Wednesday, January 28, 2004

goes back to what your skill set is too, and where you need to be personally. I agree with don't tell them everything, but for me, I want to tell them enough so that they self disqualify if I cannot offer any product that suits their price idea.

Plus, I am deaf and I still stutter to a ceratin degree, and I just need to be somewhere other than the phone anyway. My outgoing message on the phone directs people to my email.

I know who I want to buy from me. Women with their own paychecks. I would even go so far as to say a women who earns her own money is a better catch than one who spends someone elses.

I want women who appreciate and know good sewing, and who consider it an art. Those who think it can and should be done in a foreign country can go find it there.

I have said I want women now twice.........................guys buy, just not that often. I should also insert that I prefer customers who do not seek out second third fourth opinions. An easy customer knows her own taste.

Now, with that group ( and I have seen this ) I may be stuck arguing the price of cloth, as they are independent enough to go to the store and check.

As Denise says, this is a comfort zone, and sometimes you have to go outside a comfort zone to grow.

I have seen I have a tendency to say things in a certain way, deliberate, succinct and maybe a tad negative. I did admire looking last night at 400 listings on the search engine, that there are some very vaguely worded slipcover websites out there. I admire the differenece, and maybe the risk I perceive they tok to do that. Did they ?

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