Friday, January 02, 2004

I like this idea Shirley. How can we get these blurs from others???



been thinkin about how to kick the directory up another notch ( why not fantasize, somebody else would have to DO the actual work, tee hee ).

Couple things are a natural part of all good advertising, one is urgency and another something special available for a limited period of time. That would really require work on someone's part, so to get a little value out of ideas that work for longer periods of time without the need to change the site or cause Karen more heartache, anybody but me got suggestions ?

I'd like to see some jazz, just to add some sparkle, nothing flashing or irritating, just special. Likle maybe a personally written blurb ( by each business ) expresiing excitement or how they view the service they offer, maybe list specialties ? Months where sale prices are offered, ( maybe good and bad ). It would have to be even handed of course, and balanced overall. Maybe even make it effective enough in a demonstratable way to give Karen a little more revenue ( earned, of course ).

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