Thursday, March 30, 2006

'cuz I needed to finally pick a name:

here it is, Hybrid Muslin Method.

Hybrid Muslin Method ( to be taught at the Summit in June ) is~

a safe and stepwise way to dabble in an unfamiliar slipcover method. It's not the fast way, there's no direct dive into it, but it gives you a chance to change course. It gives you more choices, and more information, at a point where you can still back up and change your mind.

Basically, to create a pin fitted or measured muslin pattern ( half is good, if applicable ). Then, you write on that pattern what you need to know for your particular choices.

For standardization, handouts will be given to guide you. For instance, I will walk students through a leap from double on half muslin cutting to Karen's way, Janelle's way, and Alicia's way. The same set of instructions works in this case for all three.

Which means, I am explaning going from one to the next VIA the muslin. Is this clearer ? It's as if the slipcover methods are departure and arrival points, the muslin acts as the hub where you change planes. This is admittedly typical Shirley, but usually it's fun anyway, no ?

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k in WA said...

Thanks Shirley for the insight...

I love the way you work through a new idea.

Great ideas... I am looking forward to it all.