Saturday, April 30, 2005

Yes, we did miss all of you. Hope you can make it next year in Phoenix,AZ.

The greatest news, we now have a Slipcover Summit Board of Directors, and this means there is a group organizing the event instead of a few people. It is a very time consuming task to organize an annual event such as this. 5 years into this Annual retreat, we keep moving ahead.

Plan now.... Save your $$....

We had 3 scholarship awardees, we have a scholarship fund available for folks who never have attend a Summit. Happy to announce more about this later.

I am in Arizona doing 2 days with Claudia at the Sun Festival and then home. Finally home, after talking about slipcovers for almost 3 weeks.

Education is the key... Remember all of us educate the public about slipcovers.

Bye for now
K with SA

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

We missed all of you who were unable to attend this year’s Slipcover Summit in Tampa. It was an awesome opportunity to learn some new techniques and learn from each other the many different ways to do things.

Next year’s Slipcover Summit will be in June in Phoenix, and even though it is more than a year away we want to start planning for it now. The workshops that are offered are determined by what you, as slipcover professionals and as those who are new to slipcovering, want to learn. You may have heard of some of the classes that were offered this year. A few of the topics covered included cutting double on half, using zippers and other closures, taking better photographs, the business of slipcovering, cushion fillings, washing fabric, covering a headboard.

So, please let us know if there is any topic that you would like to see offered next year in Phoenix. Just post your suggestions here so that other people can benefit from reading your great ideas and start thinking of what they would like to see offered.

Or email me:


so happy to have gone to the summit and seen everyone, but darn! I was too spacey to think to get pictures ~

I want to put togther a scrapbook for Judit and I, if anyone would be kind enough to share some pictures with me.

Looking forward to the next one, and boy the topics are popping up like weeds. How many can we have ?

Suggestions: lining slipcovers. telephone estimates ( question tree ).

Friday, April 22, 2005

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Heading North for the Summit! Talk about cushions! Down here in South America there is nothing soft and comfy. They use a lot of cotton or fill with no loft, every thing is lumpy here. I'm leaving Uruguay at 5:50 today and sit in Buenos Aries for 5 hours and then fly a 9hr 45min flight to Mami.. I'm looking forward to the summit as well as getting home to the US. Everyone have a save trip to FL.

Monday, April 18, 2005

here in Baton Rouge, headed for St Pete, see everyone wednesday at four~ish.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

so excited now I am hardly stand it. Makes all my brain cells fire and once ( not like my hand writes that fast either ).

bring every single problem, disappointment or curiosity you ever had about a slipcover.

this is the place THE SUMMIT !!!!! YAY !!!!!!!!

click on if you don't know about it yet.

bring it to attention as soon as you arrive, heck, bring IT. Problems are our children, they only need reassessing. Bring it right at the beginning, don't be shy.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Shirley, they only held rooms for us at the discount rate until 21 Mar. I have a room reserved in my name just in case it was needed. Claudia is sharing with me on Wed nite and Shannon Williams on Sat. nite. If someone else needs a room, I think we will be ok. Told seamsXclusive she could have my bed on Fri/Sat nite. If anyone else needs space, hopefully we can work it out. I do believe that the hotel has sold out of space or is almost at that point. Also, any rooms that can be got now, will be at a much higher rate.
what is the room situation, are there still suites available ?

various people are looking share, maybe a whole new bigger room will work ?

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Karen - I really, really appreciate you finding a photo with me in it, then going to the trouble of cropping me out of it. Unfortunately, you didn't have much to work with...

I'll see what I can find around here. Sadly, what I have isn't any better. :(

Anyway, thanks again. And sorry to have put you to all that trouble.

Dede it is the best photo I have, as I went through all photos taken of you at the last two events. I had to crop you out of photos with other people.

If you can get another photo to me I am happy to put it in for the next issue.

By the way, think of something to write about. You are starting to be a regular.

Yeah I think the Press looks the best ever. In color and a lot of good information from everyone. That is what the Slipcover Press is all about.

Now if we could just get a few more advertisers... That would be great!....
Received the Spring 2005 issue of "Slipcover Press" - wow! Looks good! (we are all soooo talented). *grin*

Oh, and Karen - if that's the best photo you have of me... I think I'd better find you a new one... Actually, that's a NORMAL photo; I want a GOOD one (with airbrushing - LOTS of airbrushing).

"Mr. DeMille..."

Thursday, April 07, 2005

my answers would be how to cut it out ( with scissors ) not how to treat stains. I always make a bigger mess tryin' removers. Don't you ?
Morning Walk on the Beach instead of YOGI at the Summit

I think that is a good idea... Will you organize that Jeannie?????

K with SA
Other Emergency helps to be discussed at Saturday lunch at the Summit

What to do about ink magically appearing on fabric?

What to do about sewing machine oil on the stitch line of silk?

Submitted by Jeannie....
aha! Using my usual circular answers............a washed fabric would give you more wiggle room so that this kind of promise wouldn't fail.

A reason to offer to wash first, if of course the fabric could in fact be washed and look better or at least acceptable. More elastic that way, more forgiving.

As to fixing it once done, I have done did this myself, and it cost me $625 bucks and a friendship.

Mucho better to avoid offering, or to specify narrowly.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I have had this happen to me once and only once.

Personally I want to see the chairs, identical? Ha...

What we know is even if they are a pair, they may not have been made at the same time. So what do you do after the fact?

wording the initial agreement as " I am making two slipcovers for THIS chair: whether or not these covers fit another chair is your responsibility. Have a source for additional fabric, and know that another slip is an additional cost".

Not that I write anything, but I do let them know, I haven't seen it, I am not responsible.

There's no easy fix if the absent one is bigger or different. Easier to make another new one.
We will be having a discussion topic on Saturday at the Summit Emergency Trouble Shooting, looking for ideas to discuss and results to share...

Here is Kim's from Portland

Making two slips for "supposedly" identical chairs... the second chair was
unavailable to me until installation. And (duh) they were NOT identical.

I have more... let me think....

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

oh, guys... I'm crying here... *sob*
We can send Summit photos to the blog about what went on each day....
Is there a way to send photos to this blog? I haven't spent much time to figure that out, but I am sure there is a way?
We can write her everyday from the slipcovernetwork blogger, just like the reporters do when they are on the road
we need all our lunatics, it just doesn't work without DEDE !
Where does the time go....??????

I had 3 weeks to get everything together and now I am looking at being gone for 3 weeks, and the printer is pulling its stuff while I am trying to print out the Slipcover Press.............


I only want to sew....................
K with SA
Dede, yes you would include all the extras besides the labor in your quote.

I give them the whole price and then if they want a break down I supply that.

What they want to know is the whole price. But if they are concerned about pricing, I am happy :) (not really) to point out where we could save them a little money.

Hope this helps.
K with SA
The Slipcover Network Forum
Duh... I didn't say that right. Let me try again:

When you charge for an insert, fabricated from various components (foam, feather/down, wrap, lightweight canvas or twill, zipper, thread, etc.), I am assuming that your quote INCLUDES the cost of all components AND labor - you're charging for an "insert" and providing a quote for an "insert" NOT "fabric, materials, and labor reqired for insert". Am I correct in assuming this? (phew!)

I really must stop posting before caffeine ingestion.

Dede (who really, REALLY wants to come...) *sniff*

Monday, April 04, 2005

Hey Dede...

The prices on the pricing summary are labor only...

If a client wants something beyond sewing then one needs to charge accordingly.

How's that?

Wish you were coming to the Summit. We will miss you soooooooooo much

K with SA
Re: "CUSHION INSERTS" from 2004 Slipcover Pricelist Summary

Is price listed for LABOR ONLY to fabricate a finished insert [foam (with or without feather/down topper), wrap, stitched or zippered casing]? If a feather/down topper (a la' Alicia) IS ordered with the insert, is that an additional labor cost? (I'm assuming "yes" but just checking.)

Many, many thanks again to Karen for establishing a consistent national pricing structure, and to all the volunteers who made it possible.


Have fun at the Summit, everyone... *sob*
home again getting ready furiously. Anyone have washed fabric that really turned out bad ? Email me !!
Shirley you must be back home. How was your vacation?

Slipcover Summit on ebay? Have there been any hits?

K with SA
put our SUMMIT info on EBAY. Check out item # 818 309 3226

another silly idea, and a waste of $11.20, but I had fun doing it.

never let it be said I didn't try everything once.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Tessy I can't believe that you will be attending.

That is so great! Are you all staying at the hotel with us?

K with SA
I am making plans to head to the Summit!!!! Yeah!!!!
Can't wait for the classes and to meet yuns all.
I am going with my Mom and my kids.

Hope to finalize everything tomorrow morning.
putting together samples for washables clas. Please contact me if you have suggestions.

Also making samples of tricks, send suggestions.