Friday, September 22, 2006

creating a new post

gee I'd love some company here so we ARE going to figure this out !

first, I know you know this, but I will say it 'cuz I can't see your screen, there's probably no harm in pushing buttons. The worst that can happen is you click too many times before blogger reacts. Know this, it's slow. Click once and wait.

My dashboard has slipcover network offered as an option to click on. If you have frequented any blog that already taken option should pop onto your list. Should, in theory, but as every site has, there are redundant ways to get there.

I see a search box on my right on my dashboard page, and that box I have used by typing in slipcover network.

But first, find the dashboard. Scroll down and look right, past the log of all post titles, and see a little rectangle in orange that says I power blogger. Click on it.

If in the end these suggestions don't leap out at you on your dashboard, click something. Usually options are harmless, but wait for blogger to catch up with you. Click once only. I have cable and blogger is slow. I can't imagine how slow bogger might be with dial up.

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