Sunday, January 04, 2004

Shirley these ideas are dynomite..

But it does take me time to make changes and there does need to be the supportr ferom others in compensation to do this.

Why don't we start with yours, Maureens, and my listing?

What would you like after your information. You do not have a website...


one suggestion, that seems to have little to create friction or unfairness is for us to have a detail line under the last line of our present directory listing. Colorful symbols would draw attention, and some sparkle to. The symbols would represent specialties and the symbols would be explained in a legend at the top of page or first page or more ofeten as needed.

The even handedness would come in the form as, there could be fifteen symbols available but you'd have to pick the five that mean the most to you. Everyone would have only the same maximum number of symbols. You'd have to be responsible for making them true for you, but that's not for anyone else to say, it's up to the person choosing to make it true.

Let's say some symbols could stand for : special turn around time available , or will work with your magazine clippings, or will work with you to choose your C O M, available to travel, will prewash C O M, that you offer a different rotating monthly special price, that you have special ideas to share. There could be millions of blurbs all only as beneficial as you make them true for you, and that you have identified those things as important for your own market.

To be fair to your local competitors who are also listed, you can choose to share what symbols you plan to pick or not before choosing, that would be private and reciprocal, or not.

To be fair to Karen, the real and total cost of those changes needs to be divided by the people who participate by a certain date with a cut off. In other words, the changes to the directory are to be made by X date, if you don't meet that deadline ( choosing, notifying, providing payment ) , you'd need to wait for the next mass change.

If you have a symbol important to you, and suggest it, anyone else may use it too. I am assuming the colors for the symbols are doable. If it proves to be true that all people all pick the same symbol, it may be useful ( visually perky ) to mix it up with the order symbols are presented in. The first to particpate are the most likely to get the symbols in the order they prefer, later signees may have to accept a different order for the sake of the appearance of variety.

We will all have a limit on the number of symbols, they should be equally staged ( same size, spacing, length of symbol line ). Karen may choose at a later time to create additional revenue by placing a premium value on participation in the symbol system after X period of time ( renewal to all ) . We the new symbol using listees take the risk ( cost ) the first time ( first year ? ) out to test whether or not it was cost effective made a difference for us individually. Karen then after that X period of time gets to price it as the market will bear and change the system as seems fair and to the benefit of the network concept as a whole.

It would be up to each person to suggest symbol meanings prior to the first change, and to be ready to measure for himself whether the extra cost was worth continuing. It's up to you to provide the specialty you claim to. There won't be any policing, just it will waste your money if you don't live up to it. I hope there is such a long list of specialites that each of us can easily claim that there are no hard feelings about your own symbol order or over used symbols.

The eye appeal has to enhance the directory as a whole, and suggest without words that we all have a big investment in our business image. As a whole, we should appear compliment each other well as we are SO diverse.

There should be reward for prompt interest ( to be in the original group when the first change is made ). Speak up soon, and the cost would be divided by a greater number of people. The symbol order is per choice for the initial group. Later groups can hold onto their money untill feedback is proviided by those who risk first. Symbol order may need to be shuffled as it appears to be too static to look at, per judgement of the person designing it. No favoritism, just shuffling symbols for visual excitement.

Listen to me !*&$#!!, doesn't sound much like a MERE suggestion does it ???????( waaaay to specific ). Just an idea, fix it and make it better. Nobody appointed me anything. I'll be glad to be janitor, like the guy with the moustache and broom at the end of each Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. You jusy knew he'd never go away.

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