Monday, July 31, 2006

PictureTrail issue - check your account!

I don't have a PictureTrail account, but I know many people here do. This was just posted by Susan Kostelecky, owner of SK Designs, at CHF. If you didn't read it there, here it is:

I just checked my picturetrail account and noticed that on the home page Picturetrail has added a heading at the top near your avatar that says "Visit my home Page". When you visit it, it lists several categories "My friends", etc. and they have added "Michael" to the friends page, and he is listed as an employee for Picturetrail and can answer your issues. However, when you click on Michael, it lists HIS friends and some are links to etc. I think it looks very unprofessional and wanted to give everyone a heads up in case you want to delete "Michael" from your page (I did). It appears they did this in the past week, and I was reveling in the wonderful WT 104 class at the school, so just noticed it today.

Just wanted to pass it on so you could change it if you would like.

I checked a few accounts of people I know and... yes, "Michael" is there.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

rough poll

not that anyone can tell me specifics, but when did the slow down begin ? What month ? Is it in line for what you'd expect seasonally, or how much more off % is it ?

Are requests changing ?

Are you in an area where advertising by slipcover selling retailers is becoming more visable ? Becoming aggressive, or just not appearing anymore ( like they gave up ).

Personally, I see strategies changing, and everyone is secretive about how slow it is.

I got a email from Libya from a regular customer so I know I have stuff in the tube heading my way, otherwise it sure it mysteriously slow ( maybe not so mysterious ).

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

not quite a slipcover

another hectic day, Maria and I repacked 65 pounds of feather in my LR...

and did this as an afterthought....

getting the house ready for March for the mousekslipcoverers... slipcoverteers... mouseketeerslipcovererers... slipmouses... ( that one don't work )

we reshuffled all the feathers in my sofas to restyle the cushions. Pic's later on that...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Slipcover Workshop on Flowing Lake in Washington


I took Karen’s “Slipcover like a Pro” 2 Day Intensive class this past weekend. Wow, what a great class! I have been making slips for about 3 years, and originally took a slipcover class from Karen about 6 years ago. But I had forgotten so many of her tips and tricks. I really enjoyed myself and learned a ton information to make my job easier.

The class was held on the deck of her lake house. Sun, water, birds, children playing – it was like going on a sewing vacation.


Friday, July 14, 2006

McLean delivered

part of the series on washing and sizing math. Still working on the red and yellow ones. Will write comparison contrast when complete.

Turtle slipcovers

Just had to share this job. The designers sent me the front pic.

But when I arrived this is what I saw! Good thing the client
and I had planned to talk. She did not want the slipcover
to follow the sofa curves.

Here is how it turned out... Yeppie

Now I am waiting to be paid by the designer.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Slipcover Summit Cookbook

I will take on the Cook Book if its OK!

Cathy will write and edit and put it together in a online form and paper form.

Gretta and Wilma will test the recipes!

So the sooner we get recipes the sooner we can start.

I would like to get it out by October so we could sell them for Xmas Gifts plus a great memento of your trip to AZ or any of the past Summits.

You can mail you favorite recipe's to Claudia Buchanan, 7755 W Ludlow Dr, Peoria AZ 85381 or email them to me

Please send photos of any restaurant or eating. Lets make this FUN!


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Class proposals for OTHER people to teach (not me...)


Different approaches for different methods... PLEASE!!!

2. Mary Ann Quinn's Method

Since she's coming (from NH), she might be persuaded to teach her method, which is an interesting variation on patterning using Cushion-Eze. Or maybe not, since she's never actally taught it (she developed it and uses it exclusively - her work is very nice). Is there interest out there?

I was inspired as well

and came home with a new eagerness to hit the sewing pile and neglect the yarn ( instead of the other way around ).

I did figure out how to overlock from double on just move the pins back out of your way.....

I steal ideas from you guys all the time, when you aren't watching me....

Inspiration from the summit

Ta-da. Yes, it is easy to post a photo.

Inspiration from the summit

I just wanted to let Shirley, Karen, Angie, and Susan know some of the ways they have inspired me since coming back from the summit. (Of course, EVERYONE was an inspiration in some way!!)

Shirley, I just did a wing chair in a sort of toile in double on half and thought of you as I cut and sewed it ( I had to take it apart to serge, so I didn't sew the whole thing in under an hour.) Even with pretty consiencious pattern matching, I got the thing done in a minimum amount of MY time (not yours yet.)

Karen, I've forced myself to take the time to plan my photos of my work. It helps!

Angie, I just bought a (new) $40 parsons chair on sale from Hancock that I can play with amd cover from measurements. Also, I picked up a second hand copy of "The Art of Manipulating Fabric by Colette Wolff as you suggested and have been drooling over the 3-d potential that she explores in the book.

Susan--I actually took time and finished my embellished footstool.

Thanks all! (I'll try to figure out the post photo thing.)


Monday, July 10, 2006


Hi all...

I have been busy with sewing more slipcovers after the Summit. Here is a little job I finished with a side chair. Simple cover like one would make for outdoor furnitue. If the customer would have paid more I could have made an undergarment and it would have had an even better fit.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

New scissors at 2006 Summit

Does anyone remember those lovely new-fangled scissors that were passed around at the Summit? Wolff, maybe? From their Kai line (possibly)? I remember being told they retail around $50.

Please help me find them - I think I'm in love!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

New Series

washing math and methods. I have a great job to use as an example.

Two jobs, but it makes for a nice comparison contrast.

I am making four slipcovers, two each color, all the same loveseat. Using two colorways of the same fabric, Calico's Cabana. At the same time I am using a washed canvas ( Calico's as well ) that came washed, and I am rewashing.

The series will be at the picture trail link and explained on the slipcover forum at CHFIndustries ( I never remember if that's plural or not ).

The main points to be brought out is shrinkage rate and how you tinker with the new elastic fabric ( once washed ) to make a tight fit.