Monday, April 14, 2008

12 Weeks until the Slipcover Summit

12 Weeks until the Slipcover Summit (click here)

It's time to
  • pick your classes
  • make your reservation to the hotel
  • plan your trip

Amy Walker NEEDs our Help with Fabric

I have a customer who wants microfiber for a couch. I have not sewn with microfiber before. What do I need to know and where do I get it?

Also, where are you getting your welt cord?

And, after coming to the sewing retreat I signed up with a few fabric companies but have yet to find anyone with cotton,linen or blends home decor weight fabrics.
I seem to have a lot of customers who want natural fibers. I want some simple and retro/modern type stuff. Does anybody work with these?

Thanks, Amy