Thursday, June 29, 2006

More Slipcover Summit

Fast Box Cushions with Maureen

Of course there was eating while we studied

and coffee

Yes we were in Arizona in June, see the catus!

We learned a lot even in 100 degree heat


Anonymous said...


I have a few pictures in my Picture Trail Album at:

Really enjoyed the Summit and hope t participate again. It was absolutely fabulous to meet everyone in person after years of online communication with some of you.
Karen, when I grow up, I want to be like you, you are an amazing woman!
Claudia, you really went overboard! Must have taken a week to recover!
Thank you all!


K from WA said...

I am still recovering...

You are welcome


Claudia in AZ said...

Agnes, the Tuesday after the summit I had 2 grandkids arrive and then 4 more that Saturday. So a week of 6 kids now I know why old people don't have kids!

Doing the summit was such a pleasure. Thanks to everyone for all of the help.