Sunday, November 25, 2007

Z-Tex "Timeless Twill"

I just received some new samples from Z-Tex - I requested everything they have that's "8 oz. and heavier." Timeless Twill wasn't among them. Has it been discontinued? Or was it lighter than 8 oz.? Can't remember, but I'm thinking of asking for some lighter samples.

Has anyone ever used 7 oz. fabric?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Suggestions AnyOne?

I am about to embark on six dining room chairs.175 year old dining room chairs I should say.

Of the six chairs, there are NONE the same size! They are all the same shape but they vary in height and width, any where from half inch to one and half inch from the shortest to the tallest.

Two of them (we can put the two that are the tallest and the closest in height together side by side) will be the first thing you see when you walk in the front door and look into the dining room.

How would you do that?

In my mind, I think I should just make all the backs, seats and apron the same and the skirts will be where me make up for the different heights.

Making sure they are all X amount of inches from the floor. Is that right, or am I way off?

I attached pictures of the style the custom wants and the actual chair.

Barbie Morgan SheffieldSheffield's Custom Slips
The Art of Flexible Decor

About Welt Cord

In your DVD, "So you want to make a slip cover", (1 of 3 that I bought awhile which was very much worth the cost), you say that you use 'cellulose' cord to make your welt cord.

You said this doesn't shrink like cotton will when the slip cover is washed.

Is 'cellulose' cord the same as 'tissue cord'?

I have been using the tissue cord and recently heard from two sources that tissue cord is never to be washed.

Thank you for any help.

Gene Janney Fabric Elegance, LLC

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Welt cord

Who do folks buy their weltcord from?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

chomping at the bit

waiting for my new Juki 8700-7 to get delivered. Tedco is bringing it to me, lugging it down the basement steps.

They are providing a mechanic to set up the electronic panel when it's in place and give me lessons.

The electronic panel gives undertrimming and auto foot raise options along with tension and stitch lengths.

Have I seen one at all yet ? Nope !

I am getting slower at sewing, so the 5500 SPM may be overkill, but I am sick of the knee lift and clipping a million threads. Speed where I can get it, to make up for when I am not so fast.

I will add photo when it comes.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

okay new tactic

Maybe nobody else had this problem, but apparently if you chose to open a G Mail account when Blogger changed it's preferences back in July ? and Blogger asked you to open a G Mail account ( I don't think it was stated as mandatory ) it's not then the email address you put in the box on the sign in page.

I think I am finding this to be true consistently, but I'll have to do it more than once to be sure. The ID I originally used to sign is still the sign-in ID in the ID box.

the password is now the password to the G Mail account.

So, am I crazy ? Am I alone in this difficulty ?

I used my original sign-in ID and password. Bogger then added @ ( I didn't do that ) and then rejected my original password, but instead of saying the password was wrong they said the email addy didn't exist.

I put the G Mail addy in the ID box, and it again said the same thing, no email exists in that name ( both addresses work for me as email addresses )

I erased the ID box, typed in my old ID, typed in my most recent change of password for my G Mail address, and Blogger then let me on. I am sure it's my old brain that has something wrong with it, but if anyone else is having trouble, maybe we can get to the bottom of this. ( in case someone is suffering in silence)

Friday, November 02, 2007

I'm baaaack !

I never was actually away, I got confused about how to sign on. The G Mail thing got me twisted around. Anyone else need a hand with that sign in problem email Karen or email meat

Wonderful Video, I assume we can tell others about that ?

I am actually lacking a sound card in my computer but I read your lips, Karen....

How to Put On a Slipcover

See my 1st You Tube video.... :)

click here

test test test

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