Thursday, March 30, 2006

finally getting around to a couple things...

one, putting on a disc, pictures of furniture, and a plan to measure those pieces of furniture, complete with daigrams of the shapes you need to cut ( and measure for ).

I have all that stored in my head, and found a graphic artist person to help me illustrate it.

Send me pictures of all the furniture you ever wanted to measure ? and you will get a copy free. Surface mail them, email me first---slipcoverlady at juno dot com .

Second, getting Brown narrowed down to a one day class. I hope everyone finds the means to come to the Summit, and gets that room reserved before the good price expires, regardless of which classes you intend to take.

If you are ready to make a muslin pattern to begin to experiment safely and quickly with methods other than the one you now use, you are ready for Brown ( hybrid ) Still doesn't have a decent name. The next name is no better but it's more descriptive. This is a hub method.

If all the various methods were 6 colors on a pie chart with six wedges, this method belongs in the middle, it's a hub, a transit point.

It's a way to bridge the knowlege you have using the muslin to get to a finished cover using a new method of choice. It is round about, and safe. It's a baby step to getting to another method while working on real goods for a real client.

This method can get you anywhere on the pie chart, it can get you to anyone's method. The class will be making the muslin, and then interpretting the muslin to be what you need to cut for your choice of next method. To quote some giddy gal over in NY, clear as mud ?

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