Saturday, January 03, 2004

Always, always check the cushions before you leave a job. If cushions are different they all go with me. If they are just a little, I take one and write down the sizes of the others.
Yes, rushing a job does get us all in trouble.... REdos are not good.


Shirley, you had posted something the other day about making mistakes....
I's extremely irritated because I have to go back and re-do a cushion cover. Normally, I always, always, always take all the cushions with me, but in my rush to get this done before New Years, I just took one bottom cushion (out of 2) and of course, the cover doesn't fit well at the corners and is baggy. I do know better, but I am so annoyed with myself for causing extra work (and irritation for the client). I have to go pick it up today, make adjustments and drop off tonight. This will get "filed" away under more reasons not to rush a job!

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