Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Good thoughts Dee

But the website does not have to be too big or have too much. Simple is good....

Folks need to talk to you. The website is a tool, a hook, they need to want to know more. Not get all the info from the website. There still needs to be a question or two.

If you are doing measuring, washable then it needs to be all up front and easy to order. Julie has done that well.

Please do not copy other peoples websites. Use them as guides.

Before and after pics are important.... but we are not Surefit slipcovers. We make custom items...


Re: Opinions about websites

I think it may depend on your potential clientele... A customer who knows what she wants and has realistic expectations of a slipcover might appreciate before-and-after photos of individual pieces (decent photos, not necessarily professional, but clear enough to show workmanship, detail, and overall drape). An example:

Another customer may need to "feel" what a slipcover can do; she might require professional photos of slipcovers in room settings (and some handholding). An example:

Just my opinion, based on (unprofessional) observation.

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