Wednesday, September 27, 2006

selling off the last of my canvas

you need not consider the ebay price the last word, and I will even make up your item for you if you prefer. This may not be the last available, it's just the last I have the energy to invest in.

Friday, September 22, 2006

getting on

simple instructions, just click on stuff until you get there. CLICK ONCE. Blogger is slow for me , and I have cable. I can imagine how slow it might be with dial up.

scroll down and search last item on right, an I power blogger icon, click and wait for dashboard.

if slipcovernetwork is not on your list on the left, fill those words into the search box on your right, click ONCE and wait.....

creating a new post

gee I'd love some company here so we ARE going to figure this out !

first, I know you know this, but I will say it 'cuz I can't see your screen, there's probably no harm in pushing buttons. The worst that can happen is you click too many times before blogger reacts. Know this, it's slow. Click once and wait.

My dashboard has slipcover network offered as an option to click on. If you have frequented any blog that already taken option should pop onto your list. Should, in theory, but as every site has, there are redundant ways to get there.

I see a search box on my right on my dashboard page, and that box I have used by typing in slipcover network.

But first, find the dashboard. Scroll down and look right, past the log of all post titles, and see a little rectangle in orange that says I power blogger. Click on it.

If in the end these suggestions don't leap out at you on your dashboard, click something. Usually options are harmless, but wait for blogger to catch up with you. Click once only. I have cable and blogger is slow. I can't imagine how slow bogger might be with dial up.

new picture series to come

will be on the picture trail, not yet begun.

I have a request from an importer of Thai silk to make a slipcover from her own goods. It is heavy silk, non irridescent and perfect for fusing to a stabilizer. This is a prelude to her marketting her silks as home decor and recommending me to do that.

She is willing to allow me plenty of scrap in the same type goods to experiment with fusable products out there and I will review them one by one.

The challenge is to make more secure the few stressed seams that wouldn't hold up to use without taking away from the appearance of the silk.

I am happy to have a non irridescent to do this with, so that my lack of skill in applying this fusable does not make for a hopeless cause. I might add, a lack of patience and considerable fear as well. I have not fused well or patiently in the past.

I pick up the chair tomorrow, so then I will see what's the ingredients, and will start the picture stream at

Saturday, September 09, 2006


on the right hand lower side of the dashboard there's a blog search box, type in slipcover network and click. Your Cookies should kick in and supply the filled in blue name on the left if you keep using the same computer.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

before and after

embassy five album has only before and after.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

figured out how to remove the picture...

just go to edit, save to draft, go back to the menu and it will sow you delete. I didn't ever find a rotate picture option or a remove picture option. Just info, maybe I am looking in the wrong place ?