Monday, August 30, 2004

Dede... Seems we never were down. If anyone has any trouble on the site let me know. I am finalizing the new Slipcover Press, a lot of work for this new quarterly publication. Hope to be done this week and start mail over the next couple of weeks.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

refresher on scissor use , try outs for double on fast victims. Philly conference , Denise and I are going. See you there, I'll be around or email me or tell the world here.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Monday, August 16, 2004

Slipcover Network may be down for a couple of days, we are changing webservers. Just to let all know what is going on.......... Hang in there. Slipcover Press will be coming out soon, but looking for a Slipcover Business to spotlight. Any ideas?
Thanks for the lesson.... Wow
Well, Shirley... I obviously need a refresher course. I'll be right there! (I wish...) :(
Dede, if you remember, you saw me do this before. You pull some cloth off the bolt, which ( for me ) lies on my left side, on the floor, flat. I have maybe two yds off the bolt. I am holding with my right hand a fold created by having flipped the free end of the cloth over itself on the remainder of the cloth.

This fold is straight, as I fold it selvage to selvage. The cloth tends not to move anywhere while I cut as the drag forces on one fabric surface hold the cloth still against the other layer of fabric.

The 1225 Wiss sheers ( for me ) are sharp enough to slide through this fold to get a very straight cut without a table, and without bending or crawling on the floor.

Trick is, it's as much pulling the cloth ( with the left hand ) as it is sliding the sheers ( with my right ) . They have to be fairly new to do this well. Once they are too dull, then those new sheers get rotated to the cutting table at home to do duty there for a while.

I have habits left over from the rush rush days. I still have the habit of not sharpening scissors. New ones cut fabric like butter and sharpened ones never will. I have bought Wolf's ( you can buy them from Karen ) and they are terrific at the machine ( for me ). The softer handle and shorter length gives my wrists a break.

The 1225's are lighter than the Wiss 20's, though, they are only right handed ( 20's are left or right designated ) and the 1225's are maybe five bucks more. I maybe buy 3 pair a year now, once they lasted barely a month.

It's true once you have trimmed over a pin, they have a permanent knick, regardless what they cost in the first place.

Once I just gobbled as much ibuprofen as it took to ignore my hurting wrists. You can only do that for a decade without hurting your stomach, and maybe less, it's a lousy strategy.

Now, I use the wrists as they allow, and buy the equipment it takes to work in that frame of non abuse. I can now even knit and quilt so evidently the equipment has been well worth the cost for me.

I have a circular standing saw ( 3" ) that I use for stack cutting, and more can be stack cut than you think. I slide scissors where I can ( not squeeze ). I ALWAYS have the botton half of the sheers I am using touch the table if I must squeeze. Never squeeze in the air. And, I have experiemented untill I found the right scissor for each task, and they have gotten smaller and more technically modern ( for the most part ).

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Shirley, *sigh* tell us more... I am drooling... Details?

Thursday, August 12, 2004

anyone near me have a drapery table long enough to make a drape 140 " long ? Stuck here.

Bought six pair #1225 sheers to get a six dollar discount on each. Will pass along to whoever uses them at cost. Makes most sense if you are near me, postage would wipe out savings.

#1225 's are best for cutting bolt goods while standing. Cut thru fold on a draped back cut. This is an essential skill for in house-cutting. Come learn. Call me 703-883-3885.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Slipcover Press online has a few photos of Baltimore that were not in the hard copy. Remember you can catch up on slipcover press reading online. If anyone would prefer to have a hard copy sent to them please let me know. You can read the Slipcover Press at All articles are in, only need to pick a business to Spotlight. Any suggestions on who to spotlight for the Fall issue?

Monday, August 09, 2004

Thank you Claudia. I should have said so, I do have a second person already. Where are you staying ? I can certainly reserve a room there too.

I for one am now sorry I was so overwhelmed at the summit that I didn't take the time to look at your fabric samples.

Iam very overwhelmed here with grandchildren issues, and tend not to seek out every fabric selling opportunity I have. I could certainly sell more fabric. More importantly, I can stop losing sales because I try to sell them white and they don't want white. At present, I only carry white.

Would you email me privately ( or share here ) whether a purchaseable sample set is available from you, with or without binding, so that I may have these when these chances arrise ?

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Shirley, we will be flying in on Wed and will be staying untill Monday. If you need a room let me know. We are sharing rooms but they could bring in a hideabed. Your welcome to stay with the group from AZ.
Claudia ,

Friday, August 06, 2004

Been here buried, not too much to say that's exciting. Tons of work, of the same old same old variety.

Have to plan to insert some excitement into this steam of monotony. Not to promote the event, but to say I would love to see somebody, anyone I know sept 28 ? Right date ? The friday night before the saturday which is the open floor of vendors in Philly. I will room with someone ? I only intend to drive up friday previous, and spend the day.

Can I bring anyone with me from the D.C.area ?

Thursday, August 05, 2004

So far have had a good response to those wanting the new pricing survey. Thank Shirley I know everyone can us this. Who else on this forum would like an email copy. Do let me know.