Wednesday, December 20, 2006

let's see how long this lasts

click on the title to see my addition to wikipedia. If the last paragrapgh refers to us, they let it ride.

anyone recognize who wrote the first part ?

Friday, December 15, 2006

losing my mind in silly ways

I'll post a picture once I make a mock up, I let the customer take the thing, I realized I can't explain it without.

I had forgotten you cannot put a cushion zipper on a DR chair pad all the way into and to the far side of the spoke cut out.

well, you can but then you lose your surface for the velcro tab to attach. I could get one tab almost the full width of the box ( 2" ) on the butt end of the zipper side of the cut out, then the zipper prevented me from applying the velcro mate.

Already did all four cushions complete up to that point, lost in a fog with no plan.

I made double fold ties preparing to tie the whole thing instead when an idea hit me.

This is why I need a picture: I folded the tie in half and made a flat point at the center, and stitched that triangle down. I sewed velcro mate to that end and also to some of the doubled tie, to make a one inch square portion of hook tape.

at the ironing board I then bent each paralel ( sp )raw end symetrically to point in opposite directions, to make a 90 degree turn to sew into each side of zipper seam where it met the cushion top and bottom.

what this made is a velcro flap that was solid at the hook site, yet split, so I could get almost full use of the zipper I had already installed.

I'll make one and take a picture of it, before I forget myself...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

there are more changes than I first realized

one, I had to sign in now, first, before seeing my usual and specific Blogger choices, that's top right on your new page once hitting I Power Blogger Icon at bottom left of THIS page.

what the first page now is after hitting I Power Blogger is the offering to read the latest BLog entered anywhere in Blogger Universe.

and, Karen, the links are gone ? Intentionally ?

Monday, December 04, 2006

The Slipcover Network Forum

The Slipcover Network Forum

New look....

How's this????


new picturetrail album for all of us..

for the posting and sharing of found slipcovers, slipcovers that can be a benefit to others.

they are to be bloopers, with opinions given as to how the blooper occurred. Be kind, be objective and instructive, and be annonymous with the source. Thanks....

you may access and upload, by using slipcoveroops, spell that as I have. That's the account name, user name, and password.

the password will always remain, only slipcover professionals will have access.

as soon as the free account is full, I will take it from there.