Friday, March 31, 2006

let me see if this works......( babelfish )

Recepción al sitio del network del slipcover! ¡Si usted tiene preguntas, pida por favor!

How do we get this to the search engines ? Karen, do you mind this idea ?

Acepte por favor una invitación de ensamblarnos en un acontecimiento de enseñanza del slipcover en el Arizona de junio el 21 de Phoenix (Peoria) a 25 2006. Damos la bienvenida a todos los entusiastas, sin importar lengua. Acomodaremos la barrera como podemos lo más mejor posible. Usted es muy agradable ensamblarnos.

I cut and paste from Babelfish, and then sent it back through Babelfish, it's close enough. If read literally it's comical, but it's close enough.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

'cuz I needed to finally pick a name:

here it is, Hybrid Muslin Method.

Hybrid Muslin Method ( to be taught at the Summit in June ) is~

a safe and stepwise way to dabble in an unfamiliar slipcover method. It's not the fast way, there's no direct dive into it, but it gives you a chance to change course. It gives you more choices, and more information, at a point where you can still back up and change your mind.

Basically, to create a pin fitted or measured muslin pattern ( half is good, if applicable ). Then, you write on that pattern what you need to know for your particular choices.

For standardization, handouts will be given to guide you. For instance, I will walk students through a leap from double on half muslin cutting to Karen's way, Janelle's way, and Alicia's way. The same set of instructions works in this case for all three.

Which means, I am explaning going from one to the next VIA the muslin. Is this clearer ? It's as if the slipcover methods are departure and arrival points, the muslin acts as the hub where you change planes. This is admittedly typical Shirley, but usually it's fun anyway, no ?

Method shopping

came up with a list of question while re~examining the pie chart with six colors.

Questions to ask yourself, when considering moving on to learn a new method:

Site, where can this be done ?

Sewing, are you sewing as part of the fitting process ? Is this a limit for you ?

How clear must your plan be in your mind before you make the first cut ?

Can you adjust to fit the whole while maintaining symmetry on both sides ?

Are you now working on fitting on the WS out, or the RS out ? Want a change ?

Are you able to postpone making that first cut, while collecting sufficient information, without incurring an additional trip ?

How grain true can you remain, and what difficulties do you enocounter currently ?

Can you avoid struggling in front of your customer ?

What results have you been pleased with and unpleased with, and what questions remain about what went right / wrong ?

finally getting around to a couple things...

one, putting on a disc, pictures of furniture, and a plan to measure those pieces of furniture, complete with daigrams of the shapes you need to cut ( and measure for ).

I have all that stored in my head, and found a graphic artist person to help me illustrate it.

Send me pictures of all the furniture you ever wanted to measure ? and you will get a copy free. Surface mail them, email me first---slipcoverlady at juno dot com .

Second, getting Brown narrowed down to a one day class. I hope everyone finds the means to come to the Summit, and gets that room reserved before the good price expires, regardless of which classes you intend to take.

If you are ready to make a muslin pattern to begin to experiment safely and quickly with methods other than the one you now use, you are ready for Brown ( hybrid ) Still doesn't have a decent name. The next name is no better but it's more descriptive. This is a hub method.

If all the various methods were 6 colors on a pie chart with six wedges, this method belongs in the middle, it's a hub, a transit point.

It's a way to bridge the knowlege you have using the muslin to get to a finished cover using a new method of choice. It is round about, and safe. It's a baby step to getting to another method while working on real goods for a real client.

This method can get you anywhere on the pie chart, it can get you to anyone's method. The class will be making the muslin, and then interpretting the muslin to be what you need to cut for your choice of next method. To quote some giddy gal over in NY, clear as mud ?

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

There was a discussion some time ago about slips for leather furniture. The feeling was that they would be difficult because customers generally prefer you not pin into the leather.

Well... how about using small (and I mean really, really small) pony clamps to temporarily hold fabric together so you can pin the seam? That way, you can avoid pinning into the leather.

Can anyone picture what I'm talking about?

Monday, March 20, 2006

The Slipcover Network Forum

The Slipcover Network Forum

Good morning... next week several of us will go to the show in Florida... Window Fashion Expo... wish you could be there with us in the Slipcover Network booth...


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Just a reminder-

Friday March 17, 2006 is the deadline for turning in surveys.

Thanks again to all who have already participated.

Contact Dede or me for a survey form.
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