Wednesday, January 28, 2004

darn cold here. I haven't left the house in days. Ice dripping off the trees, on top eight inches snow.

Web site cost reasonable, if it turns out to be effective. You have to make it effective, steer people there. I asked Verizon to list my website in the phone book and they said they'd get back to me ( like nobody ever asked this before ? )

I do know that people check the phone book once they see me in the slipcovernetwork directory, maybe out of wish to see more evidence of permanance or history. Not that it's real hard evidence of that either, but it's a habit people tell me about.

Fished around the web last night, found more stuff I hadn't seen before. Lots of repeat things if you get to the 400th listing, only a few new things pop up, but you do see good efforts at making a website for an individual slipcover person get lost back there.

What's people's opinions about websites they hate or love and why ?

After I made up my outline I realized looking at others that mine is as usual very specific about facts. Other people's sites seemed more wistful, less informative. Where would you buy ? Anybody ?

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