Wednesday, January 21, 2004

I only put it over there because it's so big. The current post is just the synopsis and it's huge. It wasn't favoritism at all, just using someone else's space for logging in so much info ( of dubious value ). If you like I can repeat it here, say once I give the complete version over there, edit a nice synopsis of each and out the more brief version here. Also it can be printed from that forum. Can this be printed ? I can do both, you know how much I love to do it.

Comment on the Dec Sew What issue ? Was everyone already aware of steaming ? Of over loading the bottom third of a baffled muslin on a back cushion for lumbar support ? Everyone have seen prior what dacron 91 looks like ?

Upcoming is a parsons chair with full padded arms and a tight seat, which has a opened and hemmed front arm panel and deck ear to prevent ripping the seat at the intersection.

I am trying to keep the content pretty advanced, yet explain fully enough. Comment invited. It's not mutiny, it's effective use of a vehicle that we can become better known as the result, all of us. I will co write with anyone who chooses to devote a project to this. Pictures needed, of course.

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