Saturday, January 17, 2004

THAT is precisely the reason I give away so much time and information. I have worked alone for toooooooo long. I now have a Denise to smack me upside the head about learning the computer, a Judit to teach me long needed social skills ( arf ). Not to mention I have an Angie to restate in three simple words an idea that took me 57 to say.

Angie, I guessed wrong about the 100 or 110 degree angle on the blackbird ( s r 71 ). The two legs ( four when it's the complete mirror image ) that are the spring movement number ( we used three as example ) and the front panel width ( we used six ) join at ninety degrees. The result of the other two angles where the same size legs join is whatever it happens to turn out to be. If curious, take Angies class.

You see why Angies head is busting. Angie can turn my intuitive answers into sensing language much better than I can. Sign up for measuring, it wil be better this year.

I am doing the chalking out class, which unfortunately butts against Pat's equally important problem solving class. Chalking out is tight estimating of cut yardage yet to be ordered and which will include the wrap from the year long muslin report. They are all equaly important, so I guess you have to come to more than one summit.

Next years report will be washing ( june to june year ).

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