included in the cost of the rooms we are to use.

Alicia needs to double check with hotel about this type of equipment. Alicia are you out there????


Does the hotel have projection screens available? It's possible, especially if they're used to hosting conferences and such.

Friday, June 04, 2004

It's just a regular slide projector. Got it on ebay. My first ebay buy. It arrived today. I'll be getting my slides printed sometime next week. Now need to get a screen. Think I saw one last week at a thrift store.Let me know if you guys want to use it.

I have been sending you emails about classes etc.

I have the numbers and will send e-mail to all teacher.

No we do not have an overhead projector. So passing around photos is the best that can happen.

I would like to send you email, are you able to get email?

Please let me know.

Great on the slide projector... does anyone know if there will be an overhead projector? I've got all my pics on transparencies to show overhead if it's available... if not, we can just pass the originals.

And does anyone have a head count yet?

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Great to learn this Angie. Where did you get it? Are you talking about a regular slide projector or any LCD to do a power point presentation?

I hear you and Shirley are rooming together...

K in AZ at Claudia's working and taking care of her dogs while she is in CA teaching a workshop.....

Hi everyone. Putting the final touches on my plans for the summit. Just wanted to let the other instructors know that I recently purchased a slide projector to use in my class. If anyone wants to borrow it and use it for their class, more than welcome. It should arrive tomorrow and I will give it a test run. Any questions, let me know.


everyone is busy out there, just wanted to remind that the Slipcover Summit, the one and ONLY event of it's kind is SOON.

What makes it unique ? Well, it's national, it's sponsored by the slipcover network. We all contribute, all who choose to pass along our skills, people who emerged alone and honed individual ways of making slipcovers that are each in their own way useful and time saving.

We share graciously, and with the hope the art and craft does survives us, and hoping that home based business supplies slipcovers of the future.

Meet the people who chat here, enjoy Fort Collins, learn more about what makes slipcovering an exciting career. It's an investment you won't regret.