Wednesday, December 20, 2006

let's see how long this lasts

click on the title to see my addition to wikipedia. If the last paragrapgh refers to us, they let it ride.

anyone recognize who wrote the first part ?

Friday, December 15, 2006

losing my mind in silly ways

I'll post a picture once I make a mock up, I let the customer take the thing, I realized I can't explain it without.

I had forgotten you cannot put a cushion zipper on a DR chair pad all the way into and to the far side of the spoke cut out.

well, you can but then you lose your surface for the velcro tab to attach. I could get one tab almost the full width of the box ( 2" ) on the butt end of the zipper side of the cut out, then the zipper prevented me from applying the velcro mate.

Already did all four cushions complete up to that point, lost in a fog with no plan.

I made double fold ties preparing to tie the whole thing instead when an idea hit me.

This is why I need a picture: I folded the tie in half and made a flat point at the center, and stitched that triangle down. I sewed velcro mate to that end and also to some of the doubled tie, to make a one inch square portion of hook tape.

at the ironing board I then bent each paralel ( sp )raw end symetrically to point in opposite directions, to make a 90 degree turn to sew into each side of zipper seam where it met the cushion top and bottom.

what this made is a velcro flap that was solid at the hook site, yet split, so I could get almost full use of the zipper I had already installed.

I'll make one and take a picture of it, before I forget myself...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

there are more changes than I first realized

one, I had to sign in now, first, before seeing my usual and specific Blogger choices, that's top right on your new page once hitting I Power Blogger Icon at bottom left of THIS page.

what the first page now is after hitting I Power Blogger is the offering to read the latest BLog entered anywhere in Blogger Universe.

and, Karen, the links are gone ? Intentionally ?

Monday, December 04, 2006

The Slipcover Network Forum

The Slipcover Network Forum

New look....

How's this????


new picturetrail album for all of us..

for the posting and sharing of found slipcovers, slipcovers that can be a benefit to others.

they are to be bloopers, with opinions given as to how the blooper occurred. Be kind, be objective and instructive, and be annonymous with the source. Thanks....

you may access and upload, by using slipcoveroops, spell that as I have. That's the account name, user name, and password.

the password will always remain, only slipcover professionals will have access.

as soon as the free account is full, I will take it from there.

Monday, November 13, 2006

The Slipcover Network Forum

Changes to the blog....

Things are moving and I have not control to what is happening.

I cannot access the comments at this time...



Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Slipcover 1 Day Dining Room Chair Workshop

Hi all.

We just recently had a Dining Room Chairs Workshop here in Washington in Sheila's workroom... Wanted to share Sheila's project.

We used DIY Method for our chairs of this type. Did a quick cut on half pattern.

Here's the back of Sheila's chair. Don't you just love it?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

selling off the last of my canvas

you need not consider the ebay price the last word, and I will even make up your item for you if you prefer. This may not be the last available, it's just the last I have the energy to invest in.

Friday, September 22, 2006

getting on

simple instructions, just click on stuff until you get there. CLICK ONCE. Blogger is slow for me , and I have cable. I can imagine how slow it might be with dial up.

scroll down and search last item on right, an I power blogger icon, click and wait for dashboard.

if slipcovernetwork is not on your list on the left, fill those words into the search box on your right, click ONCE and wait.....

creating a new post

gee I'd love some company here so we ARE going to figure this out !

first, I know you know this, but I will say it 'cuz I can't see your screen, there's probably no harm in pushing buttons. The worst that can happen is you click too many times before blogger reacts. Know this, it's slow. Click once and wait.

My dashboard has slipcover network offered as an option to click on. If you have frequented any blog that already taken option should pop onto your list. Should, in theory, but as every site has, there are redundant ways to get there.

I see a search box on my right on my dashboard page, and that box I have used by typing in slipcover network.

But first, find the dashboard. Scroll down and look right, past the log of all post titles, and see a little rectangle in orange that says I power blogger. Click on it.

If in the end these suggestions don't leap out at you on your dashboard, click something. Usually options are harmless, but wait for blogger to catch up with you. Click once only. I have cable and blogger is slow. I can't imagine how slow bogger might be with dial up.

new picture series to come

will be on the picture trail, not yet begun.

I have a request from an importer of Thai silk to make a slipcover from her own goods. It is heavy silk, non irridescent and perfect for fusing to a stabilizer. This is a prelude to her marketting her silks as home decor and recommending me to do that.

She is willing to allow me plenty of scrap in the same type goods to experiment with fusable products out there and I will review them one by one.

The challenge is to make more secure the few stressed seams that wouldn't hold up to use without taking away from the appearance of the silk.

I am happy to have a non irridescent to do this with, so that my lack of skill in applying this fusable does not make for a hopeless cause. I might add, a lack of patience and considerable fear as well. I have not fused well or patiently in the past.

I pick up the chair tomorrow, so then I will see what's the ingredients, and will start the picture stream at

Saturday, September 09, 2006


on the right hand lower side of the dashboard there's a blog search box, type in slipcover network and click. Your Cookies should kick in and supply the filled in blue name on the left if you keep using the same computer.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

before and after

embassy five album has only before and after.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

figured out how to remove the picture...

just go to edit, save to draft, go back to the menu and it will sow you delete. I didn't ever find a rotate picture option or a remove picture option. Just info, maybe I am looking in the wrong place ?

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Slipcover Network Forum

The Slipcover Network Forum

Regarding my post of a minute ago---now my one of yesterday shows up! Go figure!

The Slipcover Network Forum

The Slipcover Network Forum

Very strange:I tried responding to a post of Shirleys and post got lost. I reposted as a new post and it never showed up. And yes, I did "Publish Post" and type in the "letters".

I see that there have been no new topics since Aug. 12. Is something not working.

at 52

I think I know something I can't explain to anyone any younger than that. When I think something I am doing isn't working, I don't need to tinker with it right away. What's happening could be temporary, it could be made worse by my reaction to it.

Business is patchy around here. I finally have some, they threw the big money at me I asked for and they want it yesterday. I am going to try not to remember I promised myself I wouldn't be hurried beyond what's comfortable for me because I resent the pattern of being told to hurry.

I can see some worried faces and they aren't trying to make me feel like they could take the work somewhere else if I didn't hurry, they need the work done so they can get paid.

I have been promising myself that at my age I would set a certain pace and no one could make me feel they can replace me with a younger person. I can see my plan was nice for me to plan but that it won't work, I'll always have to accomodate the wishes or needs of the people holding the work and the check, and I must spend more time working for maybe less than the " plan".

At least untill the designers feel confident again that money is around the corner, and untill they do, they need support. Do I want to bend ( literally and figuratively) I want to hurry ? BIG no. I do want constancy, and I will have to give more prompt service now than I had to before to keep the incoming stream even.

Friday, August 25, 2006

The Slipcover Network Forum

The Slipcover Network Forum

I tried to respond with the following to a July 30 post of Shirleys and "the blog ate it!" It was regarding the slow season:

Well, the reason I have a minute to check the blog----

I have work for after Labor Day and I'm going to go visit my parents in a few days so I didn't want to be over-booked for the next few days. Well, I'm not!! It's the first time in about 6 years that I have nothing to do (except paperwork). (I've even completed my "fit in when I can" projects.) I think the problem is due to 1)I'm working faster 2) I'm spending less time on things like planning the next summit and other things in my life like that) But the other reality is that my 6 month wait list is now 2 months. I've lost quite a bit of business by telling people that I mostly just do work for the customers that buy my fabric.

I've been comfortable in saying I reserve 1 week a month for COM but some people don't want to wait and thus go elsewhere. This was fine with me when I had a long wait list.

Also I've had 3-4 customers lately who come to me to look at fabric and I give them an estimate, and then they go buy a fabric on line or at a discount store. (These are things I would do myself, probably!) Anyhow, I can't figure out how to recoup some of the expected, but now lost profit. (Have I become greedy, or what!!!)

I've never charged extra for COM because I have never been able to figure out a nice way to explain it to the customer.

Any suggestions in helping me be less nice??


Saturday, August 12, 2006

another crazy project

it's an all wood chair that needs a very fancy solution. Several pics are now up.

Using Rowley hook strip HS200/4W screwed to underside of wood seat so that the hook faces chair perimeter and the right angled surface is wedge cut with tin snips to mold the curve.

look under Embassy chair.

I am preparing a sample for the estimate submission, there are only four chairs to do.

I must also make a set of cushions to present for estimate.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Live Slipcover Press at RSS Feed

So happy to announce we now have a live feed to the current Slipcover Press for Summer.

Just click on the RSS Feed to the Slipcover Press. Summer edition 2006

If you are not on our subscriber list, then fill out the information below that.

August all ready?

Where did the Summer go?


Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Slipcover Network Forum

The Slipcover Network Forum

Hi All,

I had a really great time at the Summit and learned so much, thanks everybody for answering all my questions.

I came back very enthusiastic to get started making slipcovers and I have a couple more questions.

I built a cutting table and am wondering how to finish the top out. Right now it is plywood, what did you put on yours?

One of the marketing ideas was to contact designers. How did you guys do this?
Phone, mail, in person? Does the designer get a discount? How much?

Same question for contacting upholsterers. If I did cushions for them, what kind of discount would I give them?

Amy, with many more questions to come.

Friday, August 04, 2006


Angie and I have talked and taught about this but this is key ( along with the intention of developing speed )..

you have to know what you want to produce, produce it regularly, and then study what makes it more profitable for you.

Someone got mad at me not very recently for suggesting there is only profit in things you produce repetitively, but let me clarify how like this selection needs to be.

you don't have to use the same method or the same fabric or the same anything you choose not to. But your core choices need to be the same as if you were applying limits to an employee.

Angie does this well because she breaks it down for herself as if she needed to explain it to three year olds. If it's not a good habit that supports production better than any other habit, then that needs to change.

The thing that finally convinces most people ( I am guessing ) is when they do have more work than they can handle, and then get sick of the hours. Then, you get down to it and streamline.

Until you have that volume, the incentive is too abstract.

In short, profit lies in speed, I'd love to get $40 for a cushion, but fact is, if the pile is big enough, I can make a profit at $8. That's where you want to aim. If you can't train yourself to be a sewer, you are never going to get to where you can roll with the punches when the work available isn't ideal.

An example of my systems is the picture trail series I did with the red/yellow sofa fabric. I used patterns drafted from measurements, and then stack sawed them.

In the beginning your systems have to use what you know at the moment. When I first started my systems were simple, I used what I knew, and treated myself like an hourly employee. I didn't answer the phone, I sewed regular hours, I set a goal, and timed myself, and took note of wasted movements, reviewed at days end and changed my systems regularly when needed.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Quickie welt insertion question

When you have welt crossing welt, do you pull the cord out at the intersection (so that there is no cord at that point, just empty welt)? I've done it both ways, but can't decide which looks better. I'll go with the "industry standard" - whatever it is!
Hello Everyone,

Im sorry I am so out of touch, but hopefully within the next couple months i will have my own email to keep in touch with everyone!

I had a terrific time at the convention and enjoying meeting you all!!

I have a question I would like to ask all of you. Does anyone know about how much it actually cost THEM to make a slipcover. Meaning, do you know how much time it actually takes to make a slipcover, including pinning, sewing, utilities, materials (excluding fabric), and travel?

For a 1 cushion chair, 2 cushion love seat, and a 3 cushion sofa?I am having difficulty re-evaluating my price list, and this would help me generate my new prices. Any help or guidance you could provide me will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot! Sheila Benner

Monday, July 31, 2006

PictureTrail issue - check your account!

I don't have a PictureTrail account, but I know many people here do. This was just posted by Susan Kostelecky, owner of SK Designs, at CHF. If you didn't read it there, here it is:

I just checked my picturetrail account and noticed that on the home page Picturetrail has added a heading at the top near your avatar that says "Visit my home Page". When you visit it, it lists several categories "My friends", etc. and they have added "Michael" to the friends page, and he is listed as an employee for Picturetrail and can answer your issues. However, when you click on Michael, it lists HIS friends and some are links to etc. I think it looks very unprofessional and wanted to give everyone a heads up in case you want to delete "Michael" from your page (I did). It appears they did this in the past week, and I was reveling in the wonderful WT 104 class at the school, so just noticed it today.

Just wanted to pass it on so you could change it if you would like.

I checked a few accounts of people I know and... yes, "Michael" is there.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

rough poll

not that anyone can tell me specifics, but when did the slow down begin ? What month ? Is it in line for what you'd expect seasonally, or how much more off % is it ?

Are requests changing ?

Are you in an area where advertising by slipcover selling retailers is becoming more visable ? Becoming aggressive, or just not appearing anymore ( like they gave up ).

Personally, I see strategies changing, and everyone is secretive about how slow it is.

I got a email from Libya from a regular customer so I know I have stuff in the tube heading my way, otherwise it sure it mysteriously slow ( maybe not so mysterious ).

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

not quite a slipcover

another hectic day, Maria and I repacked 65 pounds of feather in my LR...

and did this as an afterthought....

getting the house ready for March for the mousekslipcoverers... slipcoverteers... mouseketeerslipcovererers... slipmouses... ( that one don't work )

we reshuffled all the feathers in my sofas to restyle the cushions. Pic's later on that...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Slipcover Workshop on Flowing Lake in Washington


I took Karen’s “Slipcover like a Pro” 2 Day Intensive class this past weekend. Wow, what a great class! I have been making slips for about 3 years, and originally took a slipcover class from Karen about 6 years ago. But I had forgotten so many of her tips and tricks. I really enjoyed myself and learned a ton information to make my job easier.

The class was held on the deck of her lake house. Sun, water, birds, children playing – it was like going on a sewing vacation.


Friday, July 14, 2006

McLean delivered

part of the series on washing and sizing math. Still working on the red and yellow ones. Will write comparison contrast when complete.

Turtle slipcovers

Just had to share this job. The designers sent me the front pic.

But when I arrived this is what I saw! Good thing the client
and I had planned to talk. She did not want the slipcover
to follow the sofa curves.

Here is how it turned out... Yeppie

Now I am waiting to be paid by the designer.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Slipcover Summit Cookbook

I will take on the Cook Book if its OK!

Cathy will write and edit and put it together in a online form and paper form.

Gretta and Wilma will test the recipes!

So the sooner we get recipes the sooner we can start.

I would like to get it out by October so we could sell them for Xmas Gifts plus a great memento of your trip to AZ or any of the past Summits.

You can mail you favorite recipe's to Claudia Buchanan, 7755 W Ludlow Dr, Peoria AZ 85381 or email them to me

Please send photos of any restaurant or eating. Lets make this FUN!


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Class proposals for OTHER people to teach (not me...)


Different approaches for different methods... PLEASE!!!

2. Mary Ann Quinn's Method

Since she's coming (from NH), she might be persuaded to teach her method, which is an interesting variation on patterning using Cushion-Eze. Or maybe not, since she's never actally taught it (she developed it and uses it exclusively - her work is very nice). Is there interest out there?

I was inspired as well

and came home with a new eagerness to hit the sewing pile and neglect the yarn ( instead of the other way around ).

I did figure out how to overlock from double on just move the pins back out of your way.....

I steal ideas from you guys all the time, when you aren't watching me....

Inspiration from the summit

Ta-da. Yes, it is easy to post a photo.

Inspiration from the summit

I just wanted to let Shirley, Karen, Angie, and Susan know some of the ways they have inspired me since coming back from the summit. (Of course, EVERYONE was an inspiration in some way!!)

Shirley, I just did a wing chair in a sort of toile in double on half and thought of you as I cut and sewed it ( I had to take it apart to serge, so I didn't sew the whole thing in under an hour.) Even with pretty consiencious pattern matching, I got the thing done in a minimum amount of MY time (not yours yet.)

Karen, I've forced myself to take the time to plan my photos of my work. It helps!

Angie, I just bought a (new) $40 parsons chair on sale from Hancock that I can play with amd cover from measurements. Also, I picked up a second hand copy of "The Art of Manipulating Fabric by Colette Wolff as you suggested and have been drooling over the 3-d potential that she explores in the book.

Susan--I actually took time and finished my embellished footstool.

Thanks all! (I'll try to figure out the post photo thing.)


Monday, July 10, 2006


Hi all...

I have been busy with sewing more slipcovers after the Summit. Here is a little job I finished with a side chair. Simple cover like one would make for outdoor furnitue. If the customer would have paid more I could have made an undergarment and it would have had an even better fit.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

New scissors at 2006 Summit

Does anyone remember those lovely new-fangled scissors that were passed around at the Summit? Wolff, maybe? From their Kai line (possibly)? I remember being told they retail around $50.

Please help me find them - I think I'm in love!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

New Series

washing math and methods. I have a great job to use as an example.

Two jobs, but it makes for a nice comparison contrast.

I am making four slipcovers, two each color, all the same loveseat. Using two colorways of the same fabric, Calico's Cabana. At the same time I am using a washed canvas ( Calico's as well ) that came washed, and I am rewashing.

The series will be at the picture trail link and explained on the slipcover forum at CHFIndustries ( I never remember if that's plural or not ).

The main points to be brought out is shrinkage rate and how you tinker with the new elastic fabric ( once washed ) to make a tight fit.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

More Slipcover Summit

Fast Box Cushions with Maureen

Of course there was eating while we studied

and coffee

Yes we were in Arizona in June, see the catus!

We learned a lot even in 100 degree heat

Slipcover Summit

Slipcovers for Headboards with Claudia

Embellishing with Susan

photos from the Summit... Next year Boston

Do other have photos from the summit to post?

Would you like a short slide show on the Summit page, flash photos for 2007....

Feedback from Summit

Dagmar ( who may attend next year ) is asking for feedback on the graphics I handed out, both the pie chart and the paper doll furniture.

Also, the pet project of the year this year will be reincarnating double on half.

I think it needs to be adapted to todays textiles, which have less elasticity, more shine, less body, or way too much bulk. All these things favor whole chair methods.

I won't succeed in making it the method of choice, it does have limits, but I think people need suggestions how to adapt this to the degree it can be.

Any suggestions, volunteers ? I make a pet project choice then talk about it for a year, I don't know that it has any impact, but it's a way of drawing the 1.5 individuals to the next summit who may have the inclination.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Slipcover Summit Cookbook

I heard at the table during dinner on Satuday night, some folks wanted to have a Slipcover Summit Cookbook and the proceeds would go towards the scholarship fund.

Is there a committee already to do this?

next year

I'd like to have us invite a man who does double on half, let him be king for a day ( or for lunch break ) so he can show us not only the technique, but the way they sell themselves.

Now that I have milked the " I am a girl and I am going to do it your way " thing for decades now, with success, I really want the girls to see where I first saw it all.

The system is remarkable, the sales pitch and the " show ". All the guys tend to do this, it's a competent, graceful, stylish (for lack of a better word ) snake oil show.

I want everyone to see what inspired me. I loved the sales pitch as much as I did the cutting, it's very much a showmanship skill. There's a reason they do it in the home, it would be pointless to take the furniture away.

Monday, June 26, 2006

The Slipcover Network Forum

The Slipcover Network Forum

Hope everyone made it home safely. What an exciting summit! I think it was the best that I've attended so far. The energy was amazing and the sharing was just unbelievable! From what I could see everyone had a great time learning and socializing. I really wish those who didn't make it could have seen it.

Hope to see you next year in Boston.


The Slipcover Network Forum

The Slipcover Network Forum

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

suggested clothing...if you are coming ( envy us if you aren't...)

be sure to bring pants big enough to allow you to crawl on the floor ! if you aren't ready to roll and laugh, get your head there now. You do know to bring a bathing suit also, correct ?

everyone bring a small stapler, preferably the kind with the dolphin nose. We have lunch time goodies in the form of furniture paperdolls to staple.

Gonna have sample packs of needed but maybe unusual notions so bring petty cash. I will have 50 yards muslin there to make patterns with.

Stuff like Perma core thread, bank pins, black chalk, Wiss 1225's.

get ready by packing stuff like childs scissors ( there's a reason ). If in the past you have printed out my fluff about methods and colors, bring that, I have a new pie chart handout.

without sounding like a mother hen, bring your best sunglasses corrective if they are( I give offa bright glare) and be sure to remind us if you have had heat related issues in the past.

I am sure we will all be comfortable, but bring what we cannot anticipate for yourself.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Slipcover Network Forum

The Slipcover Network Forum

Hi, I just told a customer I could get a Robert Allen Acct. (Figured goodgle would help me out, but no luck as their website seems to be down.) Does anyone have their phone number?


Thursday, June 08, 2006

"Slipcover Career Professional"

I just looked at the featured business, Big Improvement - the website has a seal that says Slipcover Career Professional. What's that all about?
As far as I know there is no longer a seal for certified upholsterers, and I'm not a drapery person. This intrigues me, looks classy!
By the way - I delivered a slipcover yesterday for a chaise lounge. The lady was so happy she hugged me. I love those kind of customers! (also the kind that run out to the backyard and pick a pint of raspberries for you to take home! is it the midwest, or are people that nice all over?)

Monday, June 05, 2006

anyone not yet planning

to attend the Summit, or has not yet heard about it...

I wanted to add a little personal commentary on what the Summit means to me.

Even though I began my sharing career ( not slipcovering itself, the sharing of it ) I had apprehension that I would give away my secrets, others would benefit and be gone in the dust, and there was no long term benefit to me to share.

Five years later, I can honestly say I have learned more than I ever gave away. I am more flexible in my approach, more studious in observing what I try new, and I am having more fun slipcovering today than I did when I began attending Summits.

We need new attendees, both experienced and inexperienced to help energize the creativity we all bring to the Summit. We all have something novel to share. You will certainly leave with much more than you came to give away.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Any interest in video?

I ordered Jeanelle Dech's video on her "Reverse Pin" method - this is her own, privately produced work, not a tape of a Conference class. Assuming it arrives in time, is anyone interested in watching it at the Summit? Assuming we can find a DVD player, that is.

Hmm... that's a lot of assumptions. Anyway, should I bring it? Anyone interested?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Technically, the deadline for reserving a room at the 2006 Slipcover Summit hotel WAS yesterday; HOWEVER, I just learned they WILL accept non-refundable reservations until Sunday, May 21st.

I'm reserved! I'M COMING!!! Hmm... now about those other minor details, like airfare and classes...

Dede (very, VERY excited) :)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Slipcover Network Forum:

This is just a little blog to say "Hi". I guess it is because I'd rather chat out loud than write I don't get around to this (or any) forum very much. Anyhow, I am looking forward to seeing everyone who gets to the Summit---and I'll miss all of you who don't.


Thursday, May 11, 2006

it's so quiet over here .....

I have a " new best friend " Dagmar. She took one look at me and decided this was true, so I am just repeating what she said.

It is uncanny that I meet a graphic artist interested in learning how to make slipcovers and eager to hear every one of my over~everyone's~heads verbal explanations about how my mind processes slipcovers.

It is like she looked at me and knew. Get this: she illustrates on paper exams car engine and car workings to test auto mechanics to certify them. Talk about tedious and not in ones' immediate experience.

So, Dagmar took my furniture paper dolls and is making them into, well paper dolls. We are going to have an exciting, relaxing time at the Summit, and you will be sorry you missed the party if you don't come....

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

here at Vicky's

in Smithfield Virginia taking a couple days away from my basement shackles, having coffee and girl chat. Vicky is asking if there's anyone in the Norfolk area that makes slipcovers ? A couple obvious names came to my mind, but I wondered if there are any lurkers who could come have some fun with us ? Today we are doing a double on half wing chair and measuring a four cushion loveseat. Vicky owns Sew Crazy on main street in Smithfield. E mail me at if so...

Monday, May 01, 2006

Attending the Summit

Hey Dede you are coming after all????

Just got back form Chicago, and did have my laptop with me as it died at the first of the year????

We will help all get to where they need to go. Don't worry about that.....

We will ask for arrival info etc... We have a commitee to do just that.

The big question do you have a room????? The dealine is quick approaching for that?

Friday, April 28, 2006

Schedule conflict at the 2006 Summit

WAAAAAH! I wanna' take Shirley's all-day Saturday class, but I ALSO wanna' take the Saturday afternoon headboard class.

So many choices... so little time...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

picture trail projects

the fourth in the series for the " kooky " project is on line, and yes, it's ridiculous.

the principles are sound, but it goes waaay further than you'd ever have to , you could choose just one things and make it better, you wouldn't need all the bells and whistles on this one. It was fun, that was reason in itself to do it.

again this is the underwear class at the summit, bring your questions, your cameras, yourselves.

I am making airport runs wednesday June 21, tell me if you need picking up.

picture trail projects

the fourth in the series for the " kooky " project is on line, and yes, it's ridiculous.

the principles are sound, but it goes waaay further than you'd ever have to , you could choose just one things and make it better, you wouldn't need all the bells and whictles on this one. It was fun, that was reason in itself to do it.

again this is the underwear class at the summit, bring your questions, your cameras, yourselves.

I am making airport runs wednesday June 21, tell me if you need picking up.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Cutting for later disassembly

I will post a series on this too, just to illustrate the words, which may hit the spot and may not.

The reason you'd want to disassemble a pinning may be simple curiosity ( on what planet ? ) or because you must. I'd guess that sooner or later you'd stumble on a situation where you must.

Duplicating quickly comes to mind, whether for underwear or for mulitple covers out of the decorator fabric.

I haven't really thought about it but for about five minutes, but maybe thinking longer wouldn't change my opionion......I don't know that even I could disassemble a cover that was pinned on the right side of the cloth, with the seam allowances turned inward.

So, that's to narrow down my meaning, you can have that fabric face out or face in, but the pins must face you. It doesn't matter if it's whole and single layer or half and double, as long as the pins and raw edges face you.

Obviously, the seam allowance must be even, must be enough, and ideally is cut smoothy, not with whiskers or craters. Sure, there will be pivot cuts made deeply, a given. To make smooth seams easy I use long skinny sharp pins except on curves where short pins are a must.

If you cut choppy or too small seam allwaonces, this is misinformation when you take pins out. Big seam allowances allow for big, multiple, and distinctive notches. I'd be lost without them. They should be infrequent and special as well, too many distort meaning.

Most importantly, I know where my seams usually go, and the unique shaping I give to tucks. That's four things, straight, smooth and even seams, big enough for notches, seam locations that are consistent each time so you know, and the shapings of tucks. That goes a long way to not getting lost when experimenting with taking out pins.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


the series is building, and once done, I will try to format it more logically. For now, there are two projects, one named kooky and the other named second.

there are multiple albums now for each project, none of which have passwords, that's removed.

where it gets confusing is the later albums are closer to the top, I will try to reorder those when I am done. I will try to consolidate them as well, for now, please tolerate the many separate pieces of the two series.

Picking up new skills slowly here.....

there are more steps to add, that shall be done today with any luck.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006 have removed the passwords, and completed the albums, there are three.

This is the Lining Class at the Summit, one of the topics to be covered.

This is a peculiar and not often required catagory of lining I call underwear, as it needs to be there to make the clothes look right.

It's a concept that you apply to the task at hand, whatever presents itself, I doubt yours will ever look exactly like this.

There are two examples here, kind of severe in nature. Underwear can be partial as well as full. It can be flannel or poly composite cloth, instead of the canvas or twills I used in these.

It's all about creating an effective disguise, and this is additional work you wouldn't do until you needed it, but if you need it, there may be no better answer.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

this is for all of us, not just the current members, we reach out to all..

hope to have you all join us.

Chasque el acoplamiento en el poste abajo para ver y para comprar una encuesta de precios para los slipcovers. Ayudamos a uno otro para comparar diferencias regionales, y ayudamos a entender la base de las diferencias. Consiga por favor su copia. Gracias.

Slipcover Pricing Summary

Okay kids.... here is the link to the page to order your Slipcover Pricing Summary "HOT OF THE PRESS"

Did we say thanks to Tessy, (and her hubby) and Dede we now have a new update of prices!!!!


All funds will go to the scholarship fund for the Slipcover Summit...........

Angie is still sending out and taking applications at

See my underware !

this is the idea, Alicia and I teach an underwear class at upcoming Summit.

Read before clicking: password to Kooky Project album is kooky project. Case sensitive, use small letters.

Have fun looking!

can we post a link to take people directly to the payment site ?

is that possible, or desirable ?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Survey results are in!!!!

I have e-mailed the free copy of the survey to all who participated.
We had a great response this year with 49 people responding.

Anyone interested can purchase the results from the for $10.00. All proceeds go toward the Scholarship fund for the Slipcover Summit.

Thank you again to all who participated!!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Shirley and her spring hormones...

I am crazy bored ! check this out.....

also see my picture trail for items that can be measured ( examples, but not limited to.. )

Saturday, April 08, 2006

more fun with babelfish

Recepción a nuestro Web site, los foros del Web site de la red del slipcover. Hablamos del trabajo del slipcover, precios, cómo venderse. Ensámblenos, y haga cualquier pregunta que usted pueda tener. Damos la bienvenida a learers nuevos. ¡Estamos alegres usted nos encontramos!

Click on the blue link, takes you straight to babelfish

Thursday, April 06, 2006

at this rate

I will probably still be here, yes. Gerry is in no hurry to come to any plan about how to live on less. So we are stuck living on more, no ?

Really, he is needed at his job, and though the kids are moooooooooooving away I am secretly pleased to have my life back. I have hardly had a weekend to myself in years.

So, you know my little house, and my cushy sofas, are your' s when you need them. We'll have to send Gerry somewhere again, won't we ?

I am busy preparing stuff for the Summit, and selling hobby stuff on ebay to pass my time. You all had too much fun.

The Florida International Window Coverings Show

Wow... it was one of the biggest shows, and there was excitment on the floor.

I did not get to any classes as we were pretty busy at the booth.

NEXT YEAR IS DC Shirley will you still living where you are? Angie and I were thinking we could have a slipcover sew off. Make slipcovers to fit the chairs we sit on in our booth.

We took hardly any furniture, but had photo display and lots of info. I hope to put a couple of photos up on the Slipcover Press which will be emailed out in a week or so. Watch for the new press.

Here is a link to the fashion show all make from window products...

You will love it!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Ya'll back yet?

tell us the highlights of the show ?

Friday, March 31, 2006

let me see if this works......( babelfish )

Recepción al sitio del network del slipcover! ¡Si usted tiene preguntas, pida por favor!

How do we get this to the search engines ? Karen, do you mind this idea ?

Acepte por favor una invitación de ensamblarnos en un acontecimiento de enseñanza del slipcover en el Arizona de junio el 21 de Phoenix (Peoria) a 25 2006. Damos la bienvenida a todos los entusiastas, sin importar lengua. Acomodaremos la barrera como podemos lo más mejor posible. Usted es muy agradable ensamblarnos.

I cut and paste from Babelfish, and then sent it back through Babelfish, it's close enough. If read literally it's comical, but it's close enough.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

'cuz I needed to finally pick a name:

here it is, Hybrid Muslin Method.

Hybrid Muslin Method ( to be taught at the Summit in June ) is~

a safe and stepwise way to dabble in an unfamiliar slipcover method. It's not the fast way, there's no direct dive into it, but it gives you a chance to change course. It gives you more choices, and more information, at a point where you can still back up and change your mind.

Basically, to create a pin fitted or measured muslin pattern ( half is good, if applicable ). Then, you write on that pattern what you need to know for your particular choices.

For standardization, handouts will be given to guide you. For instance, I will walk students through a leap from double on half muslin cutting to Karen's way, Janelle's way, and Alicia's way. The same set of instructions works in this case for all three.

Which means, I am explaning going from one to the next VIA the muslin. Is this clearer ? It's as if the slipcover methods are departure and arrival points, the muslin acts as the hub where you change planes. This is admittedly typical Shirley, but usually it's fun anyway, no ?

Method shopping

came up with a list of question while re~examining the pie chart with six colors.

Questions to ask yourself, when considering moving on to learn a new method:

Site, where can this be done ?

Sewing, are you sewing as part of the fitting process ? Is this a limit for you ?

How clear must your plan be in your mind before you make the first cut ?

Can you adjust to fit the whole while maintaining symmetry on both sides ?

Are you now working on fitting on the WS out, or the RS out ? Want a change ?

Are you able to postpone making that first cut, while collecting sufficient information, without incurring an additional trip ?

How grain true can you remain, and what difficulties do you enocounter currently ?

Can you avoid struggling in front of your customer ?

What results have you been pleased with and unpleased with, and what questions remain about what went right / wrong ?

finally getting around to a couple things...

one, putting on a disc, pictures of furniture, and a plan to measure those pieces of furniture, complete with daigrams of the shapes you need to cut ( and measure for ).

I have all that stored in my head, and found a graphic artist person to help me illustrate it.

Send me pictures of all the furniture you ever wanted to measure ? and you will get a copy free. Surface mail them, email me first---slipcoverlady at juno dot com .

Second, getting Brown narrowed down to a one day class. I hope everyone finds the means to come to the Summit, and gets that room reserved before the good price expires, regardless of which classes you intend to take.

If you are ready to make a muslin pattern to begin to experiment safely and quickly with methods other than the one you now use, you are ready for Brown ( hybrid ) Still doesn't have a decent name. The next name is no better but it's more descriptive. This is a hub method.

If all the various methods were 6 colors on a pie chart with six wedges, this method belongs in the middle, it's a hub, a transit point.

It's a way to bridge the knowlege you have using the muslin to get to a finished cover using a new method of choice. It is round about, and safe. It's a baby step to getting to another method while working on real goods for a real client.

This method can get you anywhere on the pie chart, it can get you to anyone's method. The class will be making the muslin, and then interpretting the muslin to be what you need to cut for your choice of next method. To quote some giddy gal over in NY, clear as mud ?

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

There was a discussion some time ago about slips for leather furniture. The feeling was that they would be difficult because customers generally prefer you not pin into the leather.

Well... how about using small (and I mean really, really small) pony clamps to temporarily hold fabric together so you can pin the seam? That way, you can avoid pinning into the leather.

Can anyone picture what I'm talking about?

Monday, March 20, 2006

The Slipcover Network Forum

The Slipcover Network Forum

Good morning... next week several of us will go to the show in Florida... Window Fashion Expo... wish you could be there with us in the Slipcover Network booth...


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Just a reminder-

Friday March 17, 2006 is the deadline for turning in surveys.

Thanks again to all who have already participated.

Contact Dede or me for a survey form.
dede at
cozy_cottage at

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Monday, February 20, 2006

We need your VOTE!

One of the members of the DraperyPro networking group has been selected by HGTV as one of five finalists in the Design Star competition. Her name is Nika Stewart, and I'd LOVE to see her win; so that's where you come in--she needs your vote! She's such a darling with such a likeable personality. We all win if she wins the opportunity to host her own HGTV show. :-)

Online voting at starts today, February 20th, and ends next Sunday, Feb. 26th. You can vote once per day.

Network Dues

I saw the hidden post about paying our annual dues--even if we don't get a hard copy of the newsletter. Like Dede said, I, too am clueless-- and forgetful. Now that I've been reminded----


Thursday, February 16, 2006

hey there !

everybody woke up ! I do want to say, for my part, the directory is very productive for me, I get many emails from it.

it's the best investment I make in placing my contact info on the web.

I find with Rowley's poly fill cord , I just have to order more than one kind, and have different feet for it. And, I don't have a fixed idea of what it has to look like. Can't beat'em, join'em.

The Slipcover Network Forum

The Slipcover Network Forum

Wow--3 posts in 1 day.

I'm about out of washable poly welt cord again. Rowley's latest sample looked better than a year ago, and may be OK, but I'm curious where other people are getting their cord from these days.


Slipcover Pricing Summary 2006

Slipcover Pricing Summary 2006

We are once again preparing the bi-annual slipcover pricing survey summary. In order to make the Slipcover Pricing Survey Summary 2006 a success we need your help.

The survey will be broken down into three divisions- East, Central and West and a total for North America.The survey should only take 10 minutes of your time.

Anyone participating in the survey will receive a FREE copy of the survey. Please contact me at for a survey form.

This is an on going service to those in the Slipcover Profession. The Slipcover has been providing since 2000.

The deadline for turning in the survey is March 17, 2006.

Those choosing not to participate in the Survey, which will produce the Summary, can purchase the results from the for $10.... All proceeds go toward the Scholarship fund for the Slipcover Summit.

Thank you,
Teresa “Tessy” Bennett
Cozy Cottage Slipcovers

Monday, February 13, 2006

couple issues

no one would think to click on a comments number of zero, but untill you do, you wouldn't realize the comments are THERE.

I made one to Dede several days ago, and the number still reads zero. We may not have any control over that, and that's fine, just click on commnets regardless.

Anyone who wants to sell any stuff on ebay slipcover related, and don't want to learn the process and open the accounts, I'd like to be your ebay buddy.

All I need is for you to send a well done photo and have your description and have had it weighed and measured to predict postage.

The fees are whatever ebay charges and a sliding scale for a % to me, never more than 10%.

Machines, zippers, fabric yardage, old slipcovers ? Never know untill you try.

I can only do this for list members, you have to be known to us. There's too many things that can go wrong....

Friday, February 10, 2006

New (for me) fabrication method

Just finished a barrel-back wing chair with an existing slipcover (totally shredded - gotta love those cats!). It featured a construction I've never seen before:

IB and deck were one continuous piece, which draped over the edge. No separate skirt; slipcover ended where upholstery ended. Well made, but obviously fabricated with speed in mind. Custom made in a local one-woman workroom.

How common is this?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Need help with Slipcover Summit

Hi all... We need help getting the info about the Slipcover Summit out to everyone. Are there any volunteers who would post the information to forums and other places? Do you belong to any other groups that sew who would like to know about the Slipcover Summit?

Monday, February 06, 2006

gonna bore everyone again

I am trying to nail down Brown. A slithering creature of the night, you can assume I dream fitfully about Brown. Why ?

' Cuz I opened my mouth too quick and volunteered to DO it, that's why. That's how I usually invent something whacky anyway.

I realize this cannot be whacky ( remember the snaps in the metal chair seat ? ), because good people are spending good money to hear me preach about it.

So, the short selling points:

any method, any method of slipcovering, none excluded, can be done in the customers home provided a good muslin pattern is done. That's without taking the furniture away. You can have prepared the muslin on an estimate visit, or the visit to show the fabrics you sell.

secondly, it's more likely you can fluidly go on to try new methods once you have the muslin pattern down pat. Why ? Because all the other methods can be preceded by and done more efficiently and safely with a muslin pattern.

Okay, so I am absolutely certain of all these promises, this is without any doubt on my part.

The trick is, how to tailor the planning so that I meet the needs of the students who sign up ?

Karen, suggest....... I hate to do anything not spectacular.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Please help me find a photo of...

Please help me find a photo of...

A slipcover with a box-pleated or inverted pleat skirt. I KNOW I've seen one around... somewhere, and I can't find it (or them). I want to do a multi-pleated skirt and am figuring out a scale that looks right for the chair.

Thanks! :)

Monday, January 30, 2006

frame to weave scraps

I don't usually ask to sell stuff here but I have a special item that needs a good home.

frames to stretch and impale scraps ( like silk ) to weave and embelish them for pillows. I have one pictured here : look in the upper left album, latest two pictures.

this is the first of thirteen frames I will list on ebay, trying to feel around for a use other than my own idea, and thinking that just one person would want them all. Sizes up to king sham size.

I had them made custom, the pins are heavy duty drapery pins cut off ( replaceable ) sunk into hardwoods and dove tailed.

It was fun, I used fuseables ( LOL ) on the back to limit sewing. Lost interest, don't have room. email and I will send listing to you.

Just email me if you have a suggestion who would use this ? Thanks so much !

Friday, January 27, 2006

Cold Water Prewash

I am a big fan of Tide's Coldwater powder detergent - I'm using it for the fabric prewash of my current job* because test samples changed color in hot water (shrinkage was identical).

With energy costs UP, I thought I'd pass this on. I use Tide Coldwater for all our family laundry, and it's just as clean as ever. Consumer Reports rated it "excellent" if I recall correctly.

*Click on title to see fabric.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Slipcover Network Forum

The Slipcover Network Forum

Our first person has registered for the Summit.

Amy Walker from Austin. She was delightful to talk with, and she wins 1 free workshop at the Summit.

Now that the kinks are ironed out on the registration page, we are ready to receive registrations.


ps... no rain right now

Slipcover Press

Did everyone get their ONLINE PRESS?

I have been having trouble with mail bouncing back. In fact 100 have bounced. Folks need to set their spam blockers so the Slipcover Press can arrive in their mail box.

Aol is not friendly to newsletters.....

Write me if you have a problem at


Saturday, January 14, 2006

Summit Trave;

I just booked my flight from Raleigh, NC to Phoenix on American Airlines. It was $210. Not tooo bad.


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Slipcover Press

Did you receive you new Slipcover Press in your email box today?

I hope so a new look with new features etc....

If you did not do check your SPAM box and let the press come your way.

If you did not receive it subscribe on the blog or go to to do this.

We need articles, photos, news and advertisers....

K in WA