Friday, January 16, 2004

Rusty write me some times out of the blue online. But we did have Allen when we were in Las Vegas help one time, remember Shirley..... It is always fun to have a fella working our booth.
Tried getting Richard from the area, but he seems to always be busy that time of year.


Russel Bywaters, nephew of Norman Hall ( fixture of Wash D C slipcovers for 40 yrs ) , too tall to call him a tree, too nomad like to call him a slipcover fixture. Too young to call him one of the old guys, though he still works the old guy store system last I heard. Provoking him won't make him speak up. Prove me wrong, of course. In the suburbs of Atlanta. Last I checked the phone book, he had a home listing but not a business listing. White Hall ? North Hall ? Guessing the suburb name ( badly ). Karen has spoke to him more recently than I have. Our only guy to ever show up and demo at a Baltimore show ( to my knowlege ). Speaking of Baltimore, my D H has a trip planned same dates, I may have an empty house, and I live in an hours drive distance.

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