Monday, April 18, 2011

Christy Statz--2011 Slipcover Summit Scholarship Winner

Hi everyone, give a big shout out to Christy Statz, as she was chosen for the 2011 Slipcover Summit Scholarship.  Christy will be awarded $400 to apply towards class fees and meals at the Slipcover Summit in Emsworth, PA.

When I notified Christy that she was selected, she was blown over.  Christy said she never wins anything; but she can't say that anymore, now can she.

Congrats Christy--can't wait to meet you.

Now for those of you who didn't apply or were not selected, don't despair.  There is still time to enter the Slipcover Design Contest .  First place winner will receive full admittance plus all supplies for classes to the 2012 Slipcover Summit ($400 value) among other prizes.

You have until June 1 to submit your winning entry.  So get busy and make some beautiful slipcovers.