Friday, January 16, 2004

By all means the more the merrier. Another slipcover party, I hope Alica will come tooooo

If he doesn't leave town, he will just be stuck with the lot of us.

Thanks for all that you do for all of us Shirley.

I will let you now more about what we need for the booth, when I find out the size of our space.


I don't know how to reach Tommy Dumphries, but he's another of Norman's nephews, ( Rusty's cousin ) local, very slipcover- productive, and taller than Rusty if that's possible. He's kind and pleasant and would be nice to see him. Unless someone knows the answer to this mystery I will try to get a note to him through mutual aquaintences. I am hoping my D H's trip is on the dates we need. Even if it's not, we can all share here ( Karen's entourage ).

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