Wednesday, December 31, 2003

glad you got in. It's about time!!!!

yea!!! I asked enough questions that I finally managed to GET here !

Tuesday, December 30, 2003
Side Charis, Sofas, Ottomans and teaching. I only do one or two covers every few motnths, because I am a stay-at-home-mom with two kids 5 and under. I love to sew, so slipcovers are my passion. I am looking to the future when my little ones are in school and I can get back into the workroom more often. I am looking forward to seeing you in Cleveland at the Sewing Expo. I am also dabbling in teaching myself to do slips from measurements only, the way Shirley does. The idea of it has caught my intrest so I have some small side chairs I have been messing around with. I'm sure that will keep me busy through the winter!


Glad you can join us....
What type of covers have you been making???

K with SA

Hi Karen! Thanks for the invite. Look forward to getting this up and running again.
Happy New Year!
Liz Sethi

Monday, December 29, 2003

Yes it's great to have you join us.

The ad above are those who pay to advertise. So yeah we have to have their ad at the top of our page. But it is okay, we are the only ones who see it.


Hi There! Thanks for inviting me to join. Gotta make a crack about the advertising at the top....anyone need slipcovers? HEE HEE


Thursday, December 25, 2003

Hope everyone had a great holiday today....

Snow on our mountains here in WA.... Lots of eagles. Yes we are still moving and the moving truck broke down last night. All the luck..

Hope all are well.


Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Is there a way to reply to a post or are we just posting each time??

Yes Tessy you can reply to a post..... When you go into blogger to make a post find the old post and click on edit, that will bring the old post up to the top and then just like I am doing right now I can write a response to it....

Please respond to this post on blogger.


Okay, I got the hang of it now.

Hi Karen

I have not received any e-mails from blogger yet.

Hello this is a test........................

We are trying to get everyone invited to the blog up and running okay. There seems to be some confusion about how this all works.

So would anyone please respond. I realize the holiday is coming up and you are working your fingers to the bones, plus getting ready yourself.

When I post and publish, you all shoudl get an email message from the blog. Correct?

You then can respond by clicking on the link in the message. Correct?

Thanks so much
Welcome to Slipcover Magic, Fatima Milnes. The Slipcover Press did a spotlight on Fatima and here business.

I love finding out about all the people who make slipcovers. You all are soooo interesting.

The big day is almost here. Are you all done with your jobs?

Sunday, December 21, 2003

Jeannie Hutc hins of North Carolina has a suggestion for a forum in Fort Collins. How about a session for all of us un-experts so we can ask dumb quesions, talk about our frustrating learning experiences, and get feedback about alternate ways to solve problems. We'd need a few expert mentors in the sessions as well.

Also, the session might be more productive if people could bring photos and fabric samples.


I want Jeannie to know that we already have this session set aside for lunch on one of the days and of course any other time you can ask questions.

Bernice, this is our new Slipcover Network Forum and I hope folks can figure it out so they can post here and talk about projects and more.

We can all help one another. That is why we are all here.

Welcome to Bernice of

Glad to have you join us this Sunday morning. The sun has not even come up here yet, and it is 7am.....

Hi Karen and all,

Thanks for the invitation to Blog. I'm not sure what this is, but I'm willing to try. The holidays are always rough. I will deliver my last job on the 23rd. It still gives me some time to shop and party!

I will be offering 3 day intro and advanced slipcover classes early in the new year. I hope the right people get the information and sign up.

Best wishes to all for a healthy and prosperous New Year. Bernice
For those of you who are trying to blog on this forum here are a few hints.

(It was not easy for me when I first tried setting this up either)

When someone posts the post goes directly to you after you have answered the invitation to the forum.

I think you get a link to the site, but if not you go to and then sign in with the passwork and information when you accepted the blog invation.

Once you get in go to post and write your new post, then click on post and publish and it will be sent to all who are on our blog....

I hope this helps.

Don't work to hard..................... :)

Friday, December 19, 2003

Needing someone to create something simple for our shirt for the Slipcover Summit in Fort Collins. Claudia has some bids on the shirts, but we want to put something fun on them.

Slipcovers Divas? I guess if we have men attend which we'd love to have, they could have shirts that say Divans?

Definitely need help with the shirts........
Hi Shirley...

How was your trip to New York. Glad that you could join us here at the Slipcover Network Forum blog.

I am looking for vendors to help sponsor our booth in Baltimore. Do you have any ideas?

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Hi to all.
Good to see posts from Alicia, Ravi and others.

I know you are all busy, me too.

Remember photos, we want to take lots of photos to share with each other through out the year. Also Alicia and I can show them off in Balitmore and possible the West Coast show.

Off to start another job.

I cannot find the survey for the Slipcover Pricing summary that was done in 2002. I will keep looking. Remember I moved and left town with out unpacking.
Hey Karen & Gang:

This is my first tentative post. Am still working on the chair in the back of my van (it wouldn't go thru my door). Yesterday was about 54 here which made it easier to get out there. Then it went with me to Vail to do an installation there. Last night, it was still following me around. This am intend to finish the chair & the footstool for installation this weekend. Can hardly wait to get the garage finished so that I have the big door to take furniture in & out of! Happy Holidays to you all! Alicia

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

hello veeryone, how are things!? it is Ravi, i haven't used this service before, looks neat.
Hi Karen, it's Denise and I've just joined. Did you get email questions on survey? Waiting to hear from Kim so we can get started.


Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Oh yeah... I forgot that she was going to New York. I bet she is up to her neck in snow.....

So glad you have joined us here. We are in the process of inviting others. This is a private forum, not open to the public. So we can keep spam under control.

So if you know of others doing slipcovers that might be interested in blogging about slipcovers with us send me their email would be a great place to send their email addresses.
Shirley is in NY

Hi Karen

Thanks for the invite.

Good to have you on the Slipcover Network forum blog Tessy.

It is a new and exciting place to ask questions about slipcovers.
Yeah the Zipperlady has joint us. Now there are 3. Where is Shirley the Slipcover Lady??////
Thanks Rob yes, this would be helpful, and we only want member to be able to blog. Just let me know what you want me to do on my end...

Monday, December 15, 2003

Seems like you do have it set up right. We can put this link right into your web site but only members would be able to post. I'll try to gather the info and send it.
Good Job Karen.
Ok, I'm here and will check back on Wednesday when I get home from Minn.,MN where I'm teaching a slipcover class. I think this is a great idea. Go Karen!

Saturday, December 13, 2003

It's Saturday night and I just invited 3 members to join our Slipcover Network Forum blog......

Can't wait to have our own blogging forum.
The end of the year will be here soon, don't work too hard slipcover pros.


Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Welcome to the Slipcover Network Forum. This is the place you can ask questions, share your ideas, give experienced advise or just blog on and on about those slipcovers that you love.