Thursday, December 30, 2004

You are at the top of the list Dee...

I did a post the other day too, and it came up someplace else.

I guess that is just the way things land in cyberspace sometimes...


Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Test - to see WHERE this lands. Last time I posted, it landed several posts down (not on top).

Do we have a Resident Computer Genius?

Monday, December 27, 2004

You can't get anything done with the kids and hubby around? Oh is that so???

I am someone else knows more about maxi lock which is serger thread used for homesewers.... I do use it for my slipcovers and it works well in home machines. When you go to commercial machines, maxi lock will break, so one needs something stronger.

I know Claudia gets serger thread from some place, and Shirley has serger thread. I'm sure you asked them what they use...

As for group rates, get a commitment from others first before you order. Being a dealer would be nice, but not if you have to put a lot of money up front.

Thanks for thezipperlady's website .....

K with SA
As far as zippers.... did you know we have someone who is in that business?

The Zipperlady. You can find her online at

Hi All...

Best wishes to everyone.

We will start mailing out the issue of the Slipcover Press for Dec/Jan... I guess we could call it our winter edition. Make sure I have you snail mail address, if you have not been getting the Slipcover Press.

Also if you are on any other forums and folks do slipcovers, would you let them know about the Slipcover Press, please...

Wow Dee, you are something else. What do you want to know specifically about a group buy? We have done it before.

I will try to help if I can.

Karen, Re: group purchases...

So, how is it normally done? My initial guess is: I receive the order, then repackage items and mail USPS (so, purchase cost [+ S&H] + packaging material cost + postage cost = final cost per person].

I will see what's involved in becoming a distributer; otherwise, they might not give us a wholesale price (details were not clear when I last spoke with them). Give me another week to figure this out (because I am accomplishing NOTHING with husband and kids home for winter vacation...).
Happy 2005 to all of us!

I've been researching thread (construction, fiber, size) on the CHFI Slipcover Forum - I'll post everything here as soon as it's finished. Several of us have discussed a direct group purchase from American & Efird (manufacturer of PermaCore, etc.), and I'm trying to negotiate distributer pricing with them. If anyone here has ever worked out a long-distance group purchase before, please post details! We're not sure how to proceed...

I love research; I really miss my research days... *sigh*

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Karen and all, best wishes, today and all the coming year.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Yes, Shirley it could have been redirected depending on how they have set their spam mail, or junk mail setting.

I do not send mail from the slipcovernetwork site directly, nor from the slipcoveramerica site.

If someone requested a pricing summary and did not get it all they need to do is send another email and ask for one. We are happy to help out.

So, spread the word. I think we have sent out about 200 of these already to folks all over the country.

K with SA
is there any chance people who you sent list by email may have had that email and attachment redirected to their junk box by their isp ?

If this is the case, what do you reccomend ?

Monday, December 13, 2004

The Slipcover Pricelist Summary which covers North America and then broken down by several regions of the USA attained in 2 ways...

1)Email attachements is fast and easy. Can be zipped off as soon as I get business information. Send email to and for our records we need to know the following:

Name of Business
Address of Business (including, city, state and zip code)
Phone number of Business
Website or email address.
How will they use the information..

2)Hard copy costs $5 for processing and mailing. A check or credit card should be send to The Slipcover Network 8118 Skipley Rd Snohomish, Washington 98290.
We do need the same business information for are records as I have stated above.

We are so happy to share this information.
Karen with Slipcover Network
several people asked me for the price list lately, Karen, would you give instructions about how to get one ?

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Hi All...

Found a great site for Hemp fabrics. Looking into wholesale pricing.

Hope everyone is well.

Thanks! I'll probably go with natural.