Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Slipcover Summit

Less than 1 month. Roommates are still available to share rooms. So get your registrations in by going to then click on the Summit to read about classes.

K with SA

Friday, March 18, 2005

Hi Karen,

Did you get my email from a couple of weeks ago? I sent it to you in reply, to your aol address. It was an outline for an organic fabric article. If all goes as planned the finished article will be done by the end of the weekend. What email address should I send it to? Can I use photos? Any speciall formatting for the photos?

I see a note here where you asked me about Evotex. Since you actually had the chance to meet the staff, you doing an article on them might be a good idea for next time. I really liked their friendly staff. I don't know what to think about Hemp Traders, though. They were late on sending me samples and a little abrupt on the phone (but check out their line of Mary Jane dresses in their catalog--!!!). Some more tongue-in-cheek advertizing is seen at THC aka Toronto Hemp Company (


Thursday, March 17, 2005

If I can write article before I leave on the 22nd, I will. Otherwise I CAN send eve of 22nd. I am crazy behind.

Judet and I are drinving to the summit, stopping at every yarn store along the way!
Articles for the Slipcover Press...

Please let me know when you will be emailing your articles to be published in the Slipcover Press.... They are sooo appreciated...

Dede, Shirley, Jeanne and Angie

Hi All...

Donna and I are in Cleveland doing a sewing show here. Cold...

We are so busy here. You know how shows are. Hurry to get to the show floor daily and then dead on our feet when we go back to our room.

Someone asked me the other day about Atlanta Window Show. We as Slipcover Network are not doing it. I did not get the response I needed from those living in that part of the country. So we are passing this year.

Shirley, now why in the world will you be going through Baton Rouge in April?


Wednesday, March 16, 2005

wow, was so weird to get the blogger dashboard to let me post. I had to click around to find the secret!

driving from Baton Rouge to summit in St. Pete. Fla, anyone need picking up along the way ?

Friday, March 11, 2005

I want to introduce Project Regina.

Project Regina in Minneapolis, MN is a non-profit, nine-month-long training program offering immigrants and refugees industrial sewing skills and training in employment-specific English. One of their programs teaches slipcover construction. Instructors are themselves alumnae of the program, which in 2003 graduated 15 students from an entering class of 22. Most students are female, and increasingly hail from East Africa. The project also helps graduates find employment in the industry.

I will be speaking with Terry Forkin, Program Manager, on Monday for information specific to Project Regina's slipcover program.

Karen, I'll see if they're interested in appearing in our esteemed publication. :)

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Karen - if by "Dee" you mean me, I'll finish up the thread research and put it the form of an article.

Dede (in need of Spring, or something green - but not moldy)

Saturday, March 05, 2005

I will try to get the article to you by mar ________? Date ?

Looking for more washable slipcover choices, ones that don't take the effort the CR D. stuff does. I am wore out on that.

I am still solidifying my summit travel plans, I am bringing someone maybe, and I'll have acar too, so I am playing it by ear for a while.

I see Alicia in Vegas the wek of the 22nd. Anything else needed to be worked on ?

Friday, March 04, 2005

Slipcover Press will be put together at the end of March.

So ideas from

Greatly appreciated. I am also looking for a project some one just completed to be share with our readership.

Vendor to Spotlight... Jeanne what about Evotex?

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Shirley... I was wondering what in the world happened to you? Missing in action. I am getting excited about the Summit too. All you need to do is be prepared for your classes, and let me know what classes you would like to sit in on, and when you arrive and where you will be staying and if you want a roommate?

Bringing anyone with you?

So you will be seeing Alicia in Las Vegas?

K with SA

*************************************************************************************finally lifting my head up from machine, after four weeks of holding my breath over flame proof blackout.

240 widths out the door monday, then scramble to get late covers done.

Still finally, getting excited about the summit, making plans.

I see Alicia on the 22 march, anything we need to do to get ready ?
Thanks Angie for the info. Let us know what is going on with this? I sent info to a couple others.....

Also need newspaper info to get things in the newspaper.

K with SA

Karen, the deadline for the applications are the 5th of Mar. And I received the package from Wolf today.

Yes we are the ones who do the education. More people should consider the impact we make on our environment. Also the fabrics we work with should be kind to our health.
These are things to think about.

Jeanne, I loved the feel of the hemp and PET combination fabric. Though it is a little expensive at $24.90 it is a recycled product.

Again those of us who use these fabrics are the ones who need to talk about the impact.


Also, along the lines of educating the public--- I have a great comment from a friend regarding my endeavors to promote "Natural Slipcovers". She said even if I don't get a lot of business specifically for slipcovers from earth friendly fabrics I'll be doing my part to educate the "world" (she thinks big) about the importance of considering the environmental impact of your choices. (I like rationalizers!)

Now back to sewing up these sunbrella cushion covers that are giving off brillant blue lint so that I can stuff them into petro-chemical derived polyester and foam.....


Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Was it March 4th or 15th for the deadline for the Scholarhips to the Slipcover Summit?

I know folks still can get their room discount until March 22nd.

Hello is anyone out there?

Dee ... Maybe we need to write HGTV and tell them the truth. Ideas, how can we set this straight?
HGTV Decorating Cents did it AGAIN! (Grrrr...). "$123" for custom slipcovers (chair and matching ottoman) - just appeared out of nowhere (!). Host Joan Steffend's cheery comment to the designer: "Just goes to show you - look for a great shape. If your chair is outdated, just throw a slipcover on it for a brand new look."

Twill or duck (possibly 12 oz.) - not something the average home sewer could "whip up" on a domestic machine. Plus decorative cord.

Yeah... I'm annoyed.