Friday, January 30, 2004

I like a shirt I can swim in, the cost is of less an issue, and the polo style fine. I like XXL .

Update on website. Realizing my inclusive list is geting pretty long ( need to weed ).

I am thinking it's worth the cost to do pages like " how to tuck in a custom made slipcover properly ".

Another, yardage chart with pictures as well as descriptions.

Opinions about slipcovers stated in as polite and objective a way as can be done ( will solicit essays from others like yourselves ) explaining ( in as many nice ways possible ) the differences between custom and surefit types. I will link anyone who contributes.

Page or pages about how to choose a slipcover fabric well.

I will add whatever is useable, to educate in general as well as sell my own. I can use the traffic even if you print material from my website. Make suggestions about teaching aids pages. It's cheapest to add them all now.

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