Monday, December 31, 2007

Elements of effective pricing

effective being the most money you can probably get and preserving having that person willingly pass your name around and come back themselves for more.

that gives you a spectrum to choose from, the immediate money being ( or seeming ) far more important than continuing purchases from this person ( like, when ? if ? how likely ? ) or having them gladly pass your name around.

that balance is for each person to weigh, and then it changes for folks month to month and year to year. Your best guess here is all you get. We all guess how to balance the two needs.

Survey what slipcover buying folks are going to hear on the phone when calling your competitors by calling yourself first, all the numbers listed in your local phone book. Fib and fake it, get those facts. Ask in person if you prefer, go shop. Business slow ? Best time is now.

Ask not only price but policy. How long ? Is COM allowed ? Ask if sales are common, and when. Ask what is included what is add on, whether they work in the home. Hone your skills calling the folks that matter least, the ones farther away.

Partricipate in the survey, soon to come, here. Karen will tell us about it.

Develop questions. Develop your own questions about why the final last right pricing seems ellusive to you. Those are good facts in themselves. You may never sort all the answers but do have the questions. The questions tell you how flexible you need to be in your area.

A good example of a relevant question that makes me wonder about what goes on in my own area: stores pump up labor then run " fabulous " sales on labor. How does that impact me ? I may never know, but I better keep asking myself to wonder.

Let's talk about the questions, the answers are hard to identify, but let's identify the questions. Who picks up furniture, who drives far from home to do this ? Who are the local players ?

The best price you can choose to give is a price that you can live with, and that the customer is feeling good enough about to call you back again and plan more, especially if enough folks aren't finding you.

A lost job due to what is judged to be a too high price is neither right or wrong, but it may be more convenient or less convenient, depending on when it happens. A lost job is somethimes not only a lost paycheck but a lost chance for good referals or a good new unique experience.

Giving up something on price is not without compensation when you at least get the job. This isn't as negative as it may sound, your paid for advertising to a cold market may be as costly as what you choose to underprice, and that cold advertising buck shot can be ineffective even once paid for.

Underpricing is a choice, especially when you are new feeling out your market, if the phone isn't ringing as much as you'd like. It's an aggressive strategy.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hi all, Amy here, from Austin. I met some of you in Arizona at the 06 summit.
It was very inspiring and now I am making slips for a living! I have a couple of questions for you all.
I almost always use Karen's method, that class was a real eye opener!
I have a customer who wants 2 sets of covers for each piece I am doing.
How wouyld you guys charge for that? Using Karen's method I would need to basically do each piece
completely seperately, so would I charge double?
My other question is about selling fabric. Austin has a pretty small selection of fabric to choose
from and I think sometimes clients would really like to just order from me. I don't know the
first thing about selling fabric. Comments? Hope you all had a lovely Christmas.


Monday, December 24, 2007

Holiday greetings for all who belong or wish to

I think I speak for all who regularly meet and share at our annual event the Slipcover Summit when I say thanks to each of you for your continued support and for being here with us.

Wishing everyone of us Peace and Joy, and extending a hope we see one another soon.

If you are wishing to belong or have an interest in what we do here, don't hestitate to ask for more information. for those questions.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Slipcover Pricing Survey?

Tessy and Dede when will the Slipcover Pricing Survey be distributed to Slipcover Professional to fill out?

Folks are anxious and looking for 2008 price summary already.


Sunday, December 09, 2007

Watch the Power Point Presentation of Slipcover Summit 2007

Okay everyone here is a short power point of what went on at the Slipcover Summit 2007

click here