Monday, February 06, 2006

gonna bore everyone again

I am trying to nail down Brown. A slithering creature of the night, you can assume I dream fitfully about Brown. Why ?

' Cuz I opened my mouth too quick and volunteered to DO it, that's why. That's how I usually invent something whacky anyway.

I realize this cannot be whacky ( remember the snaps in the metal chair seat ? ), because good people are spending good money to hear me preach about it.

So, the short selling points:

any method, any method of slipcovering, none excluded, can be done in the customers home provided a good muslin pattern is done. That's without taking the furniture away. You can have prepared the muslin on an estimate visit, or the visit to show the fabrics you sell.

secondly, it's more likely you can fluidly go on to try new methods once you have the muslin pattern down pat. Why ? Because all the other methods can be preceded by and done more efficiently and safely with a muslin pattern.

Okay, so I am absolutely certain of all these promises, this is without any doubt on my part.

The trick is, how to tailor the planning so that I meet the needs of the students who sign up ?

Karen, suggest....... I hate to do anything not spectacular.


karen said...

I know you will do the Brown method well. Everything I have attended that you teach has been fantastic.

I am eager to look at things in a new light.

Keep on planing what you are doing.

Can you do a run through with someone who is in your area?

Shirley Hendry Walsh said...

that's just the thing, I am making a bridge for each student to go onto the next natural method choice for them. It would be easy to do if I knew in advance.

I know we want to sew if we can, but I think maybe class time is better used making muslins. What do you think, Karen ?