Thursday, February 16, 2006

hey there !

everybody woke up ! I do want to say, for my part, the directory is very productive for me, I get many emails from it.

it's the best investment I make in placing my contact info on the web.

I find with Rowley's poly fill cord , I just have to order more than one kind, and have different feet for it. And, I don't have a fixed idea of what it has to look like. Can't beat'em, join'em.


karen said...

Thanks Shirley for paying your yearly fee, it is greatly appreciated.

Yep sometimes dealing with the public online can be a hassle. But then you may get that one client that makes it worth all the hassle.

I encourage all to renew their membership on the directory as we are the most credible directory their is...

Dede in Mass said...

Karen, is there any way you can set up a renewal program? Without knowing when I last sent a check, I am truly clueless.

Jack Carr has something set up at CarrsCorner, but I don't know what's actually involved - we get an email when it's time to renew membership, based on when you first joined.