Thursday, June 29, 2006

More Slipcover Summit

Fast Box Cushions with Maureen

Of course there was eating while we studied

and coffee

Yes we were in Arizona in June, see the catus!

We learned a lot even in 100 degree heat

Slipcover Summit

Slipcovers for Headboards with Claudia

Embellishing with Susan

photos from the Summit... Next year Boston

Do other have photos from the summit to post?

Would you like a short slide show on the Summit page, flash photos for 2007....

Feedback from Summit

Dagmar ( who may attend next year ) is asking for feedback on the graphics I handed out, both the pie chart and the paper doll furniture.

Also, the pet project of the year this year will be reincarnating double on half.

I think it needs to be adapted to todays textiles, which have less elasticity, more shine, less body, or way too much bulk. All these things favor whole chair methods.

I won't succeed in making it the method of choice, it does have limits, but I think people need suggestions how to adapt this to the degree it can be.

Any suggestions, volunteers ? I make a pet project choice then talk about it for a year, I don't know that it has any impact, but it's a way of drawing the 1.5 individuals to the next summit who may have the inclination.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Slipcover Summit Cookbook

I heard at the table during dinner on Satuday night, some folks wanted to have a Slipcover Summit Cookbook and the proceeds would go towards the scholarship fund.

Is there a committee already to do this?

next year

I'd like to have us invite a man who does double on half, let him be king for a day ( or for lunch break ) so he can show us not only the technique, but the way they sell themselves.

Now that I have milked the " I am a girl and I am going to do it your way " thing for decades now, with success, I really want the girls to see where I first saw it all.

The system is remarkable, the sales pitch and the " show ". All the guys tend to do this, it's a competent, graceful, stylish (for lack of a better word ) snake oil show.

I want everyone to see what inspired me. I loved the sales pitch as much as I did the cutting, it's very much a showmanship skill. There's a reason they do it in the home, it would be pointless to take the furniture away.

Monday, June 26, 2006

The Slipcover Network Forum

The Slipcover Network Forum

Hope everyone made it home safely. What an exciting summit! I think it was the best that I've attended so far. The energy was amazing and the sharing was just unbelievable! From what I could see everyone had a great time learning and socializing. I really wish those who didn't make it could have seen it.

Hope to see you next year in Boston.


The Slipcover Network Forum

The Slipcover Network Forum

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

suggested clothing...if you are coming ( envy us if you aren't...)

be sure to bring pants big enough to allow you to crawl on the floor ! if you aren't ready to roll and laugh, get your head there now. You do know to bring a bathing suit also, correct ?

everyone bring a small stapler, preferably the kind with the dolphin nose. We have lunch time goodies in the form of furniture paperdolls to staple.

Gonna have sample packs of needed but maybe unusual notions so bring petty cash. I will have 50 yards muslin there to make patterns with.

Stuff like Perma core thread, bank pins, black chalk, Wiss 1225's.

get ready by packing stuff like childs scissors ( there's a reason ). If in the past you have printed out my fluff about methods and colors, bring that, I have a new pie chart handout.

without sounding like a mother hen, bring your best sunglasses corrective if they are( I give offa bright glare) and be sure to remind us if you have had heat related issues in the past.

I am sure we will all be comfortable, but bring what we cannot anticipate for yourself.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Slipcover Network Forum

The Slipcover Network Forum

Hi, I just told a customer I could get a Robert Allen Acct. (Figured goodgle would help me out, but no luck as their website seems to be down.) Does anyone have their phone number?


Thursday, June 08, 2006

"Slipcover Career Professional"

I just looked at the featured business, Big Improvement - the website has a seal that says Slipcover Career Professional. What's that all about?
As far as I know there is no longer a seal for certified upholsterers, and I'm not a drapery person. This intrigues me, looks classy!
By the way - I delivered a slipcover yesterday for a chaise lounge. The lady was so happy she hugged me. I love those kind of customers! (also the kind that run out to the backyard and pick a pint of raspberries for you to take home! is it the midwest, or are people that nice all over?)

Monday, June 05, 2006

anyone not yet planning

to attend the Summit, or has not yet heard about it...

I wanted to add a little personal commentary on what the Summit means to me.

Even though I began my sharing career ( not slipcovering itself, the sharing of it ) I had apprehension that I would give away my secrets, others would benefit and be gone in the dust, and there was no long term benefit to me to share.

Five years later, I can honestly say I have learned more than I ever gave away. I am more flexible in my approach, more studious in observing what I try new, and I am having more fun slipcovering today than I did when I began attending Summits.

We need new attendees, both experienced and inexperienced to help energize the creativity we all bring to the Summit. We all have something novel to share. You will certainly leave with much more than you came to give away.