Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Slipcover Summit Cookbook

I will take on the Cook Book if its OK!

Cathy will write and edit and put it together in a online form and paper form.

Gretta and Wilma will test the recipes!

So the sooner we get recipes the sooner we can start.

I would like to get it out by October so we could sell them for Xmas Gifts plus a great memento of your trip to AZ or any of the past Summits.

You can mail you favorite recipe's to Claudia Buchanan, 7755 W Ludlow Dr, Peoria AZ 85381 or email them to me

Please send photos of any restaurant or eating. Lets make this FUN!



jeannie said...

We could almost do a cookbook using just the great recipes you cooked during the summit. Yum!


Claudia in AZ said...

Hi everyone!
I just copied this blog and emailed it to a ton of friends, you could also do the same. It would be like pre-advertising our cook book and we will get some really great recipes back. I sent a short note about the summit and the scholarship fund.
Stay Cool!

Shirley Hendry Walsh said...

I sent on elast, Claudia, I left out one thing, the sausage isn't to be cut or pierced, it must remain whole to survive the ordeal...and I was groping for the kind of olive I had used, it was Kalamata, not domestic black. Heck, throw one t. jarred capers in there too. Noooo anchovies.

K from WA said...

Okay we have one recipe ...

Are there MOre?????