Monday, December 31, 2007

Elements of effective pricing

effective being the most money you can probably get and preserving having that person willingly pass your name around and come back themselves for more.

that gives you a spectrum to choose from, the immediate money being ( or seeming ) far more important than continuing purchases from this person ( like, when ? if ? how likely ? ) or having them gladly pass your name around.

that balance is for each person to weigh, and then it changes for folks month to month and year to year. Your best guess here is all you get. We all guess how to balance the two needs.

Survey what slipcover buying folks are going to hear on the phone when calling your competitors by calling yourself first, all the numbers listed in your local phone book. Fib and fake it, get those facts. Ask in person if you prefer, go shop. Business slow ? Best time is now.

Ask not only price but policy. How long ? Is COM allowed ? Ask if sales are common, and when. Ask what is included what is add on, whether they work in the home. Hone your skills calling the folks that matter least, the ones farther away.

Partricipate in the survey, soon to come, here. Karen will tell us about it.

Develop questions. Develop your own questions about why the final last right pricing seems ellusive to you. Those are good facts in themselves. You may never sort all the answers but do have the questions. The questions tell you how flexible you need to be in your area.

A good example of a relevant question that makes me wonder about what goes on in my own area: stores pump up labor then run " fabulous " sales on labor. How does that impact me ? I may never know, but I better keep asking myself to wonder.

Let's talk about the questions, the answers are hard to identify, but let's identify the questions. Who picks up furniture, who drives far from home to do this ? Who are the local players ?

The best price you can choose to give is a price that you can live with, and that the customer is feeling good enough about to call you back again and plan more, especially if enough folks aren't finding you.

A lost job due to what is judged to be a too high price is neither right or wrong, but it may be more convenient or less convenient, depending on when it happens. A lost job is somethimes not only a lost paycheck but a lost chance for good referals or a good new unique experience.

Giving up something on price is not without compensation when you at least get the job. This isn't as negative as it may sound, your paid for advertising to a cold market may be as costly as what you choose to underprice, and that cold advertising buck shot can be ineffective even once paid for.

Underpricing is a choice, especially when you are new feeling out your market, if the phone isn't ringing as much as you'd like. It's an aggressive strategy.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hi all, Amy here, from Austin. I met some of you in Arizona at the 06 summit.
It was very inspiring and now I am making slips for a living! I have a couple of questions for you all.
I almost always use Karen's method, that class was a real eye opener!
I have a customer who wants 2 sets of covers for each piece I am doing.
How wouyld you guys charge for that? Using Karen's method I would need to basically do each piece
completely seperately, so would I charge double?
My other question is about selling fabric. Austin has a pretty small selection of fabric to choose
from and I think sometimes clients would really like to just order from me. I don't know the
first thing about selling fabric. Comments? Hope you all had a lovely Christmas.


Monday, December 24, 2007

Holiday greetings for all who belong or wish to

I think I speak for all who regularly meet and share at our annual event the Slipcover Summit when I say thanks to each of you for your continued support and for being here with us.

Wishing everyone of us Peace and Joy, and extending a hope we see one another soon.

If you are wishing to belong or have an interest in what we do here, don't hestitate to ask for more information. for those questions.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Slipcover Pricing Survey?

Tessy and Dede when will the Slipcover Pricing Survey be distributed to Slipcover Professional to fill out?

Folks are anxious and looking for 2008 price summary already.


Sunday, December 09, 2007

Watch the Power Point Presentation of Slipcover Summit 2007

Okay everyone here is a short power point of what went on at the Slipcover Summit 2007

click here

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Z-Tex "Timeless Twill"

I just received some new samples from Z-Tex - I requested everything they have that's "8 oz. and heavier." Timeless Twill wasn't among them. Has it been discontinued? Or was it lighter than 8 oz.? Can't remember, but I'm thinking of asking for some lighter samples.

Has anyone ever used 7 oz. fabric?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Suggestions AnyOne?

I am about to embark on six dining room chairs.175 year old dining room chairs I should say.

Of the six chairs, there are NONE the same size! They are all the same shape but they vary in height and width, any where from half inch to one and half inch from the shortest to the tallest.

Two of them (we can put the two that are the tallest and the closest in height together side by side) will be the first thing you see when you walk in the front door and look into the dining room.

How would you do that?

In my mind, I think I should just make all the backs, seats and apron the same and the skirts will be where me make up for the different heights.

Making sure they are all X amount of inches from the floor. Is that right, or am I way off?

I attached pictures of the style the custom wants and the actual chair.

Barbie Morgan SheffieldSheffield's Custom Slips
The Art of Flexible Decor

About Welt Cord

In your DVD, "So you want to make a slip cover", (1 of 3 that I bought awhile which was very much worth the cost), you say that you use 'cellulose' cord to make your welt cord.

You said this doesn't shrink like cotton will when the slip cover is washed.

Is 'cellulose' cord the same as 'tissue cord'?

I have been using the tissue cord and recently heard from two sources that tissue cord is never to be washed.

Thank you for any help.

Gene Janney Fabric Elegance, LLC

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Welt cord

Who do folks buy their weltcord from?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

chomping at the bit

waiting for my new Juki 8700-7 to get delivered. Tedco is bringing it to me, lugging it down the basement steps.

They are providing a mechanic to set up the electronic panel when it's in place and give me lessons.

The electronic panel gives undertrimming and auto foot raise options along with tension and stitch lengths.

Have I seen one at all yet ? Nope !

I am getting slower at sewing, so the 5500 SPM may be overkill, but I am sick of the knee lift and clipping a million threads. Speed where I can get it, to make up for when I am not so fast.

I will add photo when it comes.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

okay new tactic

Maybe nobody else had this problem, but apparently if you chose to open a G Mail account when Blogger changed it's preferences back in July ? and Blogger asked you to open a G Mail account ( I don't think it was stated as mandatory ) it's not then the email address you put in the box on the sign in page.

I think I am finding this to be true consistently, but I'll have to do it more than once to be sure. The ID I originally used to sign is still the sign-in ID in the ID box.

the password is now the password to the G Mail account.

So, am I crazy ? Am I alone in this difficulty ?

I used my original sign-in ID and password. Bogger then added @ ( I didn't do that ) and then rejected my original password, but instead of saying the password was wrong they said the email addy didn't exist.

I put the G Mail addy in the ID box, and it again said the same thing, no email exists in that name ( both addresses work for me as email addresses )

I erased the ID box, typed in my old ID, typed in my most recent change of password for my G Mail address, and Blogger then let me on. I am sure it's my old brain that has something wrong with it, but if anyone else is having trouble, maybe we can get to the bottom of this. ( in case someone is suffering in silence)

Friday, November 02, 2007

I'm baaaack !

I never was actually away, I got confused about how to sign on. The G Mail thing got me twisted around. Anyone else need a hand with that sign in problem email Karen or email meat

Wonderful Video, I assume we can tell others about that ?

I am actually lacking a sound card in my computer but I read your lips, Karen....

How to Put On a Slipcover

See my 1st You Tube video.... :)

click here

test test test

Who is receiving the info from the Slipcover Network Blog?

Friday, October 26, 2007

Sunbrella Fabric for the Recent Slipcover Project

Jo Ellen in St Louis purchased the Sunbrella fabric for her sofa slipcover from
Shasta at

It did not have much give, but was easy to sew with.

There are other fabrics out there that have the same inherent protection, but Sunbrella guarantees their product as long as you follow the guidelines.


Thursday, October 25, 2007


HI Karen

I thought I made my posting id to be Tessy OH but it is showing Cozy cottage slipcovers. How do I change this?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Job in St Louis

Recent job that I did in St Louis in September.
It was out of Sunbrella Fabric

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Whining about (lack of) pinning speed

Pinning on-site... I'm too d@mn slow!! It takes FOREVER, I HATE IT. I'm so frustrated. I feel like crying. I ended up using a weird combination today of double-on-half and single-on-whole just to get out of there, HOPING I can duplicate the single parts later.

How do Calico Corner contractors pin more than one piece a day? How do they get in and out so fast?

Also, for the first time a finished slipcover with my default zipper (to the skirt welt only, not through) DIDN'T FIT a chair with T-cushion and big puffy back! Very embarrassing, folded it up and promised to make it all better.

Did I mention I feel like crying?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

another credit to Cozy Cottage

the winner of the slipcover network design contest, apparently there's a photo of the winning entry in Window Fashions magazine. Sorry I don't know which issue, can anyone add to this information ? Thanks !

Friday, August 24, 2007

Members of the Slipcover Network

As you can imagine managing this site does take time, and effort. It simply can't run on its own. The Slipcover Network serves many purposes for many people.

  • The Slipcover Professionals
  • Home Fashion Workrooms
  • Designers and Decorators
  • Potential Customers looking for someone to make them Slipcovers for their furniture
  • DIY for how to sew their own Slipcover
  • Instructors Teaching Slipcovers in their area of the country

The only way we can keep the Slipcover Network running is with your financial support.

Thank you in advance for your Support!

Copy and print the information below and mail to:
Slipcover Network 1101 Ave D Suite 102 PMB 128 , Snohomish, Wa 98290

___ I would like to be a Member of the Slipcover Network plus be listed on the Slipcover Directory, receive the Slipcover Press, 10% discount to Online Classes,10% discount to the Slipcover Summit, Slipcover Network Blog (our online forum), Mentorship Program (being planned), Certification Program (being planned).
Cost $45 yr.. Click here to do this online with a credit card.

___ I would like to receive "Slipcover Network Quarterly Update" via E Publication;10% discount to Online Classes, Slipcover Network Blog (our online forum), Mentorship Program (being planned), Certification Program (being planned).
Cost $25 yr. Click here to do this online with a credit card.

___ I would like to have my business as a Vendor on the LINKS PAGE of the Slipcover Network Website (cost $50 yearly).Click here to do this online with a credit card

___ I would like to advertise my business as an Adversting Vendor in the Slipcover Press Quarterly and be listed on the LINKS PAGE of the Slipcover Network Website (Cost is $125 yr). Click here to do this online with a credit card

Name of Business___________________________________________________________
Contact Person_____________________________________________________________
Business Phone______________________________________________________________
Email address______________________ Website address___________________________
Business address_______________________________________ City__________________
State__________________ Zip code__________ How many years slipcovering?________
Dreams for future in Slipcovers?_________________________________________________
Payment total_______________ Check _______________Credit card _______________
CC #________________________________________Exp ____________________
Send photos of your slipcover work, possibly your business, could be our Feature business of the Month

Linda's Chair Took 2nd Place

Linda's entry was a puzzle to start with....

A recliner to cover, and all she saw prior to the job was a small swatch of fabric.

It was amazing how she tackled this project.

Thanks Linda for entering the contest.

1 Week to Submit Class Proposals for Slipcover Summit 2008

Good afternoon

Thank you to all who have submitted class proposals so far. They will be put into the loop for voting by the Slipcover Summit Committee. For your information we try to include a mix of classes at the Summit including at least 2 Methods, plus the day before class Training the Teacher.

We are still seeking Workshop Proposals for the Slipcover Summit 2008 which will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana June 25-27, 2008.

As is our tradition we seek ideas, and recommendations for workshop ideas from those who have attended past Summits.

Proposal should be sent to in an outline form to include

Name of workshop
Length 3hr or Full Day
Specific subject matter to be covered
Ideal number to participate in the workshop
Instructor recommendation

All proposals and suggestions need to be received by August 31, 2007

Thanks so much
Karen Erickson

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Proposals Now Being Accepted for Slipcover Summit 2008

Good morning...

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Summer.

We are currently seeking Workshop Proposals for the Slipcover Summit 2008 which will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana June 25-27, 2008.

As is our tradition we seek ideas, and recommendations for workshop ideas from those who have attended past Summits.

Proposal should be sent to in an outline form to include

Name of workshop
Length 3hr or Full Day
Specific subject matter to be covered
Ideal number to participate in the workshop
Instructor recommendation

All suggestions need to be received by August 31, 2007

Thanks so much
Karen Erickson

Friday, July 27, 2007

Slow business

Is it the humidity? *pant* Cushion/slipcover orders are at an all-time low. I do, however, have orders for FIVE costumes (!). All ASAP, naturally.

How's everyone else doing? Swamped to the point of asphyxiation? Watching the grass grow?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Woo-Hoo!!! Posted... TWICE!!

Mere mortals may bow before me! - oh wait... everyone else already figured this out?

Never mind.

Just checking

Hey there, slipcover fans! Finally figured out how to use the [new] system (brain... slow... need... chocolate...).

It won't be a fluke if I manage to post TWICE - stay tuned.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

1st Place Winner of the Slipcover Design Contest 2007

Click on her website to see the black and white slipcover with bows and monograms.

Congratulations Tessy..... :)

Cozy Cottage

Parma, Ohio 44134

1st Prize in each category will receive:

Full admittance plus all supplies for classes to the Slipcover Summit in 2008 ($350 value)

1 yr Directory listing and Slipcover Press (full Membership with the Slipcover Network $45 value)

Photo of award winning slipcover will be showcased in publications of the Slipcover Summit and Slipcover Network, plus choice placement on the 2008 Slipcover Calendar.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Sewing Cushions FAST

Laurie and Heather having fun sewing cushions FAST!


YES we learned about Serging with Domestic as well as Commerical Sergers....

Summit 2007

Cutting continuous bias to make welt cord for a slipcover.

Bernices Family preparing our daily lunch.

Slipcover Summit 2007

Angie teaching Made to Measure Class

Angie and Francine at Teachers Training

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

1st Day at the Slipcover Summit

Hey all

We have just finished up our first day at the Slipcover Summit in Boston.

I was hoping to post some photos, but am too tired.

We had 30 attend today ...

Bernice taught Pin Fitting all day.

Claudia did a business class and Angie taught High End..

Wow what a day.

Lunch was produced by Bernice's sisters and mother.

Hope to post photos tomorrow...


ps... wish you all were here with us.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

welcoming new summit attendees

and wishing I was able to attend.

As you may not know, I am recovering from recent surgery and unable to travel or sit up for such an event at this time.

I wish everyone the best fun and the most creative time you can have, and I hope to hear from those who attend so I can get the details. for the reports people, don't leave me out !

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ad for slipcovers

Am I being picky or what? But why is there an ad on this blog for ready-made slipcovers?


Friday, May 11, 2007

Velcro under the arms of dining chairs.

So I have a little crisis. I'm slipcovering a dining room arm chair in black and gold chenille. The fabric and hem trim are so gaudy that I decided that velcro would be better than decorative buttons or ties. The problem is that I can't get the velcro to stay gripped tight enough that it doesn't show. I corded the OB seam (which I would have done anyhow) thinking the cord would hide the velcro. It doesn't. You can see almost 1/4" of velcro fuzz that is not sticking tightly to the hooks as it tears itself open.

I've done the same type of slipcover in cotton before (and different velcro) and I didn't perceive a problem, though it might be the difference in tolerating the velcro on cotton, but not on fancy fabric.

Button holes in chenille might not work. Snaps are a possiblity (though time consuming.)

Any other suggestions?


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Slipcover Summit 2007

Counting down...

Are you registered Yet?

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Slipcover Summit Count Down Only 9 Weeks

Only 9 weeks until the Slipcover Summit...

Have you made your
  • Room Reservation?
  • Registered for Your Classes?
  • Made Travel Arrangements?
Classes are booking up quickly.

Looking forward in seeing you soon..............

Monday, January 29, 2007

Slipcover Design and Workmanship Contest

This is your opportunity to show off how creative you can be, as well as those quality workmanship talents to peers in the industry and potential customers alike.

Votes will be cast by ballot for the:

Best Designed Slipcover
Best Quality Workmanship

All voting will be done during the 2007 Slipcover Summit in Waltham, Ma. June 27-29.
Entries must be post marked no later than June 1, 2007 to be eligible for the contest.

1st Prize in each category will receive:
Full admittance plus all supplies for classes to the Slipcover Summit in 2008 ($350 value)
1 yrs Directory listing and Slipcover Press (full Membership with the Slipcover Network $45 value)
Photo of award winning slipcover to be used in all advertising regarding the Slipcover Summit and Slipcover Network, plus choice placement on the 2008 Slipcover Calendar.

2nd Prize in each category will receive:
1 yrs Directory listing and Slipcover Press (full Membership with the Slipcover Network $45 value)
Gift Certificate Value from Slipcover America ($45 value) Choose from Books, DVDs or Supplies in relations to the Sewing Fabrication Industry
Photo of award winning slipcover to be used in all advertising regarding the Slipcover Summit and Slipcover Network, plus choice placement on the 2008 Slipcover Calendar.

3rd Prize in each category will receive:
Gift Certificate from Slipcover America ($45 value) Choose from Books, DVDs or Supplies.
Photo of award winning slipcover to be used in all advertising regarding the Slipcover Summit and Slipcover Network, plus placement on the 2008 Slipcover Calendar.

Slipcover Design Entry must submit:
1) Quality 8x10 photos shot from 4 sides,
2) Plus high lighting special design features of the slipcover in a close up photo.
3) Brief description of how any special design features were accomplished should be included in the entry.
Photo will only be returned if a self addressed envelop is included with submission.

Slipcover Workmanship Entry must submit:
1) Quality 8x10 photo of the slipcover on the furniture shot from 2 directions,
2) A brief description of the slipcover,
3) And the actual slipcover to be judged for workmanship.
Photo and slipcover will be returned with the correct return postage included.

Contest Entry
___ Design
___ Workmanship




Zip code_______________




Mail to: Slipcover Network
1101 Ave D C102 PMB 128
Snohomish, Wa. 98290

Questions about the contest

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

off topic, couldn't resist

having an open house to exhibit these machine at my house Feb 3. RSVP McLean Va 22101 if you map quest, to give you rough idea.

here's a video of one in action:

Monday, January 15, 2007

It Cold Outside...

How is everyone else doing out there????


Saturday, January 13, 2007

Clean up Toxic Dry Cleaners

Clean Up Toxic Dry Cleaners

Over 11,000 Americans Tell EPA to Clean Up Toxic Dry Cleaners

Cleaner, safer alternatives available,
but EPA refuses ban of cancer-causing solvent

Washington, D.C. -- Over 11,000 Americans have petitioned EPA to adopt stronger protections from toxic chemicals released by dry cleaners nationwide. Environmental groups, pollution experts and dry cleaners themselves agree that a phase out of the harmful chemical perchloroethylene (PCE, or perc), a solvent used primarily by the dry cleaning industry, is feasible and vital to reducing serious health and environmental threats.

The wave of comments were lodged to protest EPA's proposed decision to leave millions of Americans at risk from toxic perc emissions. More than 27,000 dry cleaners across the country still use old machines that clean clothes with PCE. Although some cleaners have successfully switched to non-toxic alternatives like wet cleaning, EPA in a proposed rule issued last December refused to consider a phase out of PCE machines. The agency has classified PCE as a probable cancer-causing chemical that has been linked to liver, kidney and central nervous system damage. Over half of federally identified Superfund sites are contaminated with PCE.

"PCE can be phased out and replaced with machines that work as effectively and do not pose the serious health and environmental threat," said Jane Williams, a national leader and air toxics expert for the Sierra Club. "EPA is ignoring these possibilities and the evidence that shows alternatives exist and actually work. There are so many dry cleaners in so many towns that EPA should be making a phase out of PCE a top priority."

Because PCE dry cleaners are located throughout neighborhoods in virtually every city and town in America, millions of Americans are exposed to their toxic emissions. In many cities, dry cleaners operate in the same buildings where peoples' homes, schools, and day care centers are located. People are exposed to PCE through breathing emissions from dry cleaners and also through breathing emissions that are released over time from the clothes that are cleaned at dry cleaners.

Although EPA has acknowledged that the health risks from PCE dry cleaners are extremely high, the agency's recently proposed regulations do almost nothing to address these risks. In particular, EPA failed even to consider a phase out of PCE use that would reduce the health risks to zero. Remarkably, EPA reached this conclusion even after acknowledging that PCE-free alternatives would be cost effective. During the rulemaking process, EPA met repeatedly with representatives of the companies that sell PCE, but made no effort to contact affected communities to learn their concerns.

In California, the South Coast Air Quality Management District approved a phase out in 2003 of PCE that will eliminate PCE dry cleaners in the southern California region by 2020. As old machines break down and need replacing, dry cleaners are purchasing newer, cleaner machines running on less toxic solvents. EPA does not explain anywhere in its rule why Americans in the rest of the country should be deprived of the protections that such a ban will provide.

Wet cleaning machines use water and other nontoxic detergents when cleaning clothes. Carbon dioxide cleaners actually use captured CO2 to clean clothing and certain materials.

Peter Sinsheimer, director of the Pollution Prevention Center for the Urban and Environmental Policy Institute at Occidental College said, "Our research has shown that perc dry cleaners can successfully switch to non-toxic technologies."

Some dry cleaners have successfully switched to non-PCE machines. Frank Shaghafi, the owner of Blue Sky Cleaners in California, now operates only wet cleaning machines and machines that use captured carbon dioxide. "My employees feel better, our clothes are coming out just as clean and we know that we are not putting this toxic chemical into the environment," Shaghafi said. "We've received interest from other dry cleaners and are receiving clothes from all over the world to clean with these machines. Small businesses such as dry cleaners can protect the environment and can do so without any major economic burdens."

How Dry Cleaning Works

What's the Problem with PERC?

Alternatives to PERC

New Types of Dry Cleaning

Friday, January 12, 2007

7th Annual Slipcover Summit 2007

Wednesday June 27 through Friday June 29.

This is the only event of its type in North America
totally devoted to the art and profession of slipcovers for furniture.

Each year the Slipcover Summit is held in a different region
of the country, affording the opportunity of furthering
education to those who have difficulty traveling to one
specific area of the country.

Designers, decorators and those with sewing workrooms have
the opportunity to learn from seven instructors who are actively
involved in slipcovering furniture in their own businesses. All
instructors volunteer to teach at the Summit in a particular
slipcover method, technique or expertise.

Limits are set on the size of each workshop. This give each participant
the opportunity to experience hands-on and to be up close to view the
demonstrations in each workshop.

Scholarship are available to those who have never attended a
Slipcover Summit. If you are interested in an application for a
Scholarship please send email to Angie Knowles at

More information on workshops, instructors, and how to register, visit or call 800-267-4958. A PDF file is available for printing on the website.

Sleep on Stinging Nettles


Sleeping on Stinging Nettles: the Next Bamboo?

by Christine Lepisto, Berlin on 12.31.06

The technique for producing fine cloth and sailcloth from stinging nettles has existed for centuries. Heinrich Kranz is reviving the art for the modern age. Encouraged by a customer to pursue the idea, Kranz founded the firm Stoffkontor Kranz AG, and got rights from the University of Hamburg to grow an oversize version of the common weed. The fiber Kranz produces is a legitimate alternative to cotton, with the advantage that is grows like...well, a weed, without the need for pesticides used in the cotton industry--currently accounting for 24% of the global insecticide usage according to WWF.

Kranz is growing the three meter (nine feet) tall nettles on 160 hectares (400 acres) near Luechow, Germany. Plants grow without the use of pesticides and with only occasional application of fertilizer. Each 10 to 15 years, the plants must be replaced. Once per year the nestles are mowed and dried. The fibers within the nettles are separated in Kranz's own mechanical process and then cleaned with a patented bio-process relying on enzymes. The fibers are then woven, also on site, for the production of fabric, bedding, shirts and jeans.

Currently Stoffkontor Kranz occupies 17 employees and has sales of 1.8 million Euro (2.3 million dollars). Kranz's products are now sold through over 1500 shops and over the internet at Nettleworld (German only). His is the only industrial scale production of nettle fabrics.

Kranz is convinced of the potential to compete with cotton. He calculates that when his operations can be expanded to 10,000 hectares, the nettle fabric made in Germany will be cost-competitive with Indian cotton, while offering substantial ecological advantages. A closer review of the webshop at Stoffkontor Kranz reveals that most of the fabrics are nettle/cotton blends, with nettle fibers composing only 5 - 43% of the fabric. One hopes the techniques being used at Kranz lend themselves to fabrics that are majority nettle, and the current low nettle contents reflect marketing strategy rather than technical limitations.

For his efforts and successes, Heinrich Kranz was awarded a special recognition in the Eco-Manager of the Year competition sponsored by WWF's German branch. Congratulations, Herr Kranz, we hope to see your ideas spread widely.

Via ::WWF Eco-manager of the Year Germany (German only)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

give away to good home.

100 yards washed, bleached canvas. Has not yet been pressed. Challenging to work with, but sells itself for those who want white utility washable covers.

It is now more than I can do to carry, lift, sew this stuff, gotta save my body for another 20 years sewing.

I'd prefer this didn't wind up in the land fill, it served me well, was well loved by customers. IT's just too hard for me to do now.