Friday, January 16, 2004


Yes we will be exhibiting there as before. I have been sending out emails and it is in the press, but I haven't got the press updated online. I guess folks are just so busy trying to make money and getting the end and the beginning of the year in line.

Prices have gone crazy for hotels in the city over $150 a room. So can we have a sleep over at your place Shirley??? Anyone else in the area that can house the Slipcover Network folks who need to stay someplace would be great.

You can find out more about the event that Window Fashions Magazine puts on by going to To take a class call Barb Loberg at (651) 293-1544 or ask for info to be mailed to you.

We need workers to man the booth on April 15, 16, 17. Set up is on Wednesday the 14th, that is also the day Alicia and I will be doing a class (which pays for our booth) the business of Slipcovers. Break down is on the 17th.

We need folks to help all days. So if you know anyone in the Baltimore area who can come and work that would be great. They can had out their business cards etc. We also are looking for vendors who would like to have themselves advertised in the booth. Oh yes, we need slipcovers to exhibit in the booth. We show off slipcovers, do cutting demos in the booth, have a photo wall (need photos) help.

Other questions, need to get the word out. Can someone post this on the other forum you all freguent???

More late

not much has been said about Baltimore......what do we know ? Do we need donations ? Displays ? Transportation ? Printing done ? Anyone not received a Window Fashions flyer ? Need to know where to stay ?

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