Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Thanks Kim for putting up the picturetrail link... It would be great to have many of us posts things there for everyone to share...

I ran into my son Brian last night in Seattle while I was on my way to Arizona. His plane was deverted from St Lou, to Denver, to Seattle and then they took a bus to Portland....

Yes, getting out can be difficult, but once you get out you may not be able to get back. Ask me how I know.

Warmer here in Arizona...

Hi, Shirley! More freezing rain is now expected on top of the 8 inches of snow and freezing rain we've already had. I'm just glad I have lots of things to work on right now.

Go to the following link:

This is where the Forum has pics of all the things members have made and posted. Picture Trail itself is a site that is similar to Kodak where you can place and share pics on the net. I question whether or not it is a place we (I) want to continue using, or whether we Blogger members should come up with a new place. That decision might be taken out of our hands, though, for a variety of different reasons.

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