Wednesday, January 07, 2004

my own journey with this thing is I kept trying to use the invitation to get me back to the sign in screen I saw the first time I used the invitation. I did think to sign in the first time I opened it. I imagine if you fail to open it and sign up right away that might be a difficulty. I did try to get back to the forum page by clicking on the invitation link. The right way to get to the forum once you did that one time only is the forum link on the network home page. I get the sense anyone from any computer could look at the forum page, invitation would only enable posts. Go to the very bottom of forum blogs and click on blogger icon, and the sign in page pops up. Enter your chosen sign in name and password ( it was at least 6 digits ). THEN, I log out, I have to go back to my pulldown addresses and find slipcover network to click on again, go back to home, to forum, click and it brings up my forum page but not my own new post. I click refresh and it gives me my new post on top the list.

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