Monday, August 29, 2005

Kim Z. in Covington is closer to the fray, Covington is just north of Lake Ponchetrane. I am sure that's spelled wrong.

I heard from Judit late last night. They have generators, and John built the house himself, it can withstand nuclear war ( I've seen it ). Judit turned off the computer, but I will let you know if she calls.

Judit is in Walker, just east of Baton Rouge, 110 miles NWW of New Orleans.
Thanks Dede...

Has anyone heard from Judit? She is in the eye of the storm.


Friday, August 26, 2005

Karen - Your arms are so snug, and WITHOUT Velcro... *sigh* Really, really beautiful.

PS: I don't have a decent photo of myself, honest! I avoid cameras... does anyone have a better shot of me than the one in the Spring 2005 Slipcover Press? *shudder*
tell us about the fabric...........

for those of you expecting the poly canvas, it just hasn't left here yet..................

Here's a job Donna and I did in St Louis in August.

Hey Dede, we will all be looking forward in reading the article this Fall. Thanks for doing this.


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hi, Dede--I'll be interested in hearing more about your organic fabric distributer.

I have some ideas on marketing, but I haven't pursued them yet because I can't seem to get ahead enough to take on even more work. (I think I've sung this song one too many times so I should shut up!)


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I spoke with a very lovely lady at NearSea Naturals (organic fabric distributer), and am finishing an article about the company. This is a market they had not previously considered.

As of today $25 more will be deposited into the Slipcover Summit Scholarship fund....

This money has come from collecting empty ink jet and laser ink cartridges and cell phones.

Wow.... I have to say I am impressed...


Thursday, August 18, 2005

Our first batch of empty ink cartridges went into the center to be recycled. Funds will be deposited into the Slipcover Summit Scholarship fund. So if you aren't already recycling your empty ink cartridges, start now. Save them and mail them to us at the Slipcover Network... 8118 Skipley Rd Snohomish, Wa 98290

Help someone learn new skills that will help their slipcover business be more professional.


Sunday, August 14, 2005

very pretty, and the pictures are a big help in explaining things !

Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Slipcover Network Forum

The site looks Great! Keep up the good work. I have several ink cartridges save for the recycle fund raiser for the Slipcover Summit!
Does everyone know about sending Karen your printer Cartridges?

Wow! Impressive... nice new look. :-)
Thanks Shirley,
Lisa did contact me. She is really busy, and her son is off to college soon.
Thanks for helping me find her.

Hey everyone look at these lovelies, just finished by Claudia in Arizona ( They are remarkable. Way to go...... As you know there is a story behind every job! Right Claudia

Karen with SA

Friday, August 12, 2005

Thanks Shirely....

Yep this is super showing photos. This means you can take photos of that mini workshop and post it here on our blog.... Yeepie

Above is a photo of Susan Kindels work..
yay! Pictures!

I sent Lisa a PM on the in house system on the other place. It locked out direct email. I asked her to email Karen......

At the Summit Claudia will be doing the headboard class again, does anyone have an idea what they like to see in the headboard class?

Here's Donna with her slipcovered headboard.

Does anyone know how to get a hold of Lisa Knight? I have several email addresses for her.


Hey I just figured out how to post photos...

Thursday, August 11, 2005

thank you for confirming my suspicions.

the washer repair man has Gerry thinkin' the front loader is the cat's pajamas.

I would have done the laundry mat route with this months lot (200 plus yards ) except that's it's humid, air quality is in the sucky zone, and I again have bronchitis. Add to that the dust of a laundry mat and the result might be comical. Imagine me on the floor coughing now....

That will be the answer in the fall, and I will just go to the laundry mat and wash stuff I may need in advance, only when the weather is right to breathe.

Washed fabric does sell itself, in a Frankenstein kind of way. I knew from past years people will order white in july, just when they cannot possibly still get it in time for summer.
The Slipcover Network Forum

I had a front loader and right away I noticed that the washer
did not wash fabric the way I needed it too. Front loaders are
designed to used less water and water is the key to washing
the fabric that we use. It needs to be soaked in water, lots of water
and the front loader was designed for saving energy.

So... I take my fabric, when it needs to be washed to the laundry
and wash it in the big boy. These are front loaders but have much
more water. It does work. Also takes less time, and less energy
in my place.

finally got sears to come and fix washer yet again. Not to place blame, I kill it, and then kill it again and again. Sears should be suspicious and short on patience by now.

Does anyone wash this canvas ( any canvas ) in a front loader ? Does it come out right ?

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Slipcover Network Forum

As for gluing.... I glue stuff all the time Shirley.
Yes, Rowley's glue is the best.
Watch out you could be breathing too much of it!!!!
Yep, you both make sense. Thanks.

I don't think my customer will be happy with picks opening up when she washes the fabric herself, so guess one advantage of prewashing with soap is finding the picks beforehand.

The Slipcover Network Forum

If you have done your testing with the fabric and you know how it will shrink then cutting pieces sounds okay.
Or you can plan for 2 or 3 pieces in each cut. So you can was cuts of fabric but know what you how many
finished seats or backs you will get our of each cu.

Do I make sense?

I do that all the time, cut the size piece I will need, plus what I expect it to shrink, plus what I may lose in fraying despite having overlocked.

the only hitch in this: holes open up in the washer on some fabrics.

See what shrinkage you can get by the washing method ( your usual ) with a small enough piece. Then, perhaps run a different test with a fresh piece to compare: soak in hot 20 minutes, then dry in hot, maybe more than once. Aggitate, just don't add soap.

Between the recoverable stretch and the shrinkage you DID get ( on the no soap test ) , and leaving them a tad bigger, you may be covered for all the allowance you'd need.

This is far preferable than discovering ( having washed with soap ) that picks open up ( holes where threads are joined in weaving ) and be short, having dedicated the positions of cuts, and nothing is then repositionable.

The CRDaniels is good for just one thing, no holes, ever. All other COM, I never use soap unless I have tons extra.
I've got to make about a dozen rectangular seat and back cushions from a plain twill fabric that I was planning to wash before I cut. However, I think, to save the customer money I've planned out the pattern too tightly to risk cutting it in 3-yard lengths. I've tested the fabric and know how much it shrinks and stretches. I could cut the required pieces the requisite larger size, serge them and then wash/dry BEFORE sewing (meaning I'd have long bands swishing around getting caught in my machine) OR make them up completely (made appropriately larger) and then wash them.

Any thoughts? The other thing I could do is identify where I could safely cut, instead of just go for 3-yard cuts.


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

daydreaming whilst I band draperies here.................who glue bastes slipcovers ? Anybody ? I like this glue stuff ( no I am not breathing it ).

The web that Rowley sells is easy to control. Makes me want to somehow work it into Brown.....

Monday, August 08, 2005

am sending out swatches of this poly canvas. I am 100% sold on this except for the leetle doubt I have about it feeling oily. It's not actually oily, it's just the fiber outer texture. I have sent to all I have asked an address of, anybody didn't get that email, tell me if you want one to review. it's white, clean, canvas texure, a tad shiny, heavy weight and a very tempting price. Maybe one day I can get it dyed beige as well. As of now, it only comes white.

maybe you can identify for me where else you have seen it, perhaps dyed already...........

Friday, August 05, 2005

oh yeah, that's the general vein. It may well take an arbitraty word or multi~ word name.

One thing, the clothing can sometimes be revealing and be desired. Slipcovers aren't revealing, they are the opposite, they hide absolutely ( when done well ).

We could call it Hysewocprknbon but we'd still be stuck explaining it. Was lookin' for something aha! kinda more self explanatory.........

another endless quest..................
Sounds like you are describing clothing that both drapes and fits well. But all I come up with is boring things like "well-tailored", " coutoured" (which could be spelled better), "custom-designed"...

what if you start from the perspective of the furniture and how a slipcover enhances its beauty while hiding its faults. (like good clothing does--???---)

I don't think this is what you are looking for for an answer, but maybe it will generate a few more creative synapes.

let me say this another way. A______________________slipcover ( fill in the blank ) does the following:

it appears to float on air. There are no reminders of the shape, color or detail of the upholstered piece beneath.

there is no struggle between the slipcover and the furniture wearing it. It's restful and relaxing to look at, there's nothing to tinker with or fix.

Fill in the blank. I'd love to have something unique or succinct. Maybe it cannot be short.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

it could be frank color smirking through, or just a hard to describe graying of the new color.

It could be the button depressions, a vague emptiness or hollow over a concave area that changes the color or surface appearance. " Innies "

It could be the cord of the upholsterers work that is rigid and leaving a bump. " Outties "

It could be the contour that the slipcover cannot adhere to, the the difference, for example, a serpentine deck front, you can just " see " it underneath.

For that matter, arm pits that scream at you that it's isn't sticking like paint.

Can we size this up in one phrase or word, the absence of all the things that a slipcover look less than sucessful ? Can we find a word that says what the most sucessful slipcover does ?

( without my usual circular uneditted encyclopeadia answers ).
The Slipcover Network Forum

Shirley when you write "When a slipcover fails to hide the furniture underneath" are you meaning that the slipcover does not cover the furniture or that the fabric color underneathe is bleeding though?

Just trying to understand what you mean..
Need a name for a phenonemon. Maybe more than one name, I am trying to call it the same effect.

When a slipcover fails to hide the furniture underneath....what do YOU call this ?

Does coverage ( as bland and non descript as that is ) say it all, or does some phrase size it up better ?

What phrase says " good coverage ". I don't know one, that's why I am asking you all. I know what I want: the slipcover floats so well, it does not look supported by anything but air.

It's easy to say what's missing when it's right. It's not wrinkled, not bumpy underneath, doesn't beg the question " what's under there ? ". Worse, it's so obvious you don't have to ask~ hey! That's blue under there !

I am trying to wrap it all in one, but if you have a system of saying it differently, spill.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Do we have this company listed anywhere?

Natural, organic fabrics (cotton, hemp, etc.) - some upholstery weight, multiple yardage/fabric discounts; wholesale pricing available on some fabrics.

Nice site.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Dede, I know you will do what you can.

The euro pro was old, and is off at a local appliance place to get a look see. I ordered new as well, they are half what they were before.

Karen, nice to hear you are up and around, to say the least. Is St. Loius hot ?

I am not sure recycling is a word I should borrow for what I do with left over cottons, but if you have any, I can put them to good use. I wash them, bleach them if I can, and make them all scrunchy and friendly. See if you can dig any out of your stash of leftovers, natural color is the best to bleach up. Email me if you have any to sacrifice. It will do good.