Tuesday, June 13, 2006

suggested clothing...if you are coming ( envy us if you aren't...)

be sure to bring pants big enough to allow you to crawl on the floor ! if you aren't ready to roll and laugh, get your head there now. You do know to bring a bathing suit also, correct ?

everyone bring a small stapler, preferably the kind with the dolphin nose. We have lunch time goodies in the form of furniture paperdolls to staple.

Gonna have sample packs of needed but maybe unusual notions so bring petty cash. I will have 50 yards muslin there to make patterns with.

Stuff like Perma core thread, bank pins, black chalk, Wiss 1225's.

get ready by packing stuff like childs scissors ( there's a reason ). If in the past you have printed out my fluff about methods and colors, bring that, I have a new pie chart handout.

without sounding like a mother hen, bring your best sunglasses corrective if they are( I give offa bright glare) and be sure to remind us if you have had heat related issues in the past.

I am sure we will all be comfortable, but bring what we cannot anticipate for yourself.

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