Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sending out samples of a poly velvet

Modelo, bought at Calico, but special ordered for the customer who found this on her own. I would have never never chosen poly velet, but it was surprisingly easy!

If you want a small swatch, email me, I will send that out to you.

Other new fun things I have played with lately...Blogger. Some things to look at when you have the time :

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WAA Talks with Home Fashions U BlogTalk Radio

Listen to Mary Ann Plumlee of WAA who is looking to form an Advisory Board if you are interested and in good standing with WAA as a member you can put your name in to be elected. In January 2010 there will be Online Conference for workrooms, if you would like to participate in this event showing others something you do.... watch for more info from WAA.

click here to listen to the show... today July 22nd.

such a silly thing! Thanks Susan T.

gotta admire the persistance.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Join Me

Share your slipcover embellishments. What have you done new this year ?

I will be blogging my own efforts, quilting, painting, crazy seam placement, underwear done weirder than ever.

You got pictures ? Let's get them together in one place.

Anything will work here. Let's have some fun while business is slow anyway.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Slipcover Summit 2009

group on Thursday

Frank helped out while Mara was recovering

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Home Decor Sewing Week

Living in the Northwest or want to plan a trip to the Northwest? It's Home Decor Sewing Week at Home Fashions U NW July 24th - 29th in Everett Washington.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Judit and I ...

...have been busy inventing and documenting strange cushions. Mouse over the post title, this is a link to the Cushion How To Blog which this week features a photo series instructions for the cushion pictured at left.

This pair of cushions made from scratch replaces attached backs on a rounded back sofa. Judit and I have been making photo instructional series of this and other peculiar cushions.

Invitations to Cushion How To blog available for the asking This is a continuing series, free to all who wish to visit.

I would enjoy teaching those things I have learned most recently at the Summit next year. This weeks featured cushion, the segmented and hinged cushion more reliably stands tall with the assistance of some hidden pellon bucram.

So much easier of course to cover a loose cushion than an attached back when slipcovering, but once we pulled the existing cushion out of the attached back upholstery casing it refused to stand tall and bend as required.

Look for zippers in your attached cushions, just pull the cushion out and cover it separately...that usually works without this fancy solution. This solution was about bending into the curve of the rounded back.

Using up scrap foam and playing with strange ideas for cushions which solve unusual problems, many of those are bendables. More exciting Cushion How To photos series to come !

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learning new things

Having some fun today, remembering old jobs while I get new photos to update my website. Downloaded Picasa, trying to assemble folders ( for the first time ) and add descriptions to pictures. Have lots of new jobs going on, and a better camera to make them look good.

My hips are done and working perfectly again, can I brag that I feel 45 ? Does that sound right ? ( Ha ). Looking forward to challenging work and being as busy as I can be. Two years idle was quite enough !
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