Thursday, January 22, 2004

Hi, I'm giving you my sisters' current experience: I'm ommiting myself from this as I'm the "do it myself" person which I realize not everyone can, or has the time to do it this way.

Joy (my sister, owner of Pacific Crest Cottage in Gearhart, Oregon) has her site hosted by Affordable Web Designs ( ) and they are also building her site. There are many such places in every city. Just do a net search and you will have more choices than you know what to do with. The hosting site can be anywhere in the world.

Her url registration (the actual web address) costs' $120 per year, give or take a bit depending on your host provider. Joy is currently doing her own photos and giving them to the site designer on a flash card (the little media storage card in digital cameras). He is working on her site (right now) and charges $50 and up per hour, depending on what she is getting done. Right now she has just one page up as they are working on the rest.

Previously she had an incredible site, but her absconding business partner had registered the store web site in HER name (and not the business name) so when she left with no warning the web site went with her, even though the business had paid thousands-plus for the site hosting and design. Just a word of warning for everyone else! Make sure the site is "owned" by the business or by you personally, and no one else.

I am currently building my own site, and when ready will email it to my hosting provider who will then upload it onto the server. I can log in and make changes and updates to the pages whevever I want. As I will eventually be doing for Joy when we are out from under the massive amounts of orders we have going on. (Meaning it could be awhile...)

So, to summarize... yearly fees for hosting and whatever your page builder charges per hour.

Karen should comment on this about her experience working with Bill Reese, Pat's SON (not hubby, as I previously assumed)... he does a fantastic job.

Maybe we could hit Bill up for a web information class if we could get him to the Summit?

I'm copying this over to the Forum, also, as I stupidly thought, when Shirley said she had a "green" face, that she wasn't feeling well. What a day I've had...

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