Thursday, March 30, 2006

Method shopping

came up with a list of question while re~examining the pie chart with six colors.

Questions to ask yourself, when considering moving on to learn a new method:

Site, where can this be done ?

Sewing, are you sewing as part of the fitting process ? Is this a limit for you ?

How clear must your plan be in your mind before you make the first cut ?

Can you adjust to fit the whole while maintaining symmetry on both sides ?

Are you now working on fitting on the WS out, or the RS out ? Want a change ?

Are you able to postpone making that first cut, while collecting sufficient information, without incurring an additional trip ?

How grain true can you remain, and what difficulties do you enocounter currently ?

Can you avoid struggling in front of your customer ?

What results have you been pleased with and unpleased with, and what questions remain about what went right / wrong ?

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