Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Project Hallway" first challenge!

This was a hard challenge! Thin slippery sheets and stretchy knit jammies are not that easy to whip into a slipcover! Pictured is what I started with; striped pajama bottoms and a t-shirt from last year's upholstery event. I grabbed an old sheet from the's actually kind of smelly and stained. Lucky for you  this photo isn't in smell-o-vision....
I'm still working on the lumbar pillow made of the t-shirt, but here's the slipcover design I came up with:
Tomorrow I'll post a before and after with my finished pillow. My "fashion forward" design includes the pillow headrest buttoned to the top of the inside back. Also, I opted not to make padded underwear to camoflage the original attached pillowback. Instead I sewed in 2 ruched panels (I learned that term from watching previous episodes of Project Runway :) I can't wait to see your designs!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Come as you are slipcover!

The challenge was to take the pajamas off their backs and a white sheet to come up with a fashion forward winning design. Here's the winner of episode one - made from a pair of boxer shorts and a dyed sheet:
I had on my old upholstery fair t-shirt and striped bottoms....
What did you wear to bed last night, and what kind of slipcover are you going to make?

Monday, July 25, 2011

"Project Hallway" begins!!!!

Do you have your chair picked out? Season 9 starts this Thursday!