Sunday, January 25, 2004

It could be your computer browser, that is set to highlight a hyperlink automatically......

As for contact:
What will it cost to set up your site?
How many pages will you get?
How long will it take?
What type of information does the webmaster need from you?
Your logo, photos of before and after, information for washing slipcovers, etc.
What will the yearly fee be for you website to be on the webmaster's server?
Can you pay this monthly or do they want it up front?
After initial website is built what will changes cost to do.
If they answer hourly, submit changes and then have them tell you how many hours it will take, and have them agree to this firm.
Will they let you make changes, so then the website would have to be built so you can make changes...... (that is the key)
Domain name does this have to be done by webmaster, or can you do this on your own?

I think that is all.....

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