Tuesday, April 18, 2006


http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/view?&p=3&uid=1818170&gid=9845575&&imgid=140389920#topI have removed the passwords, and completed the albums, there are three.

This is the Lining Class at the Summit, one of the topics to be covered.

This is a peculiar and not often required catagory of lining I call underwear, as it needs to be there to make the clothes look right.

It's a concept that you apply to the task at hand, whatever presents itself, I doubt yours will ever look exactly like this.

There are two examples here, kind of severe in nature. Underwear can be partial as well as full. It can be flannel or poly composite cloth, instead of the canvas or twills I used in these.

It's all about creating an effective disguise, and this is additional work you wouldn't do until you needed it, but if you need it, there may be no better answer.


K from WA said...

Thanks Shirley for taking off the code... I couldn't get in..

I have been doing under garments since I saw the very first one over the metal chair. I prefer these to lining...

I teach undergarments too.

Thank you it is the wave of the future.

K from WA said...

Would you post a photo of this chair in the undergarment on the blog site?

So we can see it when we come onto the blog

Dede in Mass said...

Assuming I can make the scheduling mess work... I REALLY can't wait for the underwear/lining class!

Please keep your fingers crossed as I juggle a very awkward collection of itineraries...

Shirley Hendry Walsh said...

once we get you, you are captive, and they can do without you for a few days!