Sunday, January 04, 2004

in regards to the directory and redecorating for some new excitement ( and increased effectiveness ) : I have alot to say about it. I am going to do it over a number of posts as I clarify what I think I know to be fact and think about what I feel to be fair. Confused already ?

What I think I know to be fact: my phone books ads don't bring me many original calls. Original meaning they found me there first. I have a caller I D and I always ask where people find me. I pay 15 bucks a month on phone bill extra for red ink and for them listing my email address also. I KNOW for sure the slipcovernetwork directory sends me people who buy, people who don't quibble price, people who are ready to make a decision, also, people who seem more ready to accept advice. This is an impression, all of us are to busy to ferret out the exact numbers on which is more effective, phone book or network directory.

What I think is fair: I wouldn't want to ply my ideas and my time donated to Karen to have the directory work better only for myself. Heck, the phone book pits us slipcover people one against the other to make us pay more, it just makes me want to look somewhere else to invest my money. I have ideas, granted, that do cost some money in terms of time of the person who changes the website.

I will volunteer to make my suggestions to a committee if formed, or be that central bank of ideas for others to connect with. I know very little about the cost of a website or the costs of the time involved in making these changes, or if Karen will feel they are likely to be beneficial to everyone. They must benefit in an even handed manner.

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