Friday, January 23, 2009

Making a Slipcover from an Old Slipcover


I attended the Slipcover Summit last June and could really use your expert opinion in this situation! I am making 2 slipcovers long distance and so do not have the chair. The customer wanted me to make the covers from an existing old cover, so she sent it to me and I took it apart and made patterns from it.

The problem is that the outside back is about 3/4 of an inch shorter than the sides which is causing me grief in inserting the zipper. The keyholes match up with the front of the outside arms and deck perfectly. The actual back pattern piece is correct too. Would it be ok to trim the outside arm 3/4 of an inch shorter where it meets the zipper and taper it to the halfway point of the outside arm piece along the bottom edge?

I realize the old pieces have probably stretched a bit out of shape, so that my patterns are not perfect. The crazy thing is that I can stretch the pieces enough to make the seams match on the left back where there is no zipper, but cannot do so on the right side with the zipper.

Any help would be appreciated.Sincerely, Jenise LeMaySew L'eMayzing

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Motor Home Makeover

Wow look what Burgundi ThureOckes has done to the inside of a motor home.

Is this fun or what?
Write her if you'd like to know more about the fabrics that she used.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Southern Living Magazine

Look who's work is in the January issue of Southern Living, why it is our own Kendrah.... from Savannah. We love Them!

Cover in Style
Pages 58-60: Slipcovers by Kendrah White Galassi, Savannah, Georgia, or (912) 695-5667; design by Jane Coslick, Jane Coslick Designs & Restorations, Savannah, or (912) 354-8602. For information on Diane Kaufman’s vacation rental cottages in Tybee Island, Georgia, contact Mermaid Cottages, or (912) 313-0784.

Monday, January 05, 2009

10th Anniverary Calendar is Ready.....

Our Calendar is ready and 4 Sale....You are going to Love it, if you love Slipcovers

6 winners from 2007-08

12 slipcovers artistic professionals showing their slipcovers.

Calendar is available, plus note cards and post cards.

All proceeds go toward the scholarship we are giving to attend the Slipcover Summit in Seattle.

Right now we can only afford to give 1 scholarship, but if we earn enough from calendar sales we may be able to award another scholarship.

here is the link to cafe press: