Tuesday, July 01, 2008

And the Winners IS

Slipcover Design Contest 2008 had 9 remarkable participants who submitted fantastically beautiful slipcovers. Unfortunately those at the Summit could only vote for 3.

1st Place 2008 Slipcover Design Contest
Therese Davis
Sew Your Home, Barrington, Il.

2nd Place Winner:
Laura Nelson of Sew Nice

West Lafayette, Indiana

soon to have photo up on blog

3rd Place Winner:
Julie Van Ormer of Dimebox Designs

Colleyville, Texas

soon to have photo up on blog

2008 was INDY: 2009 will be SEATTLE

2008 Indy Slipcover Summit participants

What a great time was had by all. Heads full of new information with items of the past brought to the surface once again. 3 days filled with information about Slipcovers, how to, why, fabrics, methods, and more. It is impossible to share it all.

So there will be more.

Slipcover Certification Survey is almost ready to be sent out to those who are considering becoming Certified as a Slipcover Professional through the Slipcover Network. So watch for this soon....

  • For those who attended take what you learned an apply it.
  • Go over your notes, write down what you'd like to achieve.
  • Stay connected via this blog, or other network groups.
  • Monthly report your results to others.
Start saving $$ to attend the Slipcover Summit 2009 in Seattle, Washington the last week of June.

Home Fashion U Online Classes

Thank You Slipcover Summit Students

To my wonderful students... THANK YOU!!!

I couldn't have asked for a nicer first class - you (all) breezed serenely through those, um... unfortunate rough spots (like, oh... trying to cram six hours of material into three...).

If you have any questions about any of them; indeed, about ANYTHING from class, please don't hesitate to contact me.
I'm so grateful to everyone - I learned so much about teaching, and your kindness (and patience) was very dearly appreciated!

You're THE BEST!!!


West Village Home
Custom Cushions and Slipcovers

PS: There were questions about how I attach a skirt with a finished seamed edge. I'll take photos of the process for the Slipcover Press, because while the process is easy, it's hard to explain.

Slipcover Summit: Wonderful Venue

Thank you Karen and all for providing a wonderful venue of classes at the Slipcover Summit 2008 in Indy.

I learned so much and I now have the confidence to step forward and make a quality product. I didn't know this type of training was available anywhere.

Now to get to work and make some money! I have already considered how I can take these skills on the road with me when we travel during the winter months. I know there are RV'rs who would love to have new coverings for their sofa beds and dinette seating.

Thanks again for all your hard work.

Roberta Davis
ASG Member in Indy

Slipcover Summit in Indy 2008

Thank you again for everything!!!!

The main reason I was able to attend the 2008 Slipcover Summit in Indianapolis is that I won the Slipcover Design Contest in Boston last year. The prize for winning the contest was a free attendance to the next Summit which for me was 2008.

As a winner of the Slipcover Design Contest,
Karen submitted several press releases to local papers and I was very surprised when they were printed. That was also a bonus beyond the 1st place prize!

At this years Summit I felt very privileged being surrounded by so many great teachers. I learned so much from all the teachers and the great variety of classes. I especially want to mention Bernice’s hands on class “Slipcover on the Half”. This class alone was worth the trip for me. I have the confidence to cut in the customer’s home for the first time since I started making slipcovers. This new process will increase my speed and profit. I cannot wait to try it out and my husband will be happy when he doesn’t have to pick up and deliver sofas.

The lunch time speakers were great. We had a visit from the local J Ennis Company representative and Dede’s great lunchtime snap button tufting example. Dede O’Hare shared a wealth of information at the Summit with all of us. Then there was the evening class on fabric vendors. Karen Erickson and Angie Knowles spoke of the new green fabric craze and gave many resources to offer to our customers. Everyone shared their favorite slipcover fabric vendors and we were given a printed listing with phone numbers and websites.

The whole networking experience was incredible. We exchanged tips and techniques till the wee hours of the night. I have made many friends and had a great time at the Thursday evening dinner. All I can say is that what happens in Indy stays in Indy.

I want to give a great big “Thank You” to our great host Sheryl McAfee and her Hope Convenant church for hosting the Summit and to Stephanie for the great lunches each day.

I recommend attending the next Summit which will be in Seattle, Washington in 2009, to anyone who makes slipcovers or would love to learn how to make slipcovers.

Teresa Bennett
Parma, OH